School Ties Setting Essay

November 23, 2017 Religion

Mandela uses effective film techniques for the location, sighting, weather and atmosphere to help me understand Green’s character. The setting that Mandela creates takes place behind Sessile Hall, the main building of the school. Its set late at night and all the boarders are about to go to sleep, except for David Greene who is standing outside in the rain challenging someone to fight him. Its pitch black in the background but the foreground is lit with old street lamps and the boarding room lights.

Tall trees hang over Greene, but nothing terrifies him because that’s the character he is, a strong and able man. Why did he do this? Because he is not weak and he stands up for his beliefs. The reason why he’s in this situation is because his football teammates discriminated his religion by making a sign saying “Go home Jew” with a swastika, which triggers Green’s fury. This is shown with a medium shot to show his anger and stance to show the viewer how offended he is.

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This outdoor setting at the back of Sessile Hall, the main building of a non-Jewish boarding school, helped me understand David Green’s character that he stands up for his religion and doesn’t let anyone get away with anything or anyone who discriminates it. Mandela uses a range of techniques in this setting to help me understand Davit’s rationality, such as location. Greene is seen standing on the ground behind a very large building with a high angle shot which makes the viewer think that his is innocent. However, a close-up is used to show his anger and a lower angle shot is used to show that he is actually powerful and strong.

Mandela also uses different lighting techniques. We see Greene in a plain white t-shirt which symbolisms his purity and importance. Mandela uses dark lighting all around him and he is shown in a brighter light. This makes him the centre-piece meaning he is strong and not afraid to do what it takes to fight the discriminator. Some other lighting that Mandela uses is a murky white color in the boarding rooms where everyone is watching which shows that they are the evil ones and they should be the ones watching out.

These techniques show that Greene is now the superior one and the students are the inferior ones. Since Greene is surrounded with dark lighting, shows that, once again, he is prepared and not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. This indicates to the viewer that David has a strong connection with his religion and his morals and ethics. These techniques helped me understand that Greene is fearless and that his religion is important to him through the location and lighting. Some other techniques that Mandela uses is weather and atmosphere.

The weather in this setting is atrocious. Mandela uses an establishing show to show the amount of rain pouring onto Greene. This shot gives the viewer an idea on how bad the weather is and that Greene is standing through it. This shows he is superior to the students because he is prepared to stand in the rain waiting for someone inside, safe and sound, to fight him. Mandela uses a misty and blurry atmosphere to create an eerie setting which makes it look mysterious and frightening.

This adds to the effect of Green’s power and that others should be frightened to fight him yet alone go outside. The atmosphere and weather helped me understand Green’s personality and character as he stood through these conditions to make his point loud and clear. In conclusion, the film School Ties by Robert Mandela involves an important setting at the boarding school, SST Matthews, that helped me understand David Greene. Mandela uses effective film techniques in the location, lighting, weather, and atmosphere to create a setting that reflected Green’s character.


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