Satyagraha – Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay

August 9, 2017 Communication

Mohandas Gandhi’s. “Satyagraha. ” and Martin Luther King Jr. ’s. “Letter from Birmingham Jail. ” each argue for non-violent civil noncompliance. However. each writer uses different rhetorical entreaties. such as ethos. to set up their credibleness. In paragraph 10 of King’s statement he asks rhetorical inquiries the Clergymen might hold. “You may good inquire: “Why direct action? Why sit-ins. Marches and so forth? Isn’t dialogue a better path” ( King 2 ) ? Gandhi besides does a great occupation of interrupting down the complexness of his statement by dividing his “new terms” and specifying them one by one. With these two facets in head the writers set out their model for their statement and presented it in their ain manner with their ain manner.

In Gandhi’s Satyagraha we see a wholly different model for his statement. Gandhi creates ethos in an intelligent manner by puting up a “dialogue” in his work. The “reader” offered inquiries and challenges to Gandhi. Gandhi so took the function of the “editor” and responded point by point in a philosophical expounding of his thoughts. “Reader: Is there any historical grounds as to the success of what you have called soul-force or truth-force? Editor: The poet Tulsidas has said… This appears to be a scientific truth” ( Gandhi 208 ) . In puting up this duologue Gandhi is forestalling a counter statement. which is critical when making a “new linguistic communication. ” It stops the reader from oppugning Gandhi’s statement and puts them in cheque with no rebuttal therefore farther constructing his credibleness. Like King. Gandhi greatly influences the thought procedure of his audience. He non merely prevents the reader from oppugning his statement but he besides doesn’t let them to believe about if it is incorrect or non. He establishes his ethos so good that his audience doesn’t think there is any legitimate counter statement.

Like Gandhi. King asks three rhetorical inquiries to the Clergymen. “Why direct action? Why sit-ins. Marches and so forth? Isn’t dialogue a better path” ( King 2 ) ? With this statement King allows some indirect input from the Clergymen. He so goes on to reply the inquiries with legitimacy and ground. King’s inquiries force the Clergymen to believe about how they would reply them. But when King himself tells them the replies. it forces them to believe otherwise. It forces them to believe like King. Throughout the whole missive King does such an unbelievable occupation of leting his audience to believe for themselves but so provides an alternate manner of idea. In making this King is trusting that the flicker of an alternate idea would in bend get the readers to oppugn whether or non their actions are right or incorrect. Martin Luther King Jr. establishes ethos by using his cognition of the Bible and citing it to his chief audience. the Clergymen. “…and merely as the Apostle Paul left his small town of Tarsus and carried the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the Greco-Roman universe. so am I” ( King 1 ) .

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King could non hold a better audience to compose to than the Clergymen because he can endorse up all of his statements with mentions to the Bible that they besides can associate to. He can utilize his cognition to act upon the thought of these Clergymen and warrant his actions. King basically uses Biblical mentions as a tactful “shame on you” towards the Clergymen. He relates himself to Paul. a extremely regarded apostle. who had a similar mentality as King. In making this King was doing himself look like the better individual because he was really making something for good and following illustrations of past Biblical leaders. If King could interrupt down the patterned thought of non merely the Clergymen. but besides all of the nescient people. he would non merely acquire his message across but it would besides be accepted. Gandhi’s most impressive facet is his ability to to the full understand his audience. In his utmost apprehension of his reader. Gandhi can pitch his statement so that it will do so much sense that the reader won’t be able to oppugn it.

In Satyagraha he creates new footings that no 1 has heard before. Satyagraha. Passive Resistance. Civil Disobedience. and Non-co-operation are the new footings he sets Forth in his work. These footings are really complex for the reader to understand so Gandhi interrupt them down and specify them one by one. “Satyagraha is literally keeping on to Truth and it means. hence. Truth-force” ( Gandhi 207 ) . He provides illustrations and states the significance of these new words in such a simple mode. What Gandhi is truly making is puting up the readers thought procedure to go more unfastened and accepting to his statement. Once they understand the nucleus footing of his statement it becomes a batch easier for them to alter their manner of thought.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi’s higher degree of thought and understating of their audience allows them to construction their statement in the most compelling manner possible. They have a manner of determining the readers heads and modeling it to the criterions of their statement that surpasses many of the influential leaders of the twenty-four hours. They set up their credibleness in such a forceful manner that the reader can non assist but pay close attending to what they are portraying in their statement. King and Gandhi’s tactics for warranting their statements are surprisingly influential and that is why they were such extremely regarded leaders. They had the power to pull strings people’s heads to let them to non believe in such a patterned manner. They provided options to the traditional manner of idea.

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