Senior social Care Worker Statement

May 1, 2018 Nursing

I want to work for Fife Council because I live in Fife, and close to where I live. Fife Council has offered me excellent training and development opportunities, it offers me flexible working. It offers me an employee benefits package in addition to an excellent pension. I would contribute my past work and life experience to this particular post, using my abundance of knowledge and skills that I have developed over the years through my continual learning development. This includes my experience of working with a wide range of disabilities, whilst working as a Social Care Worker and also throughout my Nursing career.

I will contribute to this post by promoting the SSSC’s Codes of practice to SU’s and staff _- I will do this by complying with it and by informing staff of their responsibility to comply with this code also. I will ensure that SU’s are aware of this code and I will ensure that they know how to raise issues if necessary. I will contribute my experience of supervising, coaching, motivating ; leading staff. I will reflect on my own practice, and that of the staff, and ensure that development and coaching is on going and leads to improvement.

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I have the ability to delegate tasks to staff in an effort to achieve the ‘end result’, whilst assisting staff to become more accountable and assume more responsibility for their own roles. I would also contribute by taking responsibility of, and enabling staff to, establish and maintain positive and reliable administrative systems and support plans. I will ensure that all care plans are adhered to by all that come in contact with the people we are supporting. I will ensure that they are reviewed regularly and without delay.

I will ensure that all care meetings, including link meetings / PCP’s / Team Meetings / House Meetings & development days are carried out regularly and that they are minuted and an action plan is produced. I will ensure that all staff receive regular supervision, and whilst I will support good conduct, I will also support staff to address deficiencies in their performance. I will follow all Attendance Management procedures and I will provide appropriate assistance to staff who are affected by ill health, and ensure that all relevant paperwork is completed and submitted in line with policies.

I will contribute by promoting the Health & Safety & Security of staff, SU’s visitors etc, I will do this by ensuring that Risk Assessments are kept up to date and relevant to the context of the environment. If changes in practice are required to minimise risk or if staff training is required, then I will implement this. I will identify any training needs and ensure that I carry out regular assessment of care practice. I will contribute my communicating effectively with SU’s, staff, colleagues and other professionals and strive to maintain not only professional but also positive and rewarding relationships.

I have already secured a place on the course to do both my PDA – Administration of Medication – , and also my Moving and Handling Link Worker Training. I will use the skills and knowledge that I gain from these courses, and all others that I attend, to act as a workplace assessor for Social Care Workers and Care Assistants. I will also contribute by Supporting the Lead officers, and my peers, in all areas, by working calmly and professionally at all times.

I will contribute to the recruitment and selection of appropriate staff, and ensure that people are suitable to enter the workforce. I will attend briefings and meetings, as service requires. I am a caring, responsible, hardworking & determined person with a track record in providing care and support to SU’s, staff, peers, and higher Management to the highest standard. I possess high-level Social Care Worker Skills ; over the past 4 months I have demonstrated that I have the ability and skills to carry out the role of Senior Social Care Worker and all that it encompasses.


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