Science And Religion By Alfred Lord Tennyson English Literature Essay

September 19, 2017 English Literature

“ I am aweary, aweary ; / I would that I were dead! ” ( 11-12 Tennyson ) This extract from Mariana, provides grounds for an ever present subject in the poesy of Alfred Lord Tennyson, that is decease. Tennyson was a Victorian epoch poet unafraid to research decease, and mourning. In fact, many of Tennyson ‘s most celebrated verse forms are those about or focus oning on decease, including “ Mariana ” , “ In Memoriam ” and “ The Charge of the Light Brigade. ” Besides Death, Tennyson explored other subjects in his poesy in great deepness, That is the relationship between scientific discipline, and faith. Tennyson was a Poet Laureate under Queen Victoria and was more so willing to research the subjects of the twenty-four hours, scientific discipline and faith. Besides that, Tennyson was loyal and proud of England and wrote legion verse forms about England, many were wrote even though being a Laureate did non ever require it of him.

When close friend Arthur Henry Hallam died all of a sudden, Tennyson was merely 24. Tennyson would pass the following 10 old ages of his life composing verse forms dedicated to Hallam, and published them as “ In Memoriam ” in 1850 ( SparkNote 1 ) . Hallam ‘s decease would cover a serious blow to Tennyson ‘s spiritual beliefs, and actuate him to write these uncertainties, an through geographic expedition of decease, specifically Hallam ‘s in his long verse form “ In Memoriam. ” Though he questioned faith at times, he reserved uncertainties of scientific discipline every bit good. But, Tennyson did believe of development as advancement, and worried about this struggle with the Bibles theory of creative activity, and felt that regardless of scientific find, he felt it was necessary to maintain religion in God. ( SparkNote 1 ) .

Tennyson grew to hold assorted feelings about scientific find. In his verse forms Tennyson did non wonder at natures great admirations, but alternatively feared what her admirations mean, particularly for his Christian religion. ( 123Helpme ) . Tennyson would happen he faith weaken by scientific determination in geology and biological science. He felt that nature was no longer God ‘s creative activity, but an wholly separate force ( 123Helpme ) . Tennyson would dally with these thoughts for much of his calling, allowing he uncertainty of God, and his fright of scientific disclosure become apparent in his poesy. This sentiment would reflect most Victorian Christians, whose religion in the Bible was being challenged by Charles Darwin and his theory of Natural Selection.

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Tennyson would go on with his problems with faith in a verse form called “ Locksley Hall ” in which the talker feels tempted to abandon modern society, and travel back to a barbarian life style in the jungle. ( SparkNote ) . Tennyson would even dally with the thought of a Godless universe in “ In Memoriam ” . However, by the terminal of “ In Memoriam ” Tennyson seems to get at the decision that we should hold faith in scientific patterned advance, and our faith. In a subsequence to “ Locksley Hall ” Tennyson ‘s talker

has grown disbelieving of scientific discipline and has a re-affirmed belief in God. ( SparkNote ) .

Tennyson would ne’er allow travel of a subject of decease, and in many verse forms he glorified decease, or those characters that died that he wrote of. “ The Charge of the Light Brigade ” is one illustration. Tennyson would would cover with a troubled childhood frequently seemed to encompass optimism, but after Arthur Hallam ‘s decease, he began to compose down and tragic verse forms. Yet, his verse forms besides carried a subject of the demand to persist, and about what pessimism can make to the human spirit. ( SparkNote 2 ) . He would compose about these subjects for most of his calling, and “ The Charge of the Light Brigade ” embodied those subjects precisely, because as the British Cavalry rushed towards Russian Cannons, they kept bear downing, irrespective of the at hand day of reckoning that awaited them.

Tennyson would besides include another subject, nationalism. Tennyson was Poet Laureate of England, a place that required him to compose verse forms for the province. His verse forms frequently centered on Heroic forfeit, Like “ Charge of the Light Brigade. ” He besides wrote “ Idylls of the Kings ” arguably one of his most recognized plants, It centered around the gallantry of old age England, and it ‘s epic Knights of the Round Table. His verse form about a queen reigning entirely without her hubby, Much like his Queen Victoria, and the heroic struggles of British knights painted the perfect loyal image. ( Cliffnotes ) . Even in his loyal verse forms, decease, his predominating subject, played important functions as the ultimate signifier of nationalism, bear downing blindly for your state, or deceasing after populating a life by the codification of gallantry.

Most critics considered “ Idylls of the Kings ” one of his most of import pieces of work.

The mysterious yesteryear of King Arthur and his knights

Tennyson besides used another subject. He wrote of lost love. In Mariana, he writes of adult female whose love left her. She mourns her loss, and can non cover with the desperation and depression. She contemplates suicide, and does make much more so that. The verse form it self lacks any existent patterned advance, but alternatively focal points on the losingss she has suffered. ( Dempsey 1 ) . This verse form like others, such as “ The Lady of Shalliot ” describe a adult female who has lost the ability to make anything short of yearn for their lover. ( SparkNote ) This word picture is common to Tennyson ‘s love verse form. He frequently has his characters as being unable to make anything without their spouse, holding lost all lecherousness for life. Some feel that this might even be a relation to the loss of his ain friend Hallam, whom he spent many old ages mourning.


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