Salm witch trials

January 7, 2017 General Studies

In 1692 in Salem Village, Massachusetts several girls started to behave strangely.

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this went on for a couple of days, it was said to be witchcraft. Soon the witchcraft got many.

people thrown in jail and also hanged.

The “Witches”of Salem Village .

On January 20,1692 in Salem Village nine year old Elizabeth Parris, and eleven year old.

Abigail Williams began to show abnormal behavior. Within a couple of days several other girls.

started showing the same behavior. After this went on for awhile the parents finally took them to.

the doctor.

The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with the girls so they suggested that they have gotten.

into witchcraft.


The judges of Salem told the girls if they confessed of being a witch then their lives would.

be saved, but if they didn’t confess they would be put to death. Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good.

were examined first and both denied they were witches. Tituba confessed to seeing the devil in.

the shape of a hog or a dog. Tituba also said that she saw a book of the devil’s that had nine.

names in it, but the only ones she could remember was Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good.


Soon the girls confessed another name Martha Corey, but there was some people who.

doubted it. They said that they could believe that Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good were witches.

because of their backgrounds. Sarah Good was a homeless and was seen wandering in the streets.

with her children. Sarah Osborne was a member of a church but stopped going and was seen as.

evil in the Puritans eyes.

The names finally got out and the court people sent out warrants for several people.

People then started telling on each other for little things that were later turned into witchcraft.

Page 2.


The people then had to go to court and were found guilty of witchcraft. Soon over 300 people.

were in the Salem jail.

The Trails Begin.

The first person to appear in court was Bridget Bishop, she was found guilty and was.


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