Saint Joan

December 22, 2016 History

Through history comes the value of learning, through learning come lessons and through lessons come the applicable knowledge to the present. In Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan, the modern world can adapt to three main lessons. The first one being that a single person can make a big difference. Another lesson would be to achieve your goals no matter the boundaries set by the world, finally, one of the important character traits, loyalty. By discovering these lessons and applying it to the contemporary world, we can make an evolution to create a flourishing existence.

Being one person that can make all the diversity in the world can be considered as a leap of faith. One has the power to make a difference in ones life either for the better or for the worse. We also witness the power one posses to change the world around them, if they work hard for it. “The wind has changed. God has spoken. You command the king’s army. I am your soldier.” (Shaw 85). Joan has created an influence and a belief that she has changed the winds of fate with the help of God, and turned over a victory to France. To look over Joan’s devotion to her hard work, she has accomplished what most say is a miracle beyond belief. She was able to conquer and achieve her goals of the voices from God. Her strong will and faith prevented the world’s discouraging perceptions from reaching her goals. To create a difference is to marvel at one’s doing. ” the English had been constantly defeating the divided French and soon the young girl from Lorraine seemed their only hope for a miracle. She certainly did not disappoint and after taking command of the French forces led them to victory after victory over the English” (Frohlick). Joan made a difference by chasing her motivation to defeat France and fulfill the hope of the country. .

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Though Joan persevered through many negative criticisms from many different people, she absorbed the lashings even from the people she was sent to protect.


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