January 9, 2017 Sports

At Brebeuf College, students are always encouraged to strive for academic excellence while remaining active outside the school. Because of its rigorous program and strong sense of community, I feel Brebeuf has allowed me to excel in both areas.

Through hard work, I have been on the school’s honour roll for five consecutive years and have gained the highest achievement in Visual Arts. I was also a part of the debating team that placed third at the O.S.D.U. Metro Regional Debating Tournament and was the fourteenth ranked debater out of all Ontario private schools.

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My love of sports has allowed me to play on varsity teams-namely, rugby, tennis, and badminton. The latter has been the most successful, where our school won the T.D.C.A.A.’s and placed at O.F.S.A.A. When I get the chance, I also like to stay active by playing intramural badminton, table tennis, soccer, and tennis. As far as clubs, I have been on the Scrabble team and a member/junior coach of the Brebeuf Debating Society. In 2000, I was appointed the head set-artist for the school production of Children of Eden. This was especially rewarding for me because I was able to lead a team of artists, and at the same time, enjoy the collaborative process.

Because I love interacting with people, I have always made volunteering and participating in inter-scholastic conferences as one of my top priorities. I currently volunteer at North York Extendi-Care, a home for the elderly. Three days a week, I run a program called “Residents in Cyberspace”, where I teach them the basics of the Internet and how to send and receive e-mail. I also help in facilitating youth workshops with Gabay ng Filipino Cultural Association every other Sunday. Over the years, I have been selected to represent Brebeuf at the Ontario Catholic Student Council Federation and at the Catholic Students United Nations Assembly (C.S.U.N.A.). As a delegate at C.S.U.N.A., I was able to debate world issues and interact with delegates from other schools.


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