Select Potential International Markets For Further Investigation Marketing Essay

October 14, 2017 Marketing

When sing to venture into the international market of imports and exports the company or a concern must measure its strengths and failings in item. Measuring the strengths and failings provides a start point for the company. The managers must measure whether the company and the merchandise itself are ready to export. The company has to look at the resources available at its disposal to assist in marketing its merchandises and services. Resources include skilled selling staff, fiscal resources. The merchandise should be suited for export and should hold the necessary makings for different markets ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

The merchandises should hold a competitory advantage over the other merchandises in the markets so has to busy a larger market portion. Packaging should run into the international criterions so as they can easy suit in the market since packaging can be a good manner to market the merchandises abroad. Product standardisation is besides of import since standard merchandises gain a high market portion in the international markets. To obtain standard merchandises quality control must be up to international criterions. The company or the concern organisation should be ISO certified. As the merchandise is being introduced in the market, the concern organisation has to find whether the merchandise has to be certified by a foreign bureau to be allowed into the market ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

The concern organisation has to hold a production capableness such that it is able to bring forth or fabricate the merchandise. The company should hold adequate infinite and equipment for the production of the specific merchandises for the different markets in different states. For it to manage and hive away extra orders the company ‘s production capacity should be fit. The enlargement of markets into the planetary markets will increase the figure of units produced and the organisation should find whether it affects the quality of its end products ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

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Potential International Markets for Smoke Detectors

Construction sites


Storage countries

Functional countries





Government bureaus

Information Beginnings

Information beginnings give information or supply cognition about something. In choosing international markets, assorted beginnings can be used. There are primary beginnings and secondary beginnings. The primary beginnings includes carry oning a research. The secondary beginnings include books, newspapers, magazines, cyberspace sites, statistics, and specialist information ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

Choice of International Markets

First place how the merchandise sells in the domestic market before embarking into the international market. Products and services that do good in the domestic market besides do good in the when introduced in the planetary market. Once the fume sensors do good in the place market they will decidedly make good in the international markets since they serve the same intent. The merchandises besides should provide for the cosmopolitan demands. Since the fume dismay sensors are used for observing fire accidents and fires are the same so they are suited and can make good one time introduced in the foreign markets. Merchandises to be introduced in the planetary market should turn to a demand that is non good catered for in the international market. A merchandise should be able to turn to a new and emergent demand in the foreign market. Introducing a fume sensor in an country prone to fires can make good in that market ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

Use of Information Sources to Determine Suitability of International Markets for Products and Services.

Research can be conducted on the emerging demands of the merchandise and come up with consequences that enable the sellers to venture in that foreign market. The research can be done utilizing questionnaires and aid to cognize the new and emerging demands in the markets. Research can besides be used to find the demands that are non good catered for in the market, for illustration a fume dismay sensor that has merely an dismay but does n’t hold a eye blink visible radiation. This can non assist the deaf because they can non hear the sound. It should be accompanied by visible radiation which can assist them cognize when there is a danger in fire or C monoxide. Literature reappraisal can besides be done i.e. by reading books, magazines, diaries and newspapers. This can assist the sellers in placing the figure of gross revenues made in different markets in the past old ages. This can assist the sellers in doing a good scheme when embarking into the markets. Newspapers can assist sellers place topographic points prone to fires and this can be their possible markets for their products-smoke dismay sensors ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

International markets for profiling

Construction sites are good markets for the fume dismay sensors. They have many workers working on them and the workers have to be protected. Many building sites are non fitted with firefighting equipment hence require the sensors that will alarm the workers. Construction sites have unfinished constructions therefore there should be a manner to alarm in instance of fire for easier emptying of the workers. There are many valuable and expensive machinery that must be protected in instance of a fire in the site. Construction sites are many therefore will supply a big market for selling the sensors. Construction sites have a batch of olfactory organs and a fume dismay sensor can be fit to alarm the workers in instance of a fire in the site ( Kliendl, 2007 ) .

2. Identify the mark market

Approachs to finding and depicting entire markets within selected states for a merchandise or service.

Market attack which uses information derived by market minutess and monetary values. Here the focal point is on how the values are obtained from minutess made in the market to the information of the concern that requires the rating multiples obtained from the same minutess. Income attack makes use rating methods used in change overing future values to individual present values establishing it on the value of the present market outlooks about those future values. The chief purpose is on the hereafter benefits that are obtained by the topic concern after the revenue enhancement hard currency flow. These benefits are discounted based to the present value utilizing the price reduction rate. Cost attack bases its statement on the sum that is presently required to replace the service capacity of an plus. The chief purpose is on the cost of replacing the plus. The current value of an plus should non travel beyond the cost to obtain a replacement plus ( Rugimbana, 2003 ) .

Specify a mark market based on prospective consumers, market section and cultural rightness.

A mark market is that specific group of consumers in which sellers target to sell their merchandises to and they are in different market section and with different cultural beliefs but they have the same needs to fulfill. For each mark market the seller has to orient brand merchandises that satisfy the consumer in all facets from the civilization to their market section. These are clients that are more likely to purchase from you ( Rugimbana, 2003 ) .

Segment forms to depict mark market

A section is a subdivision of a market that contains homogenous groups of consumers who have similar features wants and demands and besides respond the same in a peculiar market mix. The consumers can be in the same age, geographic location, faith, race, and income and same instruction degree ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 2006 ) .

Marketing strategic options and choice aiming scheme that best meets the demand of the selling program.

Selling bing merchandises to the already bing consumers, developing new merchandises and selling to the bing clients, Expanding bing merchandises to new markets, Introducing new merchandises to new markets. Expanding the bing merchandises into new markets meets the demands since the goods are traveling planetary and they already existed in the domestic market ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 2006 ) .

Cultural rightness of the chosen aiming scheme

When spread outing the merchandises to new markets one must see the cultural effects in the new markets. Cultures in different markets are besides different and the merchandises have to be tailor made to accommodate the different civilizations since they use the merchandises otherwise. Each civilization has its Department of State and don’ts and hence the seller has to place them and understand the civilization before embarking into that market ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 2006 ) .

3. Profile the mark audience

Describe the sum and selected market and the selected market segment/s in the signifier of a consumer profile

A consumer profile is a manner of depicting consumers in groups for the intents of selling and advertisement merchandises. It ‘s easier to publicize to a specific market section of consumers since it is cheaper. This is represented by a consumer profile.

Entire market – Fire prone topographic points

Selected market – Construction sites

Market section – contractors ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 2006 ) .

4. Positioning scheme

Identify available placement schemes are and choose a scheme to run into selling demands and the consumer profile including the civilization of profiled groups

Relevance of the concern to mark clients, the competitory advantage of the concern organisation over its rivals, the degree of merchandise quality, the monetary value of the merchandise, the benefits of the merchandise, the mark consumer and the benefits of the merchandise to the consumer ( Summers, 2005 ) .

Cultural rightness of chosen placement schemes utilizing available information beginnings

To derive a competitory advantage the concern organisation must guarantee that its merchandises are in line with the civilization of the consumer. Failure of this will take to the merchandise viing below the belt in the international market. For the merchandise to profit the consumer it has to hold the cultural advantage. The mark consumer will utilize a merchandise that is in line with the consumer ‘s civilization ( Summers, 2005 ) .

Positioning execution program in conformity with organisational demands

Positioning execution program is the procedure in which the sellers create an image of a merchandise that they intend to sell into the international market. The execution program has to integrate all the needed characteristics to enable the merchandise to be introduced good in the planetary market ( Boone & A ; Kurtz, 2006 ) .


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