Rural Strategies Of Godrej Consumer Products Marketing Essay

October 31, 2017 Marketing

Initially when Godrej decided to concentrate on selling consumer merchandises to rural India, it expected authorities investings to guarantee floaty demand. However when that did non happen company rapidly shifted the push of the belongingss concern to low income families instead than large concern belongingss such as the high-rise Planet Godrej in Mumbai.

But acquiring at that place was a hard journey for the company. For illustration, Godrej soaps and hair dyes sold mostly in urban metropoliss. When it decided to pay attending to rural markets it did non open up easy. Peoples in general could afford soaps already of other trade names and altering wonts was hard. The company employed assorted schemes to acquire a larger portion of the pie of rural markets and it seems a batch have started to payoff.

Pricing Schemes


Godrej broke through the laterality by non steeply boosting the monetary values as some of the rivals did when trade goods monetary values rose. The company did hair dye trying through small town Barbers and introduced little soap battalions for Rs 5 for Godrej No 1 ; advertizements were shown merely on channels that reach rural India best ; Doordarshan and All India Radio.

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Real Estate

Consumer merchandises were comparatively less vulnerable to the lag than the group ‘s belongingss concern. There excessively, Godrej has turned to constructing places in the Rs 5 hundred thousand to Rs 25 lakh bracket. It has launched low-income lodging undertakings in Kolkata and Ahmedabad and programs to establish one in a Mumbai suburb. While developers had traditionally preferred to develop higher border places to warrant the high cost of building and purchasing land Bankss, Godrej was one of the first developers to travel into low-income housing.A Godrej will do up for the lower net income borders by non be selling flats in 10 or 20, but in Numberss of 2,000 and 5,000. As one of Mumbai ‘s largest land proprietors, Godrej is developing the belongings in Vikhroli ( a big portion of cardinal suburban Mumbai ) in a command to reorient towards rural markets and low income lodging. The best merchandise for Godrej is trade names connect with the client and its distribution system. In the rural market, known for shady builders, the Godrej name can be leveraged more.

Disruptive invention

Godrej with its innovator merchandise ChotuKool has increased its bridgehead in the rural markets. The thought was to turn to the basic infrigidation demands of rural households in India. Innosight, the riotous invention squad began its work by conceive ofing life in a place without a icebox. Where electricity is either unavailable or undependable and where households gaining under Rs 250 twenty-four hours and ca n’t afford major contraptions.

Top direction including Godrej Vice President G. Sunderraman led trips around rural India, detecting the day-to-day modus operandis of villagers. Top direction and the Innosight squad witnessed how rural consumers purchased, prepared and stored nutrient and drinks.

Figure: ChotuKool Refrigerator by Godrej

The decision was that these places did n’t necessitate inexpensive iceboxs. The occupation was much more basic. Peoples needed an low-cost manner to maintain milk, veggies and leftovers cool for a twenty-four hours or two-both at place or off. This occupation is pressing in a state where a 3rd of all nutrient is lost to spoilage. Godrej developed paradigms for feedback at “ co-creation ” events. In a straw canvass of 600 adult females in the small town of Osmanabad, the community voted to do the merchandise ruddy, the colour of harmoniousness and cloud nine.

From this attempt came the ChotuKool, or “ small cool ” in Hindi. Alternatively of traditional compressors, Chotukool is based on a thermoelectric bit that maintains a cool temperature on a 12-volt DC current or an external battery. The unconventional gap ensures cold air settees down in the cabinet to minimise heat loss and power ingestion. The unit is extremely portable, with 45 litres of volume inside a to the full fictile organic structure weighing less than 10 lbs.

Priced at Rs 3500/- , about half of an entry degree icebox, Chotukool creates a new merchandise class, with a targeted value proposition that serves a new section of clients.

Figure: Chotu Kool is extremely portable and can be loaded on bullock carts as good

The early success of ChotuKool led to Godrej being named India ‘s most advanced company of the twelvemonth byA Business StandardA magazine in a ceremonial conducted by the state ‘s Prime Minister.A BusinessWeekA andA Fast CompanyA named Godrej one of theA universe ‘s “ most advanced companies. “ A ChotuKool was alsoA awardedA theA 2012 Edison Award GoldA prizeA for the Social Impact class.

Godrej is presently working on several merchandise classs, including H2O purifiers and solar lanterns to be in a alone place in all merchandises, including mid-end and truly low-cost, in footings of pricing and characteristics. For illustration Godrej launched UV H2O purifiers for the urban market priced at Rs 6,500 will utilize different engineering for its rural merchandise

which may non necessitate after-sales service for the full life-time.

Strategic pick for Distribution Channel

Separate distribution channel

Godrej has been concentrating a batch on making a different distribution channel for rural merchandises

For case, the icebox to be launched in small towns nationally following twelvemonth will non be sold through the company ‘s bing trader web. The company is utilizing a rural selling channel affecting NGOs, microfinance companies and community workers.

In rural India by and large Television sets take penchant over other merchandises. In malice of this besides allows companies to do people cognizant of other merchandises, given that the incursion degree of Television is about 30 % in Indian small towns, who are prospective purchasers for other consumer durable goodss.

Expectation of subsidies

Another hurdle to be overcome is the outlook of rural consumers for subsidies on solar-powered devices and H2O purifiers. After-sales service and choosing the right distribution theoretical account is the key to interrupt into any rural market across India.

Focus on Right selling mix

Samuel barbers as Brand Ambassadors

CPL is numbering on viva-voce trade name edifice for its Expert line of hair colour merchandises. The company is making out to 50,000 Barbers and salons in nine provinces, offering to prosecute them in a co-branding exercising. Under the plan, the salons add the “ Expert ” ticket to their names, with all fixtures — including mirrors and chairs — exposing the GCPL trade name logo conspicuously. This has helped heighten the range by adding 7,000 small towns and 2,000 little towns to its distribution web.

Figure: Rural stigmatization for Godrej

Rural centric advertizements Schemes

Switching its advertisement scheme the Godrej now buys ads more on Doordarshan because the trade name run takes attention of overseas telegram telecasting. This has helped in helped in cut downing the advertisement budget for the company in comparing to its rivals. The company is besides utilizing its new trade name consciousness

Using Buses increases visibleness in Rural India

Choosing Celebrities that have rural entreaty for trade name indorsement

Company has signed up Mona Singh to advance the use of Grade I soap by foregrounding the benefits of utilizing Godrej No 1 branded soap over its local rivals. This is expected to hike gross revenues of the company in rural countries.

Figure: Mona Singh trade name embassador of Godrej

Undertaking Aadhaar/Godrej Agrovat

One of old strategies that are still making admirations for the company is project Aadhaar. This inaugural provides professional counsel to husbandmans to better their productiveness and guarantee a higher return. One centre of qualified agronomists interacts with husbandmans on the day-to-day footing and function 20 small towns in radius of the centre. With the tagline of “ Unnati, ghar sansaar and gaon ” the enterprise is aimed at bettering the life of husbandmans in rural India by supplying one stop solution to their agriculture issues.

The company has besides set up mini gasoline pumps for the supply of Diesel in the rural markets and has collaborated with Apollo pharmaceuticss for Aadhaar mercantile establishments called Apollo Aadhaar pharmaceuticss.

This besides making new markets has improved trade name consciousness and visibleness of the company in rural India.

Figure: Logo for Godrej Aadhaar


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