Safeguarding Policy for Childminders Essay

August 21, 2017 Medical

Safeguarding refers to maintaining kids safe – protecting them from harm/abuse. insecure fortunes and impaired health/development. guaranting that they have the best possible chances in their lives.

As a childminder it is my duty to guarantee the safety and public assistance of all kids in my attention. In making so. I must: –

• Keep a confidential written record of any warning behavioral indicators/changes. signs/symptoms giving cause for concern. I will utilize organic structure maps to bespeak locations of bruising or other hurts to kids who arrive at my puting with bing hurts. • Not oppugn kids. leting them to state me things in their ain clip and their ain manner. utilizing their ain words. • Ensure confidentiality – non discoursing with any other party. peculiarly the parents of a kid I suspect may necessitate safeguarding if that may set the kid at hazard. • Contact the local safeguarding or Social Services if I have concerns sing the safety/welfare of a kid in my attention. • Seek support for myself if I find a safeguarding state of affairs straitening. whilst keeping confidentiality.

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Mobile phones and cameras: –

Any exposure I take in the class of my childminding work ( to be used for the intents of detecting the kids and maintaining records of their development/progress ) will be saved firmly ( with watchwords ) on my computing machine and be unavailable to others to see. Once printed these exposures will be deleted from my phone/camera/computer instantly.

Others populating in or sing my place will be informed that. in conformity with this policy. they should non take photographs/videos in my place whilst I have kids in my attention.

Regulatory demands for safeguarding kids in home-based child care: –

To follow with safeguarding ordinances. as a registered Childminder I have completed the followers: –

• Child Protection preparation.
• This Safeguarding Policy which is to be reviewed on a regular basis and shared with parents of all kids in my attention.
• Enhanced CRB Disclosure for all grownups ( over 16 old ages ) life at the registered belongings.

Signs. symptoms. indexs and behaviors that cause concern in the context of safeguarding: –

Physical maltreatment – contusions in unusual topographic points. of different ages in the same topographic point. of the same form in different topographic points ; outline contusions ( hand/belt/shoe prints ) ; contusing of non-mobile babes ; breaks ; hurts which have non received medical attending ; Burnss ; bites ; inconsistent histories of hurts ; reluctance to alter apparels or uncover parts of organic structure ( eg turn overing up arms ) .

Neglect – dirty skin/hair ; untreated headlice ; dirty. soiled. ill-fitting vesture or that which is inappropriate for the conditions ; left alone/unsupervised often ; deficiency of medical care/treatment ; frequent hungriness ; frequent fatigue ; stealing nutrient ; withdrawn behavior.

Sexual maltreatment – allegations made by kid ; inappropriate knowledge/play/actions displayed ( incl provocative behavior ) ; speaking/drawing/playing exposing sexual activity ; perennial urine infections ; unexplained recurrent tummy hurting ; terrible sleep perturbation with frights. incubuss ; eating upsets.

Emotional maltreatment – low self-pride ( incl noticing negatively about ego ) ; self-harm ; attending seeking/obsessive behavior ; inability to blend with other kids ; sleep/speech upsets ; aggression/depression/extreme anxiousness ; alterations in mood/behaviour ( esp going withdrawn/unwilling to be off from carer ) ; utmost shyness ; nervous behavior.

In the event that I believe ( with good ground ) that any kid ( ren ) in my attention is ( are ) topic to mistreat it is my responsibility to describe this to the Duty Social Worker in my local authorization area’s Local Safeguarding Children Board. Under such fortunes it will be necessary for me to portion confidential information sing the kid ( ren ) concerned with OFSTED. Social Services and the Police if requested. supplanting any confidentiality understandings held between myself and the kid ( ren ) ’s parents.

Protecting my ain place – I will maintain clear records of any hurts sustained by kids in my attention. every bit good as any preexistent hurts they have sustained outside of my attention. Unless exceeding fortunes indicate that this would set the kid at hazard of injury. a child’s chief carer will normally be asked to subscribe my notes as an official record of the hurt. This does non bespeak any negativeness towards or intuition of the child’s household or personal fortunes. but is intended as protection for myself and my ain family/household members against possible allegations made about our intervention of the kids in my child care puting. Carers will besides be asked to subscribe any entry made in my accident book in the event of their kid prolonging hurt whilst in my attention. as a record that I have made them to the full cognizant of the incident and any resulting hurt.

Useful telephone Numberss: –
Childcare Services ( Access and Referral Team ) :
Duty Social Worker:
Police ( Pennines ) :

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage states that: –

“Registered suppliers must inform OFSTED of any allegations of serious injury or maltreatment by any individual life. working. or looking after kids at the premises ( whether that allegation relates to harm or mistreat committed on the premises or elsewhere ) . or any other maltreatment which is alleged to hold taken topographic point on the premises. and of the action taken in regard of these allegations. Registered suppliers must inform OFSTED of these allegations every bit shortly as is moderately operable. but at the latest within 14 yearss of the allegations being made. A registered supplier who. without sensible alibi. fails to follow with this demand. commits an offense. ”

Should any allegations be made against any member of my family I will describe this to OFSTED as a affair or urgency within the prescribed 14 yearss.


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