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Samah Zaatouri Chalghoumi
Compare/Contrast essay
October 9,2017
Childhood and Adulthood

Childhood and adulthood are two stages that every human can experience. Childhood begin immediately after birth until early eighteenth. After the eighteenth birthday, a new stage begins which is the adulthood. The adulthood sets in where most people begin to depend on their own. Childhood and adulthood stages are very important in one’s life. So, what are the differences and similarities between these two stages?
First, life experiences that are evident in a person’s young life contribute to an outstanding adulthood later in life. People tend to learn a lot of skills and other important things while in their childhood. Adulthood makes people to be more composed. People already know what is required of them in their lives. Therefore, childhood and adulthood go hand in hand in shaping one’s life thus able to make the right choices.

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When I was a kid life was so much fun but still all I wanted was to be an adult. I was always impressed by all the great and interesting things that adults were able to do. Every year that passed I was grew more excited because I was getting closer to be an adult. Now that I am an adult I wish I could be a kid again. It’s quite amazing how fast your opinion can change. All the activities that I can do now do not compare to even one day as being a child. On the other hand, I still enjoy being an adult and I still have a lot to experience. My life as a child and as an adult is vastly different but still is similar in small ways.
When I was a child I was allowed to do basically anything that I wanted to do. I would go outside, play with my friends and play sports all day long. Being a child was fun and had many positive sides to it. As a child I never had to worry about having to work or if I had a test the next day. Life was fairly stress free. All I had to worry about was what time my favorite cartoons were going to be on Saturday morning or what my friends down the road were doing. On Saturdays I would wake up bright and early and sit in the living room in front of the television or go outside to meet my friends for a game of tag. As I would be sitting around the house, all I could smell was my mother cooking breakfast. It was nice to have someone cook for you, and not have to worry about feeding yourself.
As a child I did not have to worry about money. There was no need to, all the money I needed was to buy some candy or a favorite movie or CD. Every week I would receive an allowance which was ten dollars that I was allowed to do anything I pleased with. I thought this was a lot of money when I was young. When you’re a child there never is a thought of having to save up in order to purchase something you really want. Childhood does come with its great moments but it’s not as fun as it sounds. Being


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