School brekfat Programs

December 31, 2016 Education

The Benefits of a School Breakfast Program.

Proper eating habits have been positively linked to many different areas of success in a child’s learning abilities. One of the biggest controversies in education for the past few decades, more specifically, has been the effect of breakfast on a child’s ability to perform better in school. Many schools throughout the United States have opted to take on morning breakfast programs to provide students with a healthy breakfast to begin their day, in case it is not available to them at their homes for whatever reason. I believe that school breakfast programs are a positive addition to the nation’s schools because it allows children to begin their day healthy, and better prepares them for the knowledge they will obtain in the classroom. .

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According to Given (1998) students who eat a nutritious breakfast make fewer errors throughout the morning than those who skip breakfast, and those who skip breakfast are inclined to eat heartily at lunch and then feel sluggish during the afternoon. Not every child is able to eat a well-balanced breakfast at their home in the morning for many reasons. According to Bro and Shank (1996) A contributing factor for poor nutrition, aside from poverty, is the lifestyle of the American family. .

One reason might be that since more and more families are now dual-income homes, parents might not have the time to prepare a healthy breakfast for their children. A school breakfast program would not only benefit a child’s well being, but could also benefit a parent’s time-management dilemma. Bro and Shank (1996) also point out that as children grow older, the number who skip breakfast increases. But school breakfast programs can nip bad habits in the bud. They can teach children proper morning eating habits, and the importance of not skipping breakfast. Also, according to Guinn ET. Al (2002) Data from some studies suggest that children who participate in the SBP have increased total dietary intake, improved test scores, math grades and attendance rates.


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