January 5, 2017 Management

Self-monitoring refers to deliberate attention to aspects of one’s behavior, and is an important component of self-regulated learning, which depends on favorable self-evaluations of one’s capabilities and progress toward learning goals. Have you ever sleep most of the day away? If so, do you feel tired or drained after you have awakened from a first-class sleep? This is a sign of oversleeping. If you have answered yes to the following questions, don’t feel alone. I am a victim of the “oversleeping syndrome.” For the duration of the past few weeks I have monitored my sleeping behavior. This is a health-related behavior that can cause problems in your life if overly used. During my monitoring process I exposed, when trying to achieve this goal many obstacles come your way.

Recently I have had problems with sleeping entirely too much. Anyone who over sleeps knows that too much sleep will drain you of all your energy. In recent monitoring I found out that too much sleep gives your body too much resting time. Therefore, the blood is not flowing through your body properly. We all need at least eight hours of sleep a day. A nap is good also. Working a full time job and attending school throughout the week causes you to become restless and in need of sleep. To avoid from getting too much sleep, I created a time management schedule that provides me with different activities in a timely manner. Doing so, will enable me to monitor the way I use my time. Lately, I have been doing more sleeping and less exercising. In order to avoid my sleeping habit, I came up with a goal. That goal was to use the time I spent sleeping more productively by exercising instead. Exercising should be an important part of my weekly schedule. Anyone who exercising knows that starting is the hard part. To achieve my goal I had to make a schedule of exercising activities. Motivation is the key to achieving all goals. In part take of this, I planned to exercise at least three times a week.

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