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Self-care theory- is considered a primary form of care for patients with chronic condition who make many day by day decision, or self- manage, their illness. (Wikipedia. self-care).
According to D. Orem’s, general theory of nursing three(3) related parts, theory of self-care, theory of self- deficit, and theory of nursing system.(Olin,Jennifer,2011)
The purpose of this theory is to discuss about self-care by Orem’s how does it help in the nursing practice especially in long term care facility.
In my own understanding as a nursing student self- care theory discuss the outcome of patients need to encouraged and help to bring out the best in renew and regain themselves despite of being ill for period of time. In nursing care our main goal is provide and assist residents or client in order to achieve our care plan to maintain the level of function and effectiveness of every individual.

As a nursing student Orem’s theory is important and helpful in every nursing practice it guides us on how to deal in every individual especially elderly and other health care concern in the facility .But when the patients or residents can’t able to achieve their self-care needs the self-care deficit occurs. In this case the nurse steps is to provide help, education and support in order to continue to promote personal needs. In relation to long term facility every elderly residents some of them categorize to limited assistance they needs mild support and extensive assistance they can still do weight bearing support while others needs total care. Nurses provide their needs such as medical assistance like given


Medications as prescribed to relieve their sense of comfort
Maintain physical activity, providing assistance in bathing, dressing and feeding .As Nurse we need to take them to considerations to formulate a care plan in every residents in facilities, to facilitate individual assurance of self-care behavior. We need to motivate them in doing their daily activities since they are lack of ability to feed themselves, failure to do their daily activities, unable to dress themselves,
We need to demonstrate the ability to use adaptive assistance device such as wheelchair, scooter to achieve their comfort and satisfactions. The quality of our nursing care are providing them comfort and sense of security which every residents deserves to receive.


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