Scrooge A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens English Literature Essay

Dickens uses metaphors, similes, and list-like formats to enable the readers to construct up an image of Scrooge. He repeats words once more and once more “ his exclusive executor, his exclusive decision maker, his exclusive assign, his exclusive residuary legatee, his exclusive friend and exclusive griever ” . This changeless list shows us that Scrooge and Marley were non people with many friends. He uses repeat to do certain he gets his point to the reader. Dickens wrote this narrative to be read aloud every bit good as softly. He uses metaphors and similes to depict Scrooge ‘s visual aspect. Charles Dickens uses a list-like format to research his point e.g. Scrooge is described as a “ squeeze, twisting, hold oning, grating, seizing, envious old evildoer! ” Dickens utilizations extended metaphors. Extended metaphors continue the comparing into the remainder of sentence or the sentence that follows. Charles Dickens uses weather as an drawn-out metaphor to state us about Scrooge “ No heat could warm him, no wintry weather chills him. No air current that blew was bitterer than he ; no falling snow was more captive upon its intent. ”

In the first chapter Dickens introduces Scrooge and he is the chief character of the narrative. Scrooge had old characteristics and the cold within him stop dead his old characteristics. “ It had nipped his pointed olfactory organ, shrivelled his cheek, stiffened his pace ; made his eyes ruddy and his thin lips blue. He had a frigid frost on his caput, on his superciliums and on his wiry mentum ” . Dickens uses a list format to depict Scrooge ‘s visual aspect. List format enables the reader to construct up an image of Scrooge in his head. Charles Dickens describes Scrooge ‘s coldness with the aid of conditions extended metaphors. He describes Scrooge like this “ External heat and cold had small influence on Scrooge. Foul conditions did n’t cognize where to travel. The heaviest rain, and snow, and hail, and sleet, could tout of the advantage over him in merely one regard. ” He uses conditions extended metaphors once more and once more in the narrative.

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The lone thing Scrooge cared for was money. He did non pass money really easy “ Tight-fisted manus at the grindstone ” . He had plentifulness of money to give to charity but he ne’er gave because he thought that hapless people are inactive people who do non hold the right to be merry. He did non care for hapless people. In fact he said that if they do n’t hold money to populate “ they should instead decease… and diminish the excess population ” . Scrooge was cut off from his household. He devoted himself of being a really cagey concern adult male “ Hard and crisp as flint ” . Even on the funeral twenty-four hours of Marley he was in his numeration house numbering his money.

In the Victorian epoch, many Victorians had the same attitudes as Scrooge to the hapless. Victorian Britain saw a immense addition in the population. Thousands of skilled and unskilled people started looking for work. For many of those who were employed, their rewards were barely adequate. Often fifteen-twenty people were populating in one house.

Scrooge had no feelings for Christmas. Christmas to Scrooge was an alibi for the people non to travel to their work and to observe. Scrooge seemed to hold no feelings about Christmas and he avoided all emotions about Christmas. Scrooge responded to his nephew with stating that “ What else can I be, when I live in such a universe of saps as this? Merry Christmas! Out upon merry Christmas! What ‘s Christmas clip to you but a clip for paying measures without money ; a clip for happening yourself a twelvemonth older, but non an hr richer? ” he does n’t desire anybody to be happy about Christmas. Scrooge stated “ If I could work my willaˆ¦ every imbecile who goes around with ‘Merry Christmas ‘ on his lips, should be boiled with his ain pudding, and buried with a interest of holly through his bosom. ”

Scrooge was average to everyone even with his long clip employee, Bob Cratchit. The fire in his room looked like one coal. However Bob Cratchit was still polite to Scrooge. He ever thanked Scrooge for the occupation as the wage given to him supported his household. Scrooge ever kept the door of his numeration room unfastened that he might maintain his oculus upon his clerk. When his employer asked for a twenty-four hours off, Scrooge responded to him stating “ you do n’t believe me exploited, when I pay a twenty-four hours ‘s rewards for no work ” Dickens creates humour when the clerk observed that it was merely one time a twelvemonth. Bob Cratchit was experiencing really excited about Christmas. He went down a slide on Cornhill, at the terminal of a lane of male childs 20 times, in honor of Christmas Eve.

Scrooge ‘s behaviour is the antonym of the instructions of Christianity, which teaches that people should be sharing, loving and helpful. Scrooge ‘s nephew is presented as a really happy and sort individual. He was the lone individual in the narrative who offered Scrooge anything. His nephew invites him to a Christmas dinner but Scrooge refuses to travel. Scrooge ‘s nephew thinks that Scrooge does non truly intend when he says “ Humbug! ” no affair how many times he says it. Scrooge ‘s nephew says “ Christmas a baloney uncle! You do n’t intend that I am certain? ”

Scrooge ‘s attitude to the hapless and to charity was really average. He neglected the hapless. He inquiries the “ portly ” gentlemen, “ Are at that place no prisons, Union workhouses? The Treadmill and the Poor are in full energy? ” Scrooge thinks that workhouses are appropriate for the hapless. He loved his money more than anything. It was Christmas Eve and Christmas is the clip to donate liberally and assist those who are non fortunate but Scrooge refuses to donate money when the charity aggregator comes to roll up. Scrooge says “ charity is non my concern. ” Even though Scrooge has more than plenty to generously donate, he refuses to donate stating that he has paid plenty in revenue enhancements.

Scrooge lived in Chamberss which had one time belonged to his spouse. They were a glooming suite of suites, in a take downing heap of constructing up a pace. The description of Scrooge ‘s house and office attention deficit disorder to the feeling of somberness around him that Dickens creates. Even though he lives in Marley ‘s house but he has ne’er thought of Marley for seven-nine old ages.

Peoples had a negative position on Scrooge because of his attitudes and in return they showed no feelings for Scrooge “ Cipher of all time stopped him in the street to state with gladsome expressions ‘My beloved Scrooge, how are you? When will you come to see me? ‘ “ . Everyone in the society thought that he was average and everyone tried to avoid him. Even the animate beings did n’t wish him “ Even the unsighted work forces ‘s Canis familiaris appeared to cognize him ; and when they saw him coming on, would tug their proprietors into room accesss and up tribunals ” . I suppose Dickens is demoing here that people will handle you the manner you treat them.

Dickens has described a really negative character in Scrooge in the gap chapter of “ A Christmas Carol ” . He represented Scrooge as a really average individual in the narrative but subsequently on Scrooge transforms into a sort and generous individual. Dickens wanted to learn us how to be happy. If individual merely negotiations to people they must and act severely with other people, he can ne’er be genuinely happy. He wanted to learn us that it is more of import to be sort than to be average and to give instead than take.

I think that Dickens has been successful in acquiring across the character of Scrooge because after reading Stave One of the narrative I want to cognize more that what happens in the terminal. Does he go a good individual or does he stay the same mean individual throughout the whole narrative? It is because of the manner Dickens describes Scrooge and his usage of metaphors, similes and lists-like formats which builds up an image of Scrooge in our head and do us desire to cognize more about the narrative.



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