Self Reflection on a Food Event

August 27, 2017 Cultural

Alsop and Ryan ( 1996 ) Retrospective contemplation is like, looking back at a exposure or a picture coming back from a vacation. Reflection is something that is personal and it allows on a retrospective to analyse where we started, how we did it, was it done towards personal satisfaction and if chance comes once more how different would we make it the following clip.

In the contemplation below, I will be taking cues from Gibbs ( 1988 ) theoretical account of contemplation ; we will look at the event, consulting, squad, clip direction, planning, patterned advance, treatment, presentation and eventually self-contemplation.


Food is an of import portion of any jubilation regardless of civilization or faith. In these unit pupils, we examine a scope of particular occasions and fix nutrients alone to specific jubilations. Food presentation and service is a focal point of the unit and we learn how to show and garnish nutrients allow to a given scene. We submit a proposal for a big graduated table catering event and collaboratively host a jubilation for a major school event. The culinary art that we selected is Arabian, which is Mediterranean. As a squad we finalised the bill of fare as follows.

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Jalik ( cucumber soup )

Looz shorba ( Almond soup )


Flavoured rice


Lemon flavoured lamb

Effective feedback:

The purpose of feedback is to pass on to pupils how good their cognition, understanding and accomplishments are developing in relation to the results. Feedback enables pupils to recognize their strengths and countries for development, and to be after with their instructor the following stairss in their acquisition. They are so given chances to better and farther develop their cognition, understanding and accomplishments. Teacher feedback about pupil work is indispensable for pupils and is built-in to the instruction and acquisition procedure. Student self-reflection and equal rating will besides supply valuable feedback to pupils. Students should be provided with regular chances to reflect on their acquisition.

Feedback should:

Focus on the activity and what was expected be constructive, supplying meaningful information to pupils about their acquisition right misinterpretations identify and reinforce pupils ‘ strengths and province clearly how pupils can better. Forms of feedback include:

unwritten treatment with category, groups or single pupils written notes general remarks to the category about those facets of the activity in which pupils excelled and those facets that still need turn toing illustrations of good responses peer rating and self-evaluation


Our Team consisted of 10 members from different race and gender which came together by pick instead than any coercion, with each one holding their ain strengths and failing, As a pupil ‘s we were cognizant of what we need to make show grounds of larning. This information could be conveyed informally or officially by the instructor, as appropriate for the acquisition activity. We are informed of the standards that are used to measure the acquisition. They are clear about the significance of the linguistic communication used, and the topic specific nomenclature. They are clear about any beginnings or stimulus stuff that is appropriate to the activity. It was helpful in giving us good responses and templets or processs to assist ourselves with showing the extent of the cognition, apprehensions and accomplishments.


The primary activity that the group carried out was to come with a realistic program for the event, hence two activities were done on matching times, specifying the functions of each of the squad member so as to clearly demarcate our functions and duties within the event. The Proposal was the guideline that we purely followed within the timelines that helped us to finish the event on clip. Roles given to me were to place the appropriate indent for the dishes that we would utilize for the event, which was nem con decided to be indent table method. Work was divided so as that everyone felt comfy within the squad and no 1 felt overburdened or underutilized. As it is event we are functioning delegates we are allowed to acquire familiar with cooking Arabic nutrient and its service manners. Three hebdomads of pattern has been carried out by us, each squad member is assigned to make each dish in which I was assigned to cook two hot and cold soups ie jalik ( cucumber soup ) and looz shorba ( almond soup ) .I besides practiced how to cook flavoured rice every bit good. Practice session in our kitchen helped us a batch to do our nutrient more toothsome to our invitees. Each squad member had their passion to do event the successful one.

My work:

Arabic culinary art has sheer figure of shorbas ( soups ) , we as a squad selected to fix almond soup as non vegetarian soup and Cucumis sativus as vegetarian soup. We tried to do our event more cost effectual and drawn some cap over the hall atmosphere. The hall is designed in such manner like Arabian darks with lamps and the tabular array puting in Mediterranean manner. This event hold given me a really good experience in nutrient functioning tactics and as a pupil I found

Hygienic handling of nutrient to guarantee a safe and appealing merchandise.

Assessing and pull offing the hazards of hurt and OHS issues ( occupational wellness and safety ) associated with the managing o nutrient.

Appropriate methods os nutrient processing, readying and storage.

The relationship between nutrient ingestion, the nutritionary value of nutrients and wellness of persons and communities.

Food picks by analyzing the factors that influence eating wonts.

Information from the assortment of beginnings.

Communicating thoughts and information utilizing a scope of media appropriate nomenclature.

Using appropriate techniques and equipment for a assortment of nutrient specific intents.

Analyzing the relationship between nutrient, engineering and society.

