Self Competency

After completing the competency test, I have scored the highest on self, communication and diversity competency. Although I see myself above average on self-competency, I still feel that there is room for me to improve. I feel that I can improve on my ability to set goals and then to follow through with them. I believe that if I set reasonable goals, and take proper steps that I will be able to achieve them. I have always seen myself as a team player and also being very independent.

I feel that as time has gone on that I have slowly begun to discover when I should be a team player or independent. I used to want to do everything as a team but now I have realized that it is sometimes easier to do things yourself. I still struggle to ask questions when I don’t know something, but if I feel comfortable in a certain situation I will ask with no problem. My communication skills have always been strength. I have always been a straight forward person who is willing to give advice and my listening ears when needed.

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I believe myself to have strong work and personal ethics. I was taught from a young age to treat people how you want to be treated. I was also taught that I had to work hard for the things that I want. I was never given anything in life, so I learned that I had to earn everything, and by that I mean I had to work for it. Some of my weaknesses are dealing with criticism and change. I know that I make mistakes but having someone tell you to your face that you have messed up or that you need to improve can always be hurtful.

I also have a hard time with change, I tend to get comfortable in situation whether it’s at work or my personal life and I have a hard time when something or someone gets added into the mix. An example is at work every year we get new aides in our department and some leave. Last year our team had become a family practically, and this year we have several new people added to our team and so far I have had a difficult time accepting the new team members.

I believe I have a lot of weaknesses in cultural competency. I have never really put the time or effort into learning about different cultures like I should have. I do believe that even though I don’t know much about them, that I am still willing to learn about them with an open mind. * Self-Competency = 82 * Communication Competency =88 * Diversity Competency =83 * Ethics Competency =73 * Across Cultures Competency =69 * Teams Competency =78 * Change Competency =71



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