Sample Application for Scholorship

I AMA member of Red Cross, JIAO debate club ,JIAO social service club. I frequently tutored individuals by offering my time before and after high school student. ( don’t understand what this sentence means, Pl clarify) Presently I work 10 hours a week as a “Teaching Assistant” under “Math Department, Institute of natural science,” at our University. Prefer the City University London because, it is an excellent educational institution, it provides world renowned facility, and especially lab facility is very comfortable for students. This arsine’s teaching method is also unique and meets the standard of today’s competitive market.

The faculty of this university is very strong. The academic environment of City University London is extremely attractive for prospective students. The relationship between students and teachers are very friendly. City University London is seeking academics with outstanding records of research achievement to continue its 100 year tradition of quality research and education. The department of EWE (Electrical , Electronic Engineering) is internationally recognized for its contribution to different lilied of Electrical ; Electronic Engineering.

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The Electrical ; Electronic Engineering program is interdisciplinary of this university. In view of the above mentioned facts, I would be eager to study in this university. I am hard working, motivated and able to meet targets. Would be grateful if you review my qualifications and consider the possibility of joining this institution.



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