Secondary Storage Devices Essay

September 28, 2017 General Studies

As we all know that the chief memory shops the informations in a impermanent mode which means all the informations will be lost when the power goes away. To maintain our informations safe we use secondary storage devices. These are used for hive awaying the information in a lasting mode so that all the information will stay stored whether the power is switched on or switched off. the power will ne’er impact the system. For hive awaying the information in a lasting mode we use the magnetic storage devices.

Advantages Of Secondary Storage Devicess

1 ) Non-Volatile Storage Devicess: The non-volatile storage devices are non-volatile in nature which means they ne’er lose their informations when the power goes away. Therefore. the information which is stored in the non-volatile storage device will ne’er be lost when the power is switched off.

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2 ) Mass Storage: The capacity of these devices are really high which means we can hive away immense sum of informations in secondary storage devices. We can hive away informations in secondary storage devices in signifier of Giga bytes and Tetra bytes.

3 ) Cost Effective: The cost of these secondary storage devices are lower as compared to the chief memory. This makes them more cost effectual. Furthermore they don’t even acquire damaged easy. the information can’t be lost from them.

4 ) Reusability: Memory contains the information in both Temporary and Permanent mode. The secondary storage devices are ever reclaimable. The information they contain can be easy edited or removed as per our demands. It’s re-writable and we can besides add informations to it. We can besides hive away that information in our computing machines or laptops.

5 ) Portable: The secondary storage devices are portable. they are little and can easy be carried anyplace. They don’t necessitate much infinite.


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