Measuring the impact of activities related to nutrient on the person, society and the environment.

Planning, fixing, showing and measuring nutrient solutions for specific intents.

The importance of presentation and service for particular occasions including garnishing and adorning techniques.

Discussion and patterned advance:

We as a squad had regular meeting about our event and detecting presentation given by the instructor Jane estham and Michael Mathews which helped us quite a batch things in carry oning this event. The work flow program was drawn and executed by our squad. The inside informations of the workflow program activity provided us a clear cut experience in nutrient service. As a squad we

Viewed picture of garnishing

Planned garnishes suited for the bill of fare demonstrated by our instructor.

Workflow program

Showing nutrient and doing them more toothsome.

Measuring the scene and ocular entreaty of the repast.

Discussed spiritual for cultural considerations.

Discussed resources required including ingredients required equipment, accomplishments, money and clip.

Concluding presentation:

Having several meetings and patterns the concluding presentations are made n which the squad is segregated into two, nutrient service and nutrient production in which my portion falls in nutrient production, we considered each one is director and those fortunes made us experience like a director in nutrient service industry. Mise en topographic point ( pre readying ) was carried out good as a squad ; welcome drinks are served to the invitees on clip in which the welcome drink we served them is a Middle East celebrated drink called Rooh afza. They are served with stones to the invitees. The service manner we preferred is table service and besides it is pre plated service in where portioning is considered as a affair of fact. Soup is being served shrieking hot to the invitees with garnishes on. Service is besides gone through good and the invitees are being cared by our service forces. The nutrient attains invitees table on clip and we are really much cautious in clip direction. Co ordination with our squad members was so alone as we served our invitees with pleasance.

Phase 2 – ego consciousness:

Having describe earlier the squad, planning and patterned advance of the evet and looking back I feel the squad did a applaudable occupation of roll uping the information, sharing and working along to acquire this far in the event and there are no declinations about the squad and the attempt that they had put in, except the lone sorrow being the undertaking could hold been done better if we had done two things with some counsel and aid.

We could hold interacted more with our invitees and would hold got their valuable remarks about the event, to make this we had no clear thought of the process to make the same

As international pupils we had difficult clip roll uping the information necessary, following clip we will device a better manner to make to the invitees.

Phase 3 – rating:

The nutrient event that we carried helped us to work as a squad and be after our work consequently so that no 1 felt overburdened, the squad had a cohesive standing at all times, hence if this has to be done once more we would make it with the same squad, Besides the work itself of roll uping the information and assemblage informations was an oculus opener, which helped me to understand that merely be aftering and replanning and eventuality planning will assist me to acquire the fruitful remark from our invitees. I would hold failed if I had non planned for the eventualities that may originate during our bill of fare planning. Still the lone item that we failed to make was to talk to the invitees whom we invited, I felt communicating with our invitee was less and it could hold been done to do it better that had given us the work, holding failed to make this resulted in the event giving us an alternate thought at the terminal of the presentation i.e we could hold been placed a remark note on their tabular arraies to go forth their remarks to do us travel wise more.

As discussed earlier the presentation and informations aggregation were the two things that went the best but neglecting to hold communicated with the invitees was the worst thing that happened in the event.

Phase 4 – Analysis:

The analysis of the study and making them into a format apprehensible was the of import portion of the undertaking which I did good and I could make that maintaining my tech accomplishments and besides helped me to supply the portion of my study at easiness. Oral responses treatment and head map activities demonstrates us understanding of the significance of the nutrient in jubilations.

Phase 5 – contemplation:

Having to work under a squad, had let me off some cardinal duties such as be aftering which we left to the coach. I believe the full event operationally moved on really swimmingly without any enlistments but there are countries that I would alter if the event is to be done one time once more are

Would Work on more item in respects to the design of the bill of fare.

Would take more clip to be after on how to travel about acquiring the best formulas and more qualitative.

Would maintain in uninterrupted touch with the invitees to understand their specific demand and work towards accomplishing the same.

Would utilize menu analysis tools to do our bill of fare much impressive.

Would hold more meetings.

Phase 6 – Action program:

When I am in the hereafter given a portion of the event or to take a nutrient service industry the following would be the action program that I would utilize holding done this event one time and larning from the issues that I failed to make this clip

Would Understand demands and wants of the invitees in item, by talking to the invitees and the squad in-depth

Would be after a clip line and will lodge to the clip line

Will delegate the event work to the squad understanding the strength and failing of the squad members involved.

Will Use menu analysis tools.

Will talk to the teacher/experienced at every phase of the undertaking, will seek to hold at least on meeting in individual.

Would seek to happen the best manner of service and acquiring their feedback to acquire the consequences back.

I believe by making the above said actions would take to the most successful nutrient event.


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