Security Objective Components Essay

July 21, 2017 General Studies

If you were to shut your eyes and conceive of a perfect universe were offense was non a job so that universe would be without any signifiers of security. Unfortunately we do populate in a universe where offense does be and there is a demand for different signifiers of security constituents or steps to battle those condemnable Acts of the Apostless or other signifiers of menaces. The article from the text described assorted cases were violent Acts of the Apostless caused people to non experience safe and posed the thought of where can people travel if they wanted to experience safe. The overall reply was that people felt that church is the topographic point that everyone could travel in order to experience safe because churches are considered a symbol of high moral criterions but that is non the instance any longer. Churchs have since become topographic points where many atrocious results have taken topographic point such as shots. bombardments. incendiarism and slayings. A constabulary head said that the safest topographic point in the universe he ever thought was a church and now that sanctuary has been broken ( Clifford. 2004 ) .

The constituent of the overall security aim that deserves the most attending in the environments mentioned in the article is physical security. The ground why physical security would work for the environments described in the article is that under physical security constituents include security hardware such as dismaies. closed captioned telecasting ( CCTV ) . locks and illuming. Having security officers. policy and process manuals in topographic point for the full security plan helps to discourage or even prevent menaces. Locks and dismaies can be used to protect the people and the belongings while CCTV can move as the eyes and two manner intercoms can move as the ears of the system. Besides under the physical security plan. policy and process manuals grant the security professionals authorization to execute the necessary security maps right ( Clifford. 2004 ) .

The constituent that would be the less pertinent for this peculiar environment during a exposure appraisal would be information security. Information security consists of the indispensable policies and processs needed to protect of import paperss built-in to keeping the safety and security of the environment involved ( Clifford. 2004 ) . Even though information security normally focuses on individual events like website hacking. securing recognition card information or electronic mail viruses ( Byrne. 2001 ) . for those events in the article it will non be as pertinent because a taw most probably will non be concerned with any paperwork that is kept in the church for the church.

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Some countermeasures in my sentiment that will be effectual or possible solutions for the shots. incidences of incendiarism and bombardments associated with the physical security constituent of churches would be to foremost hold security guards at the churches watching for strange or eccentric behaviour. Along with holding security guards in topographic point. outside surveillance cameras should be used excessively. Put the cameras at assorted vulnerable points located around the edifice with the picture provender being funneled into proctors located in the subdivision where the persons who work the sound system for the church so that the proctors can be monitored at all times.

Another signifier of physical security that could assist churches with menaces if professional security guards are unavailable is to hold those persons who are in the function of Usshers have some signifier of security preparation. Having surveillance cameras. security guard or those with security preparation and dismaies would assist discourage those who would seek to perpetrate offenses such as incendiarism or shots in the church but bombardments would necessitate an around the clock. 24 hr security squad supervising the church to discourage those who are interested in seting bombs.

There are several constituents of the overall security aim that would be more pertinent had a shot. bombardment or incidence of incendiarism occurred at a promenade. On December 11. 2012 in the Clackamas Town Center promenade in Portland. Oregon a 22 twelvemonth old gun adult male opened fire in the promenade firing 60 shootings from his AR-15 semiautomatic piece killing two people and injuring another before he committed self-destruction ( FOX 12. 2012 ) . That promenade already had in topographic point a no gun policy in the promenade unless the person has a concealed carry license.

An emptying program in instances of exigencies should besides be in topographic point to show promenade frequenters out of the promenade in those state of affairss of a shot. bombardment or fire. Along with the constituents of a physical security nonsubjective plus other constituents such as holding surveillance cameras and more security guards in the promenade and posted at the entryway ways to seek all entrance bags along with metal sensors at those entryway ways will discourage persons from seeking to convey pieces into the promenade therefore extinguishing the hazard of those frequenters in the promenade being harmed by a taw. bombardments or incidences of incendiarism.

Every public topographic point should hold some signifier of security aims in topographic point to protect people. To be effectual these security aim should include a signifier of physical. forces and information security along with interdepartmental dependences when possible. With the menace of terrorist onslaughts. shots. bombardments and incidences incendiarism. holding these security aims in topographic point will give the security professionals a better manner to react to menaces that may originate.

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