January 15, 2017 General Studies

In the play, “The Crucible,” all of the characters are placed in tough situations where they feel uncomfortable and are therefore forced to change. This change in outlook is what makes many of the characters in, “The Crucible”, very dynamic. The Definition of a crucible is a “heat resistant container in which materials inside can be subjected to great heat.” This is very true to the play because the girls are like the heat on the outside and they are putting the pressure on the adults in the village eventually making them chaotic. There are two main characters that change excessively over the coarse of the three acts. The first person in the play that changes is the main character, John Procter. Another character who encounters change is Reverend John Hale, who has the most dramatic changes during the play. All of these characters change and evolve with the telling of, “The Crucible”, some for better and some for worse.

John Proctor is a very different person at the beginning of the play than he is at the end. At the beginning of the play, John is a very selfish person who does anything to protect his affair with Abigail, but towards the end is forced to find the courage in himself to tell the community the truth. In a line where John talks to Abigail, John tries to tell Abigail that the affair never happened “We never touched.” Says John. When Abigail tells him that they did have an affair, John denies that anything happened. “Aye, but we did not.” , says John. Throughout the whole beginning half of the play, John does all that is in his power to deny that he had an affair with Abigail. Eventually he realizes that he must tell the community when he sees all of the chaos that she has created. John eventually admits to having an affair with her. “I have known her, sir. I have known her,” yells John in the courtroom but he declares it too late.

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