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October 4, 2017 Management

This study will supply a strategic analysis of Ryanair by looking at the company ‘s current strategic place, set abouting an internal and external environmental analysis, supplying an in depth analysis of assorted strategic options, and finally supplying a recommendation for the future scheme of Ryanair.

Ryan air was the first budget air hose in Europe ; Ryanair is the World ‘s favorite air hose with 37 bases and 950+ low menu paths across 26 states, linking 150 finishs. Ryanair operates a fleet of 210 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft with steadfast orders for a farther 102 new aircraft ( before taking history of planned disposals ) , which will be delivered over the following 2.5 old ages. Ryanair presently employs a squad of more than 7,000 people and expects to transport about 66 million riders in the current financial twelvemonth.

External Analysis

The external environment consists of wide environmental factors that impact to a greater or lesser extent on about all administrations.

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The PESTEL model can be used to place how future tendencies in the political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal environments might enforce on organisation. The PESTEL analysis provides the wide information from which to place cardinal drivers of alteration. These cardinal drivers can be used to build scenarios of possible hereafters. Scenarios consider how schemes might necessitate to alter depending on the different ways in which the concern environment might alter

PESTEL Analysis

The PESTEL model provides a comprehensive list of influences on the possible success or failure of peculiar schemes. PESTEL stands for political, economic, societal, technological, environmental and legal. Political high spots the function of authoritiess.

Porters 5 forces Analysis

Porters five forces model constitute an industry ‘s construction. The industry construction analysis with the five forces model can be of value to administrations. It can supply a utile starting point for strategic analysis even where net income standards may non use: in most parts of the populace sector, each of the five forces has its equivalents. Equally good as measuring the attraction of an industry or sector, the five forces can assist put an docket for actions on the assorted ‘pinch-points ‘ they identify. Porter ‘s indispensable message is that where these five forces are high, so industries are non attractive to vie in. there will be excessively much competition and excessively much force per unit area, to let sensible net incomes.

Below we can see the porter ‘s five forces analysis being conducted for Ryanair in order to look into market industry attraction.

Menace of new entrants

High capital investing required

Labour and fuel intensive industry

Restricted slots

Flight mandate required

Menace of replacements

Low trade name trueness of clients

Low shift costs for clients

Handiness of other manners of conveyance ; auto, train etc.

Dickering power of purchasers

Buyers are ‘price sensitive ‘

Low shift costs to other air hoses

Transparency on monetary value and services provided

Customers are non purchasing big volumes

Dickering power of providers

Merely 2 a/c makers – Boeing/Airbus

Switch overing costs are high ( mechanics/pilots would hold to be retained )

Monetary value of air power fuel straight related to oil costs

Competitive competition

Cost advantages can be copied

Low distinction factors ; particularly monetary values

Limited path handiness

High menace of replacements

Menaces to industry profitableness

Competitive force




Menace of replacements

Menace of new entrants

Competitive competition

Dickering power of providers

Dickering power of purchasers

Unless they are able to happen some manner of altering this state of affairs, this looks like a really tough industry to last in. Possibly they ‘ll necessitate to specialise in a sector of the market that ‘s protected from some of these forces, or happen a related concern that ‘s in a stronger place.

Critical Success Factors

Threshold Features

On clip flight goings

Available seats for all riders

Appropriate safety steps

Minimum staffing degrees met

Secure luggage handling

Cheap air menus


Food and imbibe proviso

Seat agreement

After sale services

Good client service

Entertainment on board

Extra legroom

Lean backing seats

Loyalty benefits strategies

Internal Analysis

To develop a successful scheme, the internal strategic capablenesss of Ryanair must besides be understood. This subdivision will concentrate on placing the cardinal internal strengths and failings ( from SWOT ) . This will be achieved by analyzing the resources and competences for Ryanair, using the VRIO theoretical account to these resources and looking at the public presentation of assorted concern maps within the administration.

An administration ‘s resources can be Physical, Reputation, Organisational, Financial, Intellectual and Technological ( Johnson et al, 2004 ) , the tabular array below shows the full extent of Ryanair ‘s resources and capablenesss and merely the cardinal factors will be drawn upon here.

