Safe Sex

December 15, 2017 Health

Earlier, in the 20th century, there have been other interpretations of what was meant by the term; for example, ‘the avoidance of sex, notably for young or unmarried people’ and ‘birth control methods’. If sexual intercourse is to be encountered then there needs to be precautions with how you go about it. This includes condoms, birth-control, or maybe not even having sex. Is it really worth it to end up with a disease, or an unwanted pregnancy Just because you didn’t want to wear a condom and be safe?

Most teens do not think twice about indulging in unprotected sex, and doing it could be very dangerous to their health, and cause big changes in their lives and the lives of their families. Not thinking before they give in to the pressures of indulging in unprotected sex, they fail to realize the potential problems that unprotected sex will cause. Some teenagers do not want to have sex, but doing so will keep them in good standings with his or her significant other. Sometimes, teenagers believe that unprotected sex enhances their experience of intimacy with their boyfriends or girlfriends, also wrongly believing that this is the best way to show their true love. When the mood strikes the last thing on their minds is safe sex. When engaging in unprotected sex there are risks involved. Some of these risks include unintended pregnancies and the transmission of a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Not only do people that have unprotected sex have to worry about getting Stir’s there mostly have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

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Having a friend that recently Just became a year sober off drugs; you would think his life would be starting to come back together. Little did he know that “not believing in condoms” would make him a father soon. “It’s either condoms now, or diapers later. ” He is not prepared for his baby at all, and not only is his not prepared, he even admitted to himself that he is in no way shape or form ready to father a child while Just starting college. People don’t realize that a baby isn’t something that you can get rid of; it is with you for life.

Fathering a child at a young age would be a struggle, but not only being a father would be hard but the mother that is birthing the child would have an even harder time. Take into account that not using a condom can ruin relationships, not only of you and your partner but the ones around you that care about you. Unwanted pregnancy is defined as a situation of unintended pregnancy. We are not planning to make it happen. Not planning to make a baby, but also planning to not be safe is Just like saying anyone could care less if the woman got pregnant or not. Being a mother is the most important and challenging role for a woman.

A woman should be financially and emotionally ready to get pregnant, give birth, and raise her child. No one is ready for a baby at the spur of the moment, but you were ready to not use a condom and not care about what the other person thought. Peer pressure instigates many of the myths and desires that may encourage experimenting in sex, without full knowledge of the consequences of the sexual act. Sex is a hot topic for discussion and something that almost everyone is curious about. Some of the reasons for adolescents who participate in sexual behavior are; inquisitiveness, physical urges, all of their friends are doing it.

It is proof of their desirability and popularity (measures of worthiness), it proves you really love your partner, and it represents adult status. Maybe the suggest indicator of engaging in premarital or premature sex seems to be linked with the label of love or falling in love. Many relationships can become manipulative all in the name of love which many times is disguised as lust and sexual control. Love will always wait for sex, but lust is very impatient. Partners should ask about each other’s SST history before having sex and should be careful not to let alcohol or drug use, passion, or embarrassment interfere with their Judgment.

It is important to stay informed and make smart choices concerning sexual activity. Some Studs produce lesions or discharge that is noticeable on the body and some do not. Before intercourse, partners should examine one another for lesions, growths, or torn skin and each should ask about the other’s health history. Asking a partner if they have a history of warts, sores, or discharge before sex is a good practice. It is important to remember that people are not always honest about their sexual history. Partners may choose to explore sexual activities that do not involve intercourse.

People think that safe sex ruins the fun of it. They don’t take into account that sex is still an amazing part of nature. There are ways to be safe and still make it enjoyable. Because sex is such a high minded topic, everyone wants to be a part of it. They don’t know the risks and they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Safe sex means making sure you don’t get anyone else’s blood, semen, vaginal fluids, or breast milk in your body and protecting your partners too! Condoms, latex surgical gloves, and plastic wrap are the only ways to protect yourself and your partner from Studs and HIVE, but they’re not foolproof.

You’ve got to use them correctly every time you have sex. They might not be the most enjoyable but making smart decisions really benefits both partners in the end. Why risk has the possibility of HIVE, or an unwanted pregnancy? Teens have their wholes lives ahead of them. So many people care about you that you might not even realize. When a woman has intercourse the object of the man stays with them forever and is forever irreplaceable. Sex in general is very meaningful, no matter if it is a one night stand or with your life long partner. HIVE, and unwanted pregnancy are huge, but destroying someone by sex is even bigger.

Leaving a Oman with a child because the man decides he doesn’t want to take care of it is something that no one wants to be a part of. It’s the man’s Job to worry about the condom, and the woman’s Job to worry about the birth control. Condoms may not always be effective in the sense that the can break. 12%-21% of all condom use results in a failure. This astounding number is very serious and needs to be lowered; the only way to lower these statistics is by proper use. The male condom more commonly known as a rubber has a failure rate of 12% as the female condom has a drastically higher rate of failure at 21%.


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