Say Yes to Homosexual Marriage Essay

September 20, 2017 General Studies

Everyone can get married the individual they love. the liquidators. the corrupt functionary. the mendicant. the stealer. the old old maid can acquire married. Gay. nevertheless. can non. matrimony is the last procedure and look of love. Traditionally. matrimony is an establishment and promise about a adult male and a adult female to populate everlastingly and organize a affinity under the jurisprudence. Our metropolis – Hong Kong thinks homosexualism is unacceptable. Homosexuality can be classified into two classs: homosexual and sapphic which a adult male loves a adult male and a adult female loves a adult female severally. It is a sexual orientation that one can in love with others that portion the same sex.

Homosexuality matrimony is a sort of matrimony between two people in same sex or gender. Why homosexual matrimony should non be encouraged? A matrimony is merely approximately two people love each other and willing gives a committedness for the relationship. It shouldn’t be banned since homosexual matrimony encourage people to construct up a stronger household ties. love is first-rated in footings of matrimony and it’s unrelated of cheery matrimony to trip other improper signifiers of matrimony. So same-sex twosomes should hold the same legal right of matrimony as different-sex twosomes.

The biggest statement for people against same-sex matrimony is that it will wholly damage and botch the value of household and affect society in some ways. However. it’s far beyond the truth. As for today. there are tonss of sexual jobs and sexually familial disease in our society such as AIDS. It is the consequence of improper. unprotected and careless sexual relation. To let same-sex matrimony can assist people to construct a strong household belief and minimise the jobs of the improper sexual life style in society. Marriage is an encouragement inquiring people to settle down for your spouse and is a promise that two in loved people will work to construct their ain life. Strasser ( 2006 ) stated that homosexual matrimony sometimes give a assisting manus in reconstructing relationship between people. Due to the prohibited of homosexual matrimony. 1000s of homosexual people have unsteady relationship. What even worst is they. normally. are holding unprotected sex with different spouses.

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This distorts the value of relationship and love. The legalisation of same-sex matrimony pushes gay twosomes to construct up their household and halt the frivolous life. Eskridge ( 2011 ) comments that matrimony can be classified into private and societal establishment. For the societal establishment. matrimony is a manner to construct affinity among two persons. Therefore. it can stabilise and maintain society in a harmonic state of affairs as it can group people into ‘us’ as a whole. Absolutely true. the point is that cheery matrimony would non impact the harmoniousness of the society. More significantly. the prohibition of same-sex matrimony have created tonss of noise and presentation in our society. it instead destroy the harmonious instead than stabilising it. Therefore. why couldn’t O.K. homosexual matrimony to achieve a win-win state of affairs?

Those who against homosexual matrimony stated that it would go against the significance of matrimony and does non respective to what matrimony truly means. However. do they truly know what being married truly means? Marriage is all about love. “Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so misanthropic about it…It truly is deserving contending for. put on the lining everything for. And the problem is. if you don’t put on the line everything. you risk even more. ” – ( Jong. 2010. P. 45 ) Love should non depends on its gender but feeling. Geting married is the last procedure of stoping the long love journey. It is the 1 and the lone manner to demo how much a couple loves each other.

This is really what matrimony means and the idea behind. Marriage should non merely bound to one adult male and one adult female. alternatively. it should be available for two people no affair what their gender are. “Over clip. people came to see matrimony as a relationship between two persons who were free to form their partnership and their parenting on the footing of their personal dispositions instead than pre-assigned gender functions. ” ( cootnz. 2011 ) . Gender. presents. go a less indispensable component of matrimony because our feeling affair most. If society merely allows different-sex matrimony. isn’t it go againsting the rule of matrimony – love and promise?

There’s an statement saying that same-sex matrimony would take to the rise of another serious job towards morality. It could hold concatenation consequence that increases the chance of other sorts of improper matrimony and it distorts the original thought of matrimony. The improper matrimony includes polygamy: a matrimony between a adult male and two or more married womans. Bestiality: a sexual dealingss between a human and an animate being. could be follow. Is same-sex matrimony supply a ‘ slippery slope’ for another signifiers of matrimony? That is non true. The instance of holding multiple married womans and holding sexual relation with an animate being is excessively utmost and wholly unrelated.

Even if there is none instance of homosexual matrimony. it couldn’t warrant the improper matrimony like polygamy and bestiality will non go on. Marriage is merely approximately two human existences who are in loved with each other without sing the gender so matrimony is merely about loves. Wolfson ( 2003 ) noted that homosexual matrimony sets a case in point for future instances of polygamy and bestiality. This is the weirdest statement because polygamy and bestiality is non merely about two human existences. Therefore. leting cheery matrimony is non a slippery incline of other kind of matrimony.

Pinello ( 2006 ) noted that without true love. matrimony can non be maintained. The ultimate end of love is acquiring married. And what’s matrimony about is love. Baning homosexual matrimony is a barbarous manner to avoid two loved people to remain with each other. Furthermore. it’s non incorrect because cheery matrimony encourage people to construct up a stronger household ties. love is first-rated in footings of matrimony and it’s unrelated that cheery matrimony will trip polygamy and bestiality. Therefore same-sex twosomes should hold the same legal right of matrimony as different-sex twosomes.

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