SAB Miller Is A South African Brewing Company Marketing Essay


SAB Miller is a South African brewing company and is the 2nd largest beer maker in the universe, with gross revenues and distribution across six different continents. SAB Miller with broad trade name portfolio, both international premium beers to local trade names it has come a long manner, enduring disruptive times and political crisis. It is besides one of the largest bottlers for Coca Cola.


To be the most admired company in the planetary beer industry

Investing of pick

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Employer of pick

Partner of pick


To have and foster local and international trade names that are the first pick of the consumer


Our people are our abiding advantage

Accountability is clear and personal

We work and win in squads

We understand and respect our clients and consumers

Our repute is indivisible


SAB Miller being one of the oldest ( 100 plus ) brewing company it had enormous experience in the brewing field and the schemes used by SAB Miller are categorized as follows:


Acquisitions and amalgamations

Wide portfolio

Brand value


SAB being oldest brewing company in South Africa it was battered by political crisis during the twentieth century. It has emerged as a company with edifice its operations in emerging and mature markets. During 1948 due to racist system of “ Apartheid ” , there was resistance to the company. SAB besides came across assorted other forces during this period they are:

Business restricted to the state merely.

Restrictions on making concern with international companies.

Investing in or trading with South African companies.

SAB formulated solution in order to follow with Government limitations they were:

In 1950, SAB moved its HO from London to Johannesburg.

Focused on enlargement largely in southern parts of Africa and South Africa.

Predominating the local market and domestic beer production.

Expanding its merchandise portfolio.

First company to use the codification of non-discriminatory employment.

In 1970 SAB became to the full incorporated in South Africa and by the twelvemonth 2000, it dominated the South African market to such an extent that 49 of every 50 beer consumed were brewed by SAB.


Due to the political conditions in South Africa SAB had really less room of making concern internationally, but these limitations helped them to make a monopoly in South Africa. It owned a 99 per centum market portion here. It besides incorporated its caput quarters to Johannesburg, which helped it develop its market in Africa. Using non-discriminatory codification of employment helped it to derive public support. It expanded its portfolio by purchasing local breweries and started bring forthing locally brewed Guinness, Amstel, and Carling black label.


Due to the limitations on local companies by the authorities, SAB had to settle in for the local South African market. Predominating the local market and extinguishing competition was the end of the company at the clip and it was achieved by geting other local breweries and distribution installations and by rationalized production. SAB besides obtained the licensing of locally brewed Guinness, Amstel and Carling black label.

SAB made major acquisitions instantly after when the imposed limitations were relaxed due the finalized procedure for constitution of a multiracial democracy in 1990.

SAB acquired Stellenbosch Farmers Winery in 1960.

In 1993, SAB acquired Hungary ‘s largest brewery, Dreher that opened new door for farther developments into cardinal Europe

In 1994, SAB in joint venture with Tanzanian authorities it revitalized the brewing industry and besides in states like Zambia, Mozambique and Angola, SAB gave boost to production and distribution.

During the 90 ‘s SAB established operations in China, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, and Czeck Republic.

Geting 100 % bets in the Miller brewing company in 2002 was one of the most important acquisitions made by SAB and going SAB Miller in the procedure.

Licensing of shebeens and establishing them in retail mainstream.

SAB Miller besides bought out its joint venture spouse in India.

SAB Miller in 2005 merged with South American beer maker Grupo Empresarial Bavaria.


SAB controlled an estimated 99 % of the market portion in South Africa and had ruling places in Swaziland, Lesotho, Rhodesia and Botswana.

SAB was able to diversify their concern through joint ventures.

Due to atomization and small-scale concern in Europe and Asia SAB was able to make profitable and fast growth concern.

Launched quality merchandises than their rivals for which the consumers had to pay more.

SAB promoted their premium trade names.

Developing states have turning economic systems therefore opening doors for attractive markets.

Scare of HIV pandemic cost SAB dearly-won labour, lessening in productiveness

SAB concern spread provided them with portfolio concern

With volatile market in emerging economic systems where in SAB incurred bulk of its net incomes, it had indirect consequence in assurance of SAB in these states.

SAB listed itself on LSE to give encouragement to its substructure.

Share monetary value bead by 15.5 % comparative to FTSE 100 in the twelvemonth terminal Nov 2000

Geting Miller Brewing Company made it 2nd largest beer maker in the universe.

SAB could equilibrate out loss in one state with net incomes in other states.

Expanding production capacity and raising the quality of merchandise in India.

Dip in portion monetary value of SAB Miller after geting Miller Brewing Company.

Introduced new packaging with new gross revenues and distribution system and enhanced the flexibleness of their production installations.

SAB Trained around 6000 freshly licensed taverniers in concern accomplishments.

SAB introduced broader and segmented trade names

SAB gained strong and profitable market in South America ; net incomes went up by 25 % .


SAB Miller brewing company is the 2nd largest brewing company and has a broad portfolio globally, it has over 200 assortments of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, produced and distributed. The major premium trade names are Pilsner Urquell, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Miller Genuine Draft, and Grolsch.

They started their spread outing its portfolio by deriving control over Stellenbosch Farmers Winery in 1960.

Between 1960’s- 70 ‘s it obtained licence to brew locally Guinness, Amstel and Carling black label.

In 1987, SAB acquired Lion Match Company.

Re-launch of Miller geniuine bill of exchange with high terminal placement of mainstream market.

Launch of Peroni Nastro Azzurro.


Predominating the South African Market

Leading lucifer industry in South Africa

Better market place

Addition in gross revenues

Profitable production and distribution

Capture of demographic market

Competitive advantage on the universe phase

Improvised selling, gross revenues and distribution

Annual study emphasized the importance broader portfolio in the company ‘s corporate success.

Plague Analysis

An analysis of the external environment is an of import portion of strategic planning, as it looks at the external macro-environment in which the house operates.

Using PEST information

Plague analysis helps company to develop schemes. The factors taken into history are:





Political Factors

Include authorities ordinances and legal issues and specify both formal and informal regulations under which the house must run ; these in SABMiller ‘s instance are as follows:

South Africa ‘s political stableness, import revenue enhancements, company revenue enhancements, environmental ordinances, employment Torahs.

Economic Factors

Affect the buying power of possible clients and the houses cost of capital ; these in SABMiller ‘s instance are as follows:

The volatility of the exchange rate, high rising prices rate, slow economic growing and high involvement rates.

Social Factors

Include the demographic and cultural facets of the external macro environment. These factors affect client demands and the size of possible markets ; these in SABMiller ‘s instance are as follows:

Change in ingestion form, Consumers going heath witting, consumers going safety witting, consumers going calling minded and the population growing coupled with age distribution and category construction.

Technological Factors

Can take down barriers to entry, cut down minimal efficient production degrees and influence outsourcing determinations ; these in SABMiller ‘s instance are as follows:

Research and development, mechanization, engineering betterments.

Q & A ; A

1. Identify the corporate logics that SABMiller have adopted over the class of the instance.

As discussed above SABMiller has adapted assorted schemes in order to be a taking beer maker, they are:

Covering with political regulations and ordinances

Acquisitions and amalgamation on a planetary graduated table

Broader portfolio

Business in developing economic systems e.g. China, India.

Shifting and re-launching of merchandises

2. Scheme

a. Explain the strategic place that SAB finds itself in 2007.

As described SABMiller has good strategic place apart from ferocious competition by Anheuser-Busch.

Predominating places in South African and South American markets with good market portion in Europe

Though SABMiller lost the command to get Harbin Brewery to Anheuser-Busch, it had competitory market in China with market growing by 6-8 per centum per twelvemonth.

With broad portfolio, SABMiller was able to capture the demographic market.

SAB was able to equilibrate out loss in one state with net incomes in other states.

With turning economic systems in developing states, there was addition in disposable income, which gave manner for better market portion and net incomes with attractive pricing.

Even though SABMiller had a few jobs with portion monetary value bead due to naming company in LSE and acquisition of Miller Brewing Company, stakeholders must hold a steadfast belief in the SABMiller as it a FMCG company. The opportunity of losing portion value is rare and with globalisation of the company, the opportunities are high profitableness and higher dividends to stockholders.

B. Explain the deductions of its current strategic place for the hereafter of SABMiller.






Past success

Future Success








Merchandise and Development






Market development











Latin America






Western Markets












Joint Venture











1. Acquisition of the major breweries and wine maker has helped SAB in ruling every bit good as holding monopoly in states

2. SABMiller had a strong and broad portfolio with launch of new merchandises and attractive pricing, making strong demographic market and flexibleness in the system.

3. Africa – Has about 99 % market portion in South Africa and dominates in the remainder of Africa.

Asia/E.Europe – Has breweries is Asia Pacific but with ferocious competition and growing of market in India. Good market portion in Russia, Romania, and Czeck Republic and with acquisition of Hungary ‘s brewery Dreher which paved manner for farther developments in Europe. However, the hereafter here remains unsure until any major return over is carried out.

Latin America – Amalgamation with Grupo Empresarial Bavaria 2nd largest beer maker in South America consolidated SABMillers place.

4. Acquisition of Miller Brewing Company is the lone major trade by SAB and going 2nd largest beer maker, but has a tough clip because of stiff competition by Anheuser-Busch.

5. SABMiller has a strong and diversified concern with wide portfolio that will finally pay off as it creates a demographic market and flexibleness in operations.

6. Joint venture with Grupo Empresarial Bavaria 2nd largest beer maker in South America opened doors in Latin America, with lower investing and making chances for itself

3. On the footing of your analysis, recommend the scheme that SAB should follow.

In my sentiment SABMiller must develop their markets is Asia i.e. in China, India, and Asia Pacific. Though the market remains volatile, the opportunities of net income devising are high. SABMiller must look frontward to get Harbin brewery in China as the market growing rate is 6-8 per centum per twelvemonth. SABMiller must seek get bulk bets in Bavaria brewery as there is growing in market.



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