April 25, 2018 General Studies

Many people go thought difficult obstacles in order to Reach their goals, dreams, and become successful. Benjamin defines success as being perfect. In the other Hand, Sandra also define success by going to college and Being on her own without any help. Benjamin Franklin and Sandra Concerns are both famous writers who Achieved their success in their own way. Benjamin and Sandra have so many similarities such as They both struggled a lot on their process of becoming Successful.

Both of this characters share the fact that hey had obstacles, their support was very low and most people didn’t have faith in them. Even with all the Struggles nothing could have stopped them from Becoming successful they were so commented to their Goal. Sandra and Benjamin were both very known and great Authors also writers. They wrote from book to essays. Sandra and Benjamin Franklin have so many differences As well. Likewise they both saw success in different ways.

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Sandra saw success by not following her parent’s Traditions Of the girls stay home until there husband or boyfriends Takes them away. Meanwhile, they still have to live with their parents. But Sandra didn’t she went to College Moved out her parents’ house and started her own little War all by herself. Benjamin only seen success By being Perfect, Which I think it’s crazy because nothing Is perfect in this world. Also they both started writing on different Time of year Benjamin started writing in the early ass. Sandra started in the ass. I like Sander’s way of define success more than Benjamin.

One reason loud be being perfect is impossible no one or anything can’t be perfect on a one or anything can’t be perfect on a way. Also I could relate on Sander’s story just the fact that my parents are the same. Sandra proves to her parents that she doesn’t need a man in her life or anyone to become successful in life. Sandra didn’t have support or anything but she still archives her goal of being successful. I just compared the differences and similarities that both characters have and they both have similarities and differences in their own way.


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