Rough Draft Ambition And Suspicion English Literature Essay

October 5, 2017 English Literature

Is excessively much aspiration harmful? By and large talking, aspiration is the driving force to carry through one ‘s end ; therefore it is understood to be a good thing. Because the force of Ambition is so strong, it will be able to turn one ‘s dream or end into world. But excessively much aspiration can overrule one ‘s morality, because one can easy go excessively paranoid by it, which will take them to surmise the people around them. Two great illustrations of people in literature who experienced the ruin of holding excessively much aspiration are Oedipus from the drama Oedipus The King and Macbeth from the drama Macbeth ; both dramas written by William Shakespeare. Both Macbeth and Oedipus are driven by the force of aspiration to accomplish great ends in their lives, but attempts excessively hard to make the impossible and ends up doing themselves and the people around them suffering. Therefore, aspiration is good every bit long as one is contented in making it instead than losing moral position, and flinging services from the people around them ( even the sure 1s ) .

The narrative of Oedipus ‘ ruin started out with Oedipus flying from the land of Corinth because of a prognostication. The Oracle says that Oedipus will shortly kill his male parent, get married his female parent and will hold incest kids with her. Oedipus first aspiration was every bit simple as to command his life and to carry through his ain fate by go forthing his adopted parents ( the male monarch and queen of Corinth ) whom he still thinks are his biological parents. On his journey, he happens to run into a small struggle with the male monarch of Thebes ( King Laius, besides his biological male parent ) and without cognizing this alien ‘s individuality, Oedipus ‘ impulsiveness and utmost pride causes him to by chance killed him. This is when Oedipus starts to hold a small more aspiration, for he thinks that he can command anything and anyone who is in his manner. Then geting into the metropolis of Thebes, he happens to run into the Sphinx and solved her conundrums, which made him the new male monarch of Thebes and unwillingly married the queen of Thebes, Jocasta ( his biological female parent whom he has no thought approximately ) . After passing twenty old ages governing in Thebes with Jocasta and his kids with her, his 2nd aspiration was to be a perfect male monarch by stoping the Apollo ‘s pestilence. In order to make this, he must look into into the unresolved decease instance of King Laius, so he orders the all the citizens to “ [ aˆ¦ ] Banish this man- whoever he may be- ne’er shelter him, ne’er talk a word to him, ne’er make him spouse to your supplications, your victims burned to the Gods. [ aˆ¦ ] Drive him out, each of you from every place [ aˆ¦ ] ” ( line 270-275 ) . But this is obvious that Oedipus is delving up his ain soil, for he is the slayer of King Laius, which is besides the ground why the pestilence started in Thebes. When Creon tries to speak him out of this probe, he claims that Creon is seeking to take over him throne and when Tiresias told him that “ Creon is non your ruin, no, you are your ain. ” ( line 431 ) , Oedipus assume that Tiresias ‘ words was paid off by Creon to subvert him. With excessively much aspiration, Oedipus was non able to swear anyone, alternatively he discarded the services from his sure brother in jurisprudence and Tiresias. His impulsiveness causes him to surmise Creon, refuses to listen Tiresias and Jocasta, and in the terminal, blinded himself, which all leads to him deaths.

Similar to Oedipus is Macbeth. Macbeth started out as a well-thought-of general who fought and won the civil war ( along with Banquo ) for King Duncan and his state. But Macbeth ‘s ruin started after having the prognostications from the 3 enchantresss ( along with Banquo ) , which says that “ [ aˆ¦ ] Macbeth, that shalt be king afterlife! ” ( 1.3.56-57 ) and that Banquo ‘s boy will be “ Lesser than Macbeth, and greater. Not so happy yet much happier ” ( 1.3.71-72 ) . Alternatively of disregarding the idea of being male monarch ; Macbeth chose to state his married woman about it. After hearing from her hubby that his destiny was meant to be a male monarch, Lady Macbeth of class persuades her hubby into killing Duncan to get the throne. Equally much as Macbeth loves his married woman, he could hold easy walked off from this enticement because Macbeth has ever been a baronial warrior towards Duncan and killing the male monarch is a affair of life and decease. Working difficult to get the better of the feeling of guilt that his aspiration is seting him in ( the battle between right and incorrect ) “ [ aˆ¦ ] is this a sticker which I see before me, the grip toward my manus? Come, allow me seize thee! [ aˆ¦ ] ” ( 2.1.43-44 ) , Macbeth decides to follow his lady ‘s program “ [ aˆ¦ ] I go, and it is done. The bell invites me. Hear it non, Duncan, for it is a knell that biddings thee to heaven or to hell ” ( 2.1.72-74 ) . His determination to follow his married woman ‘s program of killing Duncan shows that he does hold the ego desire to go person greater than merely a general. After geting the throne from killing Duncan and holding the ultimate power as the new male monarch, Macbeth seems to hold lost all his scruples. Since both Macbeth and Banquo were at the scene when the enchantresss delivered the prognostications, Macbeth is now populating in the fright of non being able to keep his throne, for Banquo ‘s boy is portion of the prognostications. This causes Macbeth to go excessively paranoid, which drove him to kill his dearest friend Banquo, for he suspects Banquo of desiring to subvert him so that Banquo ‘s boy can be the following swayer. As the narrative advancement, we see that Macbeth ‘s aspiration drove him to surmise and killed many in order to keep his throne, but he was non able to populate a contented life, alternatively he loses his married woman and suffers through a life full of guilt and shame.

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We know that without aspiration, one will non win in life because aspiration makes everything seem possible to accomplish. But we besides know that one should be contented when doing picks instead than being overly paranoiac and non being to swear the people around them. Both Oedipus and Macbeth are ambitious leaders, but when seeking excessively difficult to accomplish the impossible by holding excessively much aspiration, they ended up aching the people around them, which leads to their deaths. For Oedipus who thinks he ‘s perfect at everything, but merely sees things on its surface instead than in deepness, ended up life in torment. For Macbeth, his aspiration of being king turned into greed, which causes him to lose all his moral position, populating in a alone and annihilating life. Therefore, aspiration is non harmful merely when 1 is able to restrict him/herself from holding excessively much aspiration.


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