Service Conditions of Sbi

Service Conditions for Award Staff Specially Designed for Newly Recruited Clerks Compiled by: Strategic Training Unit, Hyderabad Table of Contents Page | 2 SALARY, ALLOWANCES & OTHER PROVISIONS ………………………………………………………………….. 3 Reimbursements…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 5 LEAVE RULES………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. EMPLOYEE LOAN SCHEMES ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 9 EMPLOYEE WELFARE SCHEMES ……