Salvador Dali’s Sleep

January 12, 2017 General Studies

Salvador DalA?A- was born on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, a town in Catalonia, .

DalA?A- was a 20th century famous surrealist artist with one of his most .

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popular paintings entitled The Persistence of Memory. Not only was DalA?A- a painter, but he was also an illustrator, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, filmmaker, theorist, novelist, autobiographer and most importantly, a commercial success.

Sleep can be described as a huge deformed disembodied head against a blue sky and almost bare, empty landscape. The head is propped up by several wooden crutches along with the mouth, nose and eyes being held in place by crutches. There is also a dog that appears to be asleep with his head being held up by a crutch. The blue sky balances out the painting and the emphasis centers around the propped up head. The series of wooden crutches formats a pattern and there is really no movement, considering the symbolism of sleep in the picture. Proportion is off, with relation to the emphasis of the head, and there is variety with the textures, such as the rough wooden crutches, the head appearing soft, and the lips appearing dry and chapped. The unity can perhaps be interpreted by the way what seems to be that all things living need sleep. .

The picture itself is an interpretation of sleep, DalA?A-‘s interpretation. He envisioned sleep as a heavy monster that was “held up by the crutches of reality.”” At my first look at this picture, my interpretation was quite similar. I thought that sleep was being shown to be a heavy tired feeling, and when the body collapses into sleep, the crutches were the symbolism of what keeps us supported as we sleep, perhaps if they.

were to be removed, that is when we would wake. The chapped dry looking lips are another direct hint to sleep. I really like the use of symbolism DalA?A- uses, since perhaps symbolism and surrealism go together. I also like the way the landscape and sky almost look untouched, maybe symbolizing purity within the realm of sleep.


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