Runner: Interpersonal Relationship and Charlie

June 24, 2018 General Studies

Runner written by Robert Newton explores the good yet challenging adventures through the protagonist Charlie Feehan’s life and the importance of friendship and Loyalty. Charlie’s father died of the Spanish flu when Charlie was just a boy. His dad was a big part of his life since the death his family struggle with money and grief. Charlie’s friendships with Nostrils, Mr and Mrs Redmond and Dolly become very important to him as he meets many challenges. Charlie’s friendship with Nostrils becomes very important to him as Nostrils gives Charlie companionship, support and encouragement.

Charlie’s friendship with his neighbours, Mr and Mrs Redmond, is also very important. Charlie’s friendship with his neighbours, Mr and Mrs Redmond, is also very important. They are very kind to Charlie and his family. They help provide food for his family as Ma struggles to buy food as the family no longer have an income since the death of Charlie’s Dad. Mr. and Mrs Redmond are always there for Charlie when he needs to talk. They never tell him what to do; they only help him do what he chooses to do. Mr.

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Redmond helps Charlie forfill his dream of boxing and eventually encourages him to enter the Ballarat Mile. Mr Redmond knows whats best for Charlie “First thing ya gotta learn, Charlie, theres more ta boxin’ than punchin’” Mr Redmond teaches Charlie that there is more to boxing than just hitting people theres tactics and you’ve got to think. This shows that Mr Redmond wants Charlie to think before he goes out and does something that could injure him, Mr Redmond and Mrs Redmond actually really care about Charlie, Jack and their Ma.

Dolly, Squizzy Taylor’s girlfriend, helps Charlie by giving him reassurance, understanding and by protecting him when she believed that Squizzy was being unfair to him. People believe in Charlie which is really important because without the friendship and support Charlie wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Nostrils also known as Norman Heath is the kind of person Charlie needs as his friend. Charlie respects Nostrils and Nostrils respects Charlie they both look out for each other and a lot of the time they have each other’s backs.

Charlie begins to get sick of the well meaning way that the Redmond’s treat him Nostril is ‘something different’. Nostrils doesn’t treat Charlie like a kid he treats Charlie like a man he teaches Charlie the proper meaning of Loyalty and friendship. Nostrils states his honest opinion not matter what the situation is, I think this at first shocks Charlie but Nostrils makes sure that Charlie doesn’t make silly decisions. Nostrils and Charlie’s friendship is very strong and they will survive many differences and many challenges.

Nostrils gives Charlie the loyalty he needs and the humour that he needs to keep Charlie sane. Even though their relationship is built upon a lie, as Charlie ‘didn’t have the heart to tell him that it should have been him on Squizzy Taylor’s payroll’, their friendship will still survive the challenges. Charlie needs this friendship its almost like they are brothers. In the first few chapters we learn that Charlie’s dad died and Charlie wears his Dad’s boots. The boots are many sizes to big and have holes and rips in them, Charlie stuffs them with newspaper so that they don’t fall off his feet.

Charlie wears the boots to be Loyal to his father and so that Charlie always has a piece of his father with him. When Charlie is given a brand new pair of boots he kind of feels like he is cheating on his Dad, like he is giving away the thing that means the most to him. Charlie and his dad had a close relationship, Charlie was there when he took his last breaths. Charlie doesn’t want to let his family down so Charlie tries to become the man of the house he tries to get a job to support his Ma and baby brother.


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