May 29, 2018 Tourism

The Artic Cordillera goes along Nunavut and Labrador. The Artic Cordillera is made up of soaring mountain peaks and abandoned valleys. The mountains are fairly high and are a major part of the mountains found in Canada. The mountains in the artic cordillera are the highest mountains in Canada. The Precambrian rock also formerly known as the Canadian Shield. The northern part of Canada which the artic cordillera is in is covered with ice caps and glaciers. As it is the very northern part of Canada everyone should expect freezing temperatures when coming to the artic cordillera.

To get in to detail about how the weather and climate look like the SUMMER yes SUMMER temperatures range from -2 degrees in the mountains to 6 degrees in Labrador. The winter temperatures bring it down to as low as -35 degrees. The most common precipitation is snow as well as occasional rain that creates the ice when both are mixed. The Type of landforms that are located in my Eco zone are the Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay Lowlands, and Innutian Mountains. Not a lot can grow in the artic cordillera because of the harsh weather conditions.

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Some plant can still sustain like the arctic black spruce, arctic willow, cotton grass, kobresia, moss species, wood rush, wire rush, purple saxifrage, Dryas species, sedges, Diapensia, arctic poppy, mountain avens, mountain sorrel, river beauty, moss campion, bilberry, and arctic white heather. Animals are rare in the Arctic Cordillera. Animals that are in the Artic Cordillera are Arctic Hare, Arctic Fox, Ermine, and the Collared Lemming are among the few species to call the region home. Human Activities There are about 1000 people that live in this region (the artic cordillera) and most of the population live in Inuit.

Most people that live in this Eco zone do activities like hunting animals, fishing, and mountain climbing . Arctic communities feature a mixture of traditional and cash economies. Much of the local population depends on subsistence hunting, trapping, and fishing — activities highly valued for their contributions to independence, self-esteem, tradition, and a healthy lifestyle. Residents are also involved in mining, oil and gas development, construction, services, and government activities. Those Inuit employed full-time as wage earners turn to weekend

and part-time hunting to supplement their diet with preferred meats. Some tourism is linked with Bylot Island and Auyuittuq national parks. Hunting is an available resource because of the polar bears and artic hares Fishing is available because of the fish under the ice and seals when the fishers cut the ice the seals want to jump out that’s the trap but those tricks are very old for the fishes so fishers have to be patient and alert. Mountain Climbing because of the surplus amount of mountains that are available in the artic cordillera that other Eco zones surely lack.


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