Ryan Air Case Study Business Essay

Each organisation has been affected by factors that affect the full public presentation. In this respects different companies are seeking to set up organisational aims that would provide to the growing and development of the company. Chiefly, the end of this paper is to analyse industry in term of their mission, aims, external and internal environment, behaviour of organisation and significance of international trade and the European dimension for UK concern.


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Business environment refers to sum sum of all external forces. They have a far making impact on the development, public presentation and results of international concern. There are assorted constituents of concern environment. They are as mentioned below:

1. Economic environment

2. Trade environment

3. Financial environment

4. Political environment

5. Socio-cultural environment

6. Labour environment

7. Competitive and distributive environment

The above environmental forces interact with each other to supply chances and menaces to international concern. National differences in environmental forces influence benefits, costs and hazards of making concern.

As speaking about Ryan Air it is one of the largest low cost bearer runing more than 200 paths to 22 states.

The Ryan Air is the runaway success as from the get downing it evolved to be profitable air hoses and go oning its difficult attempt boulder clay today to be the most dependable and service supplier air hose of all time.

Every organisation has its ain mission, vision, ends and aims. It differs from organisation to organisation because of service it provided and regulations and ordinance it follows. Ryan Air has besides developed its ain mission, aims and ends.

Mission statement:

Ryan mission is to go a prima air hose in Europe by supplying the complete service to the clients and to supply chances to the employees. It focuses on the long term benefits of the company.


Goals are desired results or marks. They guide direction determination and organize the standards against which work consequences are measured. They are frequently called the foundation of planning. Every organisation has its ain specified ends.

Ryanair intends to arise against all of the “said” free services. It believes that every organisation end is to take client from point A to B. Ryan itself is appalled of the high air hoses a menu that has been ruling the industry vauntingly asserts that going does non necessitate to take so much money. In fact the flight menus Ryan air offers cost as a small cent to no 1 at all ( excepting the revenue enhancements and the other costs )

Purpose of Ryan air:

It genuinely serves going to the multitudes. It does non merely seek to reshape the air hose industry but spark a run and revolution led by the low air menus air hoses as the best valued air hoses by seting down the impractical overpriced air hoses. Ryan air does non merely focus quality but it promises to present which is the whole focal point of the conveyance concern. The low cost airfare is ever certain to win the competition even in the direst, the most intense fortunes. This is the important strength of the Ryan air. With its impressive cost direction mentality to increase more riders seats and expands paths. By spread outing paths it is possible for Ryan air to open new niche where there is no frontal competition. Thus it may continue its ends in spread outing to more small known paths and increasing more riders in their plane while offering more premium services that the client will stop up buying for a more convenient flight.

Stakeholders are any constituencies in an organisations environment that are affected by the organisation ‘s determination and actions. These groups have a interest in or are significantly influence by what the organisation does. In bend, these groups can act upon the organisation. Stakeholders are the people who are affected by and who can impact the activities of the house. There are two types of stakeholder: primary and secondary.

The major stakeholders of the Ryan air are:


the stockholders participate in distribution of net income, extra stock offerings, assets of settlement, review of company books, election of the board of managers and other rights established in the contract of the house.


the providers are the portion of the value concatenation. In exchange with the providers merchandise, services or expertise the house is expected to be a beginning of concern and ease a professional relationship in undertaking for, buying and having goods and services.


rivals are besides the of import stakeholder. They expect the company to detect the norms of competitory behavior established by society and the industry.


the national authorities and other governmental sections are of import stakeholders that have direct impact on the house ‘s schemes. The authorities expect the house to pay revenue enhancements, to adhere to the missive and purpose of public policy covering with the demand of just and free competition, discharge of legal duties

Local communities:

the local communities are besides of import stakeholders. The houses need to take part in community matter and to supply regular employment and support to the local authorities.

2 ) The aim of my study is to analyse the external environment in Ryan air-Southwest-of European air hoses instance, which is really of import factor for the house ‘s formulated effectual scheme. The external environment consists of a broad array of economic and sociopolitical factors. It is the specific market spheres that the organisation has chosen in its scheme ; it provides the concern chances to the house and it ‘s besides a beginning of menaces or forces that may hinder the successful execution of a scheme. Macro-environmental Analysis ( PEST factors impacting Ryan air Airlines ) To analyse the macro environment, I will utilize the PEST analysis, which refers to political, economic, societal and proficient factors that confront Ryan air air hoses. This analysis provides a no thorough list of possible… helps Ryan air, because clients replace traditional mainstream bearers as they seek lower menus. Menaces for Ryan air are: -Ryan air fuel costs depend on the oil market. The cost of fuel is increasing, due to oil monetary values raise globally. This affects company velocity development and gaining ability ; Ryan air runing disbursal has increased. -Increasing low menu competition on the market and limited economic growing on the South and East European markets. -Customers, as I already mentioned are really monetary value medium and besides regional airdromes addition bargaining power for 2nd unit of ammunition. -Increase in air traffic control charges as more planes fly in the sky. -Weak employee ‘s relationships cause less production efficiency and effectivity. It may blow Ryan air resources and capablenesss. -The high wages the company pays.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cheathouse.com/essay/analysis-external-environment-ryanair-southwest-european

SWOT Analysis

Firm ‘s scheme should take external chances and menaces and internal strengths and failings into history. This is done by SWOT Analysis. The SWOT-Analysis is an effectual manner of placing internal strengths and failings of any organisation and of analyzing chances and menaces of the external environment. The analysis ‘ aim is to take advantage of the chances the environment offers, and to avoid or minimise environmental menaces.

The purpose of this study is to transport out a probe of Ryan air ‘s external environment and a strategic analysis of Ryan air, to place chances and menaces it might confront, and its strategic capableness, to insulate cardinal strengths and any failings that need covering with. Finally, a SWOT analysis will be carried out to measure the extent to which Ryan air ‘s schemes are suited to what is go oning in its undertaking environment. Ryan air is Europe ‘s largest low-fares, no-frills short-haul bearer. The organisation was founded in 1985 as a conventional air hose but re-launched itself in 1990/1991 as a low-cost bearer, retroflexing American Southwest Airlines ‘ concern theoretical account. Since so Ryan air has grown well and successfully. The company presently has 146 paths to 84 finishs in 16 states, and carries more than 15 million clients yearly. Ryan air aims to be Europe ‘s largest air hose in 8 old ages ( www.ryanair.com )

The external Airline industry is extremely competitory and volatile thanks to the European Union Commission desire to heighten competition between air hoses. It governing against State Aid would be extremely disadvantageous to Ryan and more and more advantageous to air hose companies who are besides fall ining the budget air hose tendency such as easyjet, virgin express, bmlbaby, flybe etc. these rival bearers will set more to the fuel wars. Ryan air is one air hose that makes more enemies than Alliess because of its aggressive nature, some of which are its ain clients. Ryan air is traveling to hold to set to supplying the services it has sworn non to supply without an added cost as it is pressured by issues such as the proper intervention of the handicapped and the trade chance of the trade brotherhood.

The European air hose industry has historically been dominated by national bearers like British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France, whose aggregative portion of intra European paths was about 70 per centum by the terminal of 1998. But from 1990 a lifting portion of the market started to migrate to the budget bearers because of the deregulating policy of the EU. This essay contains an analysis of the European air hose industry as a portion of the transit industry at the beginning of 1999 with a particular accent on the budget sector. In that sector, one of the most celebrated and successful budget bearers, Ryanair, will be contemplated with respect to its scheme and its strengths and failings. Finally, a short sum-up will be done about what happened in the European air hose industry between 1999 and 2003.

Sing the high degree of population denseness and the uninterrupted expansion of the EU, the market of the air hose industry is rather big and with a high potency to turn. In 1999, the growing rate in the European market is one and a half times that in the American market and there are still several intra-European international paths with possible for new operators. The prevailing air hoses in the market are the large national bearers, like Air France, British Airways and Lufthansa, but there are already many new budget air hoses with Ryanair and easyJet as the celebrated 1s, but besides Virgin Express, Debonair, KLMuk, Go and Air One. However the competitory competition between those two groups corsets moderate, while it is rather high within each group, which will be explained more elaborate subsequently using Porter?s Five Forces theoretical account.

Furthermore there are differences between the clients of the two groups, the mature air hoses and the budget air hoses, which besides explains the instead low competition between them. The low menus air hoses concentrate preponderantly on budget witting leisure and concern travelers who are non clients of the more expensive air hoses because they have otherwise used alternate signifiers of transit or might non hold travelled at all. In contrast national carriers? clients are instead interested in “ frills ” which are non offered by the budget air hoses like in-flight repasts, progress place assignment, lading services and other comfortss.

4 ( B )

In the air hose industry, flights are considered as merchandises which seem to be rather differentiated between mature and budget air hoses, but within the budget sector of the “ no frills ” air hoses, the merchandises are more homogenous refering the services the rider buys, and merely differ in monetary values.

That development in the European air hose industry was merely possible because of the deregulating and the liberalization policy of the EU started in 1997. But in 1999, the regulative influences of the EU can still be seen in many sectors of the industry. Geting and maintaining the air operator license is non easy and requires following with all EU ordinances refering particularly the care of the used aircrafts, hushkitting, and uninterrupted air traffic controls. Furthermore, EU regulative authorization interdicts land managing monopolies at European airdromes and forbids the airdromes to offer differential trades to different air hose operators. And eventually the abolishment of responsibility free shopping within the European Union from July 1999 will do heavy losingss for all air hoses, losingss of gross and of inducement to flight attending, but besides losingss due to increased landing charges announced by the airdromes.

Additional to the limitations of the EU, the European air hose industry suffers from specific jobs like the comparatively shorter distances on intra-European paths, comparing to the USA, which causes higher disbursals on a per “ Available Seat Mile ” footing. Furthermore the airdromes and skies of Europe are more engorged than in the USA, which forces new entrants into smaller airdromes far off from big metropolitan metropoliss.

But in malice of all these jobs, the European air hose industry seems to be really profitable with respect on the positive, comparatively high net incomes earned by the mature air hoses, like British Airways, every bit good as by budget air hoses, like Ryanair.1

In order to get away the competition and to better their profitableness, national bearers tend to organize confederations among themselves or with smaller air hoses, even with budget air hoses. Harmonizing to the instance survey, by 2010, the air hose industry could dwell of a upper limit of four groupings of national air hoses. This would alter, of class, the competitory state of affairs, which looks as follows in 1999, using Porter?s Five Forces Framework.

As it has already been mentioned above, the competition between bing mature air hoses and budget air hoses is low because of rather different flight offers and different clients, but besides because established air hoses concentrate on primary congested airdromes while budget air hoses operate on secondary airdromes. However the competition within the budget sector is really high because of rather similar “ no frills ” flights merely sometimes different in monetary value.



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