VRIO Analysis

Based on the above resources can Ryanair develop its nucleus competency, on which a competitory advantage is possible. In order to calculate out whether the above resources can be translated into competitory advantages for Ryanair, the VRIO theoretical account can be deployed.

V-value. This emphasizes that whether the resources are being able to be deployed to run into the demands and outlooks of clients. Uniting the authorities subsidies, airdrome charge decreases and its low-price concern theoretical account, Ryanair is able to present the lowest monetary value, which attracts 1000000s of clients.

R-rareness. In the short-haul budget air hose concern, merely Ryanair has authorities subsidies and airport charge decrease. Other rivals, particularly its strongest and most direct rival: EasyJet, do non hold that resource. This makes Ryanair ‘s authorities subsidies and airport charge decrease rare and valuable. On the other manus, the authorities subsidies and airport charge decrease are given to Ryanair is because its secondary paths and ability to pull clients. Therefore, it helps secondary airdromes develop rapidly and convey much more tourers and ingestion for local authorities. Consequently, the resource is barely transferred.

I-imitability. Apparently, it can be seen through the instance that Ryanair, compared with air hoses without the resource mentioned above, owns a large cost advantage. And this resource, as mentioned in the old paragraph, is barely transferred or imitated.

O-organization. Based on the instance, Ryanair makes good usage of its assorted resources and capablenesss to present the lowest cost and lowest monetary value successfully. The strong direction squad and effectual CEO, its effectual operating scheme and selling scheme all make the deployment of its resources successful, on which its competitory advantage is built up.

In decision, Ryanair exploit its resources and capablenesss successfully to keep the cost leading and supply the lowest monetary value to clients, which is besides its competitory advantage.




Exploited by organisation?

Competitive deduction?






Sustainable competitory advantage






Competitive para






Sustainable competitory advantage






Competitive para






Sustainable competitory advantage






Competitive para

Cardinal Competences:

Good trade name consciousness – Michael O ‘ Leary has a strong presence in the populace oculus which has additions consciousness of Ryanair across Europe, “ O’Leary ‘s promotion seeking jokes earned him a high profile ” ( O’Higgins, 2004:13 ) . Although some of the imperativeness has been negative towards Michael O’Leary, he has clearly turned around the air hose and is recognized as holding a good leading manner.

Organizational construction aˆ? utilizing regional and secondary airdromes allows for favorable fee

dialogues, speedy turnaround times, low delay/cancellation statistics. HR set up allows for

flexible staff contracts, frequently to salvage clip and cut down Ryanair ‘s hazard to differences.

Standardization of aircraft allows for limited figure of applied scientists, speedy turnaround times,

and easy entree to stock list, all of which cut down costs.

aˆ? Financial Stability aˆ? one of few air hoses with a high net border of 28.4 % in 2003, compared to 8 % for Aer Lingus and 3 % for EasyJet, market capitalization had grown from a‚¬397million ( 1997 ) to a‚¬4.74billion ( 2004 ) , high hard currency and liquid militias of ?1,060,218,000.

aˆ? Strong direction squad – Michael O’Leary inextricably linked with the success of Ryanair and is frequently credited as turning the air hose around individual handedly. Voted one of the “ Top 25 Business Stars by the Financial Times in 2004 ” ( O’Higgins, 2004 ) and air hose has won assorted awards, including Best Managed Airline.

Ansoff ‘s Matrix

The Ansoff ‘s Growth matrix is a tool that helps concerns make up one’s mind their merchandise and market growing scheme.

Ansoff ‘s product/market growing matrix suggests that a concern ‘ efforts to turn depend on whether it markets new or bing merchandises in new or bing markets.

