Safe spaces for LGBTI in Zimbabwe

Safe spaces for LGBTI in Zimbabwe are limited due to the laws underground which prohibits same sex marriages and cultural beliefs. GALZ does offer a safe space to its members were they can freely express themselves without fear; use the internet, read some materials, legal advice , and information on health. Safe spaces are supposed to be inclusive without stigma, discrimination and fear. GALZ space is supposed to be free, and express your gender identity without fear. As GALZ offer that safe space, but one member according to the email received on the 21st of August a member was not happy with an individual who is cyber bullying her on various GALZ communication platform and I quote ” When I joined the organasation I was made aware that it offers safe space, unfortunately that same space has become very uncomfortable to myself and other members”. The member continue to say it has not happened to her only but to some members only Members should be comfortable when they are at GALZ without fear, harassed, and discrimination. Members will come together and share different views of what are safe spaces and what really mean to them.

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