Sample Statement of the Problem About Internet Cafe System

I. Introduction In our modern times, we are prone to different businesses and huge companies establish in local areas. We know the fact that managing any store, whether big or small space its occupied, is a very difficult task. In accordance with this matter, adapting to changes is the most common thing we can do to resolve this issue. Technology is widely use in making our lives in the simplest and easiest way. In terms of hi-tech gadgets, computers are top rating because we can find it in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and households, but their impact has been greatest in business and industry.

Internet Cafe is one of those businesses that are rapidly spreading throughout the Philippine archipelago, so long as they are in demand. Thus, the research is created to show the comprehensive descriptions of the John and Joyce Internet Cafe System. This implies what the software will and can do as well as how it will be anticipated to perform Expanding the small business into a large store will give another problem to the owner. There are various factors to consider before deciding to expand. Small businesses experiencing growth often require additional financing or the capital must be sufficient.

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Growing companies will almost always have to hire new personnel to meet the demands of the customers as well as their satisfaction with the services that company offers. Member’s satisfaction is the foremost priority of the system. After a detailed study of the system, it is evident that it does not fulfill the objectives of other large store that manually operated. Thus, it requires having a computerized information system in larger store where in all tasks can be processed more accurately and quickly.

To achieve this it is necessary to design and develop a new system which will have benefits. SRS needs to achieve its desired goals at the soonest time and fastest pace possible without compromising quality and developmental costs. The software is primarily intended to develop a complete and sustainable system through requirement statements and use cases that can be analyze by producing class diagrams and operation specifications for easier understanding of flow of transactions. The system is such that can incline the user’s expectation like easy and faster retrieval information.



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