Existing Merchandises New




Diversification may be of two sorts: related and unrelated. Related variegation divides into backward, frontward and horizontal integrating:

A· Backward integrating is a move towards provider and natural stuff in the same overall concern

A· Forward integrating is a move towards the market place and client

A· Horizontal integrating is a move into a closely related concern ( Ansoff, 1965 )

a ) Present Product – Present Market Need

1st Option: Cancellation of aircraft orders with Boeing – this would enable Ryanair to optimize its mix of owned and leased a/c – instead than purchasing, the company could utilize the investings to rent

2nd Option: Deeper incursion of the EU market -through confederations / amalgamations ( e.g. Air Lingus ) , Ryanair could increase slot handiness and derive entree to primary airdromes / paths

B ) New Product – Present Market Need

1st Option: “ Ryanair Executive ” – concern category merely flights on bing paths seems attractive as the concern traveler rate additions ; nevertheless, cost for services will increase ; finally pilot undertaking to get down on certain trial – paths

2nd Option: “ Season tickets ” / “ Family Card ” – & gt ; client trueness / increased burden factor & A ; avoid

overcapacity by secure engagement

degree Celsius ) Present Product – New Market Need

1st Option: US low cost market entry – thought seems attractive, nevertheless, it would necessitate a elaborate concern instance analysis. As the competition among low-priced bearers in America is highly high, it would be suited for Ryan air to concentrate on the SouthAmerican / Latin American parts opening up a hub for Continental American flights.

vitamin D ) New Product – New Market Need

1st Option: “ Ryan Hotel ” – operated on “ low-service / low cost ” bases ; can be booked online over

Ryan air ‘s web site ; no response – keys will be available at the airdrome ; hotel situated close to the airdrome

2nd Option: Intercontinental flight between EU and US and thereby come ining the new US market – Air

Lingus Acquisition ( ? ) ; would necessitate different strategic focal point ( long-haul & A ; frills – cost intensive )

SWOT Analysis

A scan of the internal and external environment is an of import portion of the strategic planning procedure. Environmental factors internal to the house normally can be classified as strengths ( S ) or failings ( W ) and those external to the house can be classified as chances ( O ) or menaces ( T ) . such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as a SWOT analysis.

The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in fiting the houses resources and capablenesss to the competitory environment in which it operates. As such it is instrumental in scheme preparation and choice.

The undermentioned diagram shows how a SWOT analysis fits into an environmental scan:

SWOT Analysis Framework



Strong trade name place and trade name portion

Strong profitableness

Low monetary value enabled by authorities subsidies and airdrome price reductions

Effective CEO, direction squad and president

Effective operation scheme

First mover advantage

No client trueness

Poor human resource direction policy

Secondary paths cause incommodiousness for clients

Weak employee relationship

Dependence on 3rd pray service suppliers



Progresss cost decreases

Established market portion

Strong public stigmatization

Accessory gross income

Use alternate fuel

Technology impact on cabin service and system

Acquire challengers to spread out

Diversify into auto rental and hotel direction

Government ordinance charges

New competition

Possibility of being taken over

Increased competition

Trade brotherhoods

Currency fluctuations

Increasing oil monetary values

Environment charges

Strategic Choices

There are legion factors that have contributed to Ryanair ‘s profitableness:

Ryanair ‘s aims, as set Forth in its 2004 one-year study, include:

– Increasing rider traffic by 20 % each twelvemonth – Reducing menus by 5 % each twelvemonth

– Reduction costs by 5 % each twelvemonth

– Recognizing a net income border of 20 % or more

To day of the month, there are legion factors that have contributed to the company ‘s profitableness, including the followers:

1. Bargain-priced trades.

Ryanair will often sell a big figure of seats in progress for a nominal fee, for illustration, a‚¬1.00 or less. Indeed, presently about 25 % of rider tickets are free, and Mr. O’Leary has a end of finally conveying this figure to 50A°o by 2010. This attracts huge promotion as clients scramble to log in and purchase seats. For each place purchased, revenue enhancement and responsibilities must besides be paid, which typically amount to a‚¬3040. The tickets are sold on a nonrefundable footing. Because they are so inexpensive, many buy multiple seats to derive flexibleness, and the “ no show ” rate is hence much higher for these types of tickets. Average menus reflect these bargain-priced trades every bit good as higher menus that travellers pay to procure seats on paths in higher demand.

2. Point-to-point flights.

Each path is a mini-business unit. Capacity is customized to suit demand harmonizing to computer-simulated theoretical accounts. If a path is unprofitable, it can merely be cut from the agenda. Passengers may non purchase linking flights so must look into in for each Ryanair flight separately. This reduces the house ‘s liability in the event of a hold and reduces cases of lost luggage.

3. Flights to secondary airdromes.

By avoiding the big hubs, Ryanair is able to negociate reduced landing charges. There is the added benefit of lower congestion at such airdromes. This allows the aircraft to finish the journey in the shortest possible clip. The downside to riders is that sometimes these airdromes are located in locations far from the intended finish. For illustration, the company flies to Frankfurt-Hahn, non Frankfurt, which is 100 kilometres off. Asy provinces, “ For the price-sensitive clients, distance is no job. ” ‘

4. Quick turnaround.

Ryanair aircraft are expected to set down and take off once more from an airdrome inside 25 proceedingss. This is merely possible because they fly into secondary airdromes. This allows the house to maximise the figure of flights per twenty-four hours.

5. No overnighting of staff.

By winging point to indicate, a Ryanair plane ends the twenty-four hours where it started. This means that crew can return to their places, and expensive hotel measures and per diems are avoided.

6. Internet engagements.

The house sells over 97 % of its tickets via the Internet at its web site, ryanair.com, which is now the most popular European travel site. This cuts out travel agent committee costs ( averaging about 10 % of the ticket cost ) and gives the air hose upper limit control over programming and capacity. Furthermore, it funnels clients towards other services such as auto hire and rail tickets, for which Ryanair collects a committee itself. O’Leary is non bashful about this significant beginning of cost nest eggs and grosss, holding stated, “ Screw the travel agent. Take the [ agents ] out and hit them. What have they done for riders over the old ages? ” ‘

7. One category.

Ryanair does non offer riders the pick of concern and economic system category, extinguishing the demand for nutrient to be delivered to the aircraft when it lands, therefore easing low turnaround times. Furthermore, offering merely one category of service furthers the end of supplying low menus, which the company believes is the ultimate in client service. Harmonizing to its rider service and lowest menus charter, “ Ryanair believes that any rider service committedness must affect a committedness on pricing and promptness, and should non be confined to less of import facets of ‘service ‘ which is the usual excuse the high menu air hoses use for bear downing high air menus. ” ‘

8. One aircraft type.

The company flies Boeing 737 planes entirely. This reduces care preparation costs and allows for bulk purchasing of trim parts. The strong fiscal place of the company allowed it to buy many of the aircraft that had been canceled by incumbent air hoses. These new aeroplanes are more fuel efficient and have a higher rider capacity. As of the terminal of financial 2004, the company had to the full hedged fuel costs through September 2004, but were mostly unhedged thenceforth. Subsequently, the company hedged its fuel through the terminal of financial 2006 at US $ 49 per barrel, while market values topped US $ 70 per barrel. Additionally, the company has ordered winglets that will be retrofitted on all aircraft, which will cut down fuel burn by about 2.5 % , which translates into nest eggs of about US $ 10,000-14,000 per aircraft per month.

9. Forces costs and inducements.

Because the aircraft that Ryanair pilots fly are new, the house claims that their pilots ‘ experience is of value to the competition. Therefore, it charges pilots for preparation, the cost of which is earned back by the pilots through old ages of service. Pilots have fiscal inducements for smooth landings, non so much for rider comfort but for decreased care costs. Additionally, the air hose does non supply nutrient or drinks for free but does offer points for sale on each flight. Flight attenders are paid a committee based on the sum of drink and other gross revenues in flight.

Monitoring of the Plan

Monitoring will assist us find which of our selling schemes are feasible and which are non. Monitoring will fundamentally affect ;

Tracking and measuring clients.

Surveying and questioning regular users for remarks about why they find our services of import.


Ryan Air has emerged in the recent old ages as the strongest low menu bearer in Europe. The study has identified the factors taking to Ryan Airs success narrative until 2003, nevertheless, it besides describes future challenges on the air hose industry and how Ryan air will be able – by seting its concern strategy- to prolong its competitory place.


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