February 13, 2019 General Studies

Second, Macbeth moral action is shown by murdering his only best friend to avoid his worries that his friend, Banquo might be suspicious. This quote shows that Macbeth is haunted by Banquo’s ghost. The appearance of Banquo’s ghost is Macbeth insanity in his imagination. This is because Macbeth’s conscience is getting to him; he may be losing his mind because of his guilt. In this quote, Macbeth is referring to Marc Anthony and Caesar when he talks about dreading Banquo. Also, it is a simile, while Macbeth compares himself and Banquo to Anthony and Caesar. He is afraid of Banquo because seems that Banquo’s might outsmart him and end up beating him to death. The significance of this quote shows that Macbeth is talking to himself, realizes since no one in his heredity will become king all he has done is made sure Banquo’s lineages get the crown. Concluding this paragraph as Macbeth yet to continue is the action of morality. Then in topic sentence # 3, Macbeth starts killing innocent woman and a child to keep his position in his kingdom.
Third, Macbeth morality of the action is shown when he left Macduff’s family for the dead to show his cruelty mind. This quote shows that Ross has no evil-minded due to the circumstance he leaves Lady Macduff and her child to die. Still, this shows Macbeth cruelty by sending the soldier to kill Macduff’s family. The significance of this quote shows Macbeth cruelty thinking about his plan on how to kill the Macduff’s. Since Macduff’s family are not a threat to him, but his mind led him to worsen the situation. This quote shows that Macbeth is talking to himself about time so he can make up

his plan instantly. He promises that from this time on if dreams the plan, he will act on it and carry it out for a purpose. To conclude with paragraph 3, Macbeth has no innocence over the people that do not have a threat to him. So Macbeth’s morality finds its way to justice which has to be solved.
In Conclusion, Macbeth is a play based on Morality as seen the deaths of Duncan, Banquo and Macduff’s family. Macbeth is a bloody play and as a character Macbeth himself; he is a tyrant King that involves a lot of murder and backstabbing. All of these murders led him to his downfall and demolition of his thrown. Everything he has done comes back to him and at the end, he found his decease. In the end, Justice is served and Malcolm restores his power to his rightful place as King of Scotland.

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