April 2, 2018 Sports

Why do I think that I would make a good ROTC candidate? I believe that I’m a perfect specimen for an ROTC scholarship because I have been a military brat my whole life, have great leadership skills, and care about my country. Those three characteristics are exactly what the U. S. military is looking for. I have lived in a military family my whole life. Living under the roof of a military officer for 18 years will let you know exactly what’s expected. Being with dad has allowed me to see past what most see. I can look past the illusion of what video games show us, I know that there is more to it.

I’ve heard all of his stories about fighting overseas and all of the soldiers and friends he’s lost. I’ve watched him take off his boots from a 19 mile road march and his feet resemble hamburger meat. I know the lows and highs of the military life and I know I’m ready to face those obstacles. The biggest attribute for a soldier should be that the country comes first over anything. My dads missed huge chunks of my life because the military has called and he has answered. This has taught me that you put your own personal problems behind what your country needs.

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If it calls for your life then you give it your life. I love my country and I’m willing to give up anything that it asks from me. Lastly, a good officer needs leadership skills. I’ve been a varsity athlete in wrestling and football and been a captain in both. Participating in these sports has given me an advantage in leadership over most kids. I understand what its like to have people under you, looking up to you. To lead by example, not by words. Leading in the army doesn’t just require physical sacrifice, but it also requires mental sacrifice.

My mental and physical strengths have been tested throughout my varsity career and its turned me into a great candidate for becoming a military officer. My knowledge of the U. S. Army puts me ahead of most kids applying for this scholarship. I know what is expected and also what the life of an officer will put me through. There is nothing else I would rather do with my life, its all I know. The Army ROTC program has a long, rich history of producing some of the most notable leaders in our country’s history and it would be an honor join those leaders.


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