Salad oil production process

November 20, 2017 General Studies

Acid: by steam or hot water, and make fat hydration, and then to remove impurities, the steam import oil, free fatty acids with steam distilled out, remove after condensation;or get hot water mixed with oil emulsification and clarified in a centrifuge to remove phosphoric, free fatty acid and plant materials such as mucus. And vacuum drying, the product is called crude oil. Alkali refining: by alkali refining, can further remove most of the free fatty acids, phosphoric, pigment, iron and copper ions and some sulfur-containing compounds.

And 0. 02% ? 0. 5% of phosphoric acid in cylindrical POTS, 60 ? 90 ‘C under processing 15-30 minutes, another amount to 1% ? 3% of 3% ? 8% concentration of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is 10 ? 30 minutes of specification, due to the specification material than major sank into the bottom of the pot after release called soapstone;Then under 65 C water or dilute acid washing twice, put into water, then under the 114 C heating to remove moisture, dry storage into the oil tank.

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Hydrogenated: using the method of elective hydrogenation (temperature 200 ‘C, pressure 41370 amp) or non selective hydrogenation method (temperature 135 ‘C, pressure 413690 amp) processing, add 0. 01% ? 0. 2% in coil hydrogenated pot of formic acid nickel or nickel carbonate, so as to promote unsaturated fatty acids in oils and fats hydrogenation and become saturated fatty acid, the CICS into trans fatty acid isomers, to increase the degree of hardening of grease and oxidation resistance, and to improve oil fragrance. F using a hydrogenation device called Kaufman, can under the temperature below 100 C, add 0% of the Miscalls (an) oil solvent mixture, oil continuously through the catalyst (in), also can complete hydrogenation process. Len the oil there are only a small amount of ILEC acid, the oil quality improved. Stratification: the process is in 95 ? 135 C heating temperature about 2 hours, can also be used in catalyst (0. 1% ? 0. % sodium methanol or ethanol, also available potassium sodium alloy) exist under the low temperature (32 ? 38 ‘Cabaret washing to remove catalyst, through intensification’s grease molecules inside and outside, make three oil essence and three hard ester arm six different triglycerides, thus increase the plastic oil, low melting point of fat fat into a high melting point, so convenient for manufacturing curing of margarine.

Deterioration (http://www. Cottonseeds. Com/deterioration/): for removing odorous yellow substance, such as free fatty acids, leaderless, stones and glucose mustard glycoside decomposition of sulfur-containing compounds, should be in the high temperature (240 ? 240 ‘C) and pressure (absolute pressure of 5070 amp) the real tank distillation, after cooling, adding 0. 005% ? 0. 01% citric acid, in order to prevent he oxidation. B. Heartening the production process: the main step is frozen, the salad oil as raw material, in gas gas containing rechargeable devices, oil in 2 ? 5 C under the frozen, triglyceride and a large number of crystal formation, filtered, and add a small amount of preservative and anti foaming agent, then made a half solid ivory and shortening with plastic. General shortening in 10 ? 16 C temperature, can maintain hard brittle, in 33 ? 34 C ensure not soft not liquefaction, is making cakes, bread and margarine raw materials;lunched 1. G per 1 shortening to refined rapeseed oil. C. The production craft: margarine by 80% 80% shortening and other accessories, such as fermentation skim milk, dairy products, and a small amount of emulsifier, salt, spices, pigments, preservatives and other additives, then made into margarine.


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