Sample of Narative Report for Ojts Essay

September 5, 2017 Engineering

Before I start my address im inquiring for your behaviour to listen my address clearly so that you will recognize how it is of import to travel with the clip. Time in title is really cherished. It is valuable. Some even say that lone clip is capable of understanding haw valuable love is. Time is like a opportunity. one time gone ; it can ne’er be taken back. And there no individual of all time recorded. even history neither to hold controlled or hold clip nor to take back. This is how cherished clip is. Time rapidly passes by its like air current. We don’t notice it if we’re non attentive. Sometimes it’s so fast sometimes it’s so slow. As it goes on. alterations concur. New strain of modern engineering arises. The modern engineerings requires us to travel with the clip. To suit in with the flow of life. To brood with “uso” material as some people may mention to name it.

To populate more convenient. more safe. and more people. To do many people live with flashiness and glamor. To do people. To loosen the heavy load of wealths. To do many people forget civilisation which is to take good attention and protect humanity and to work each other. These are some positive and somehow negative impact to humanity with respects to traveling or populating with times. We. worlds tend to free our morality and self-respect as human because of such attractive and unsafe tendency brought by traveling with the times. Why unsafe? Simply because of the people that need more wealth and glamor they might make bad and immoral Acts of the Apostless for them to accomplish what they of all time wanted.

This is the most unsafe consequence of traveling with the times. This can and might destruct morality which is of class non in conformity with our Roman Catholic instructions. Where to take it from here my beloved friend. Traveling or populating with the clip is non that bad if we will halt Acts of the Apostless of ferociousness and inhuman treatment merely for us to accomplish more wealth and flashiness and glamor and popularity. We don’t need all that material. The intent of life is non all about these things. We must come to see that a bigger proportion of our population needs aid. So we must assist others who need most because this is our call as homo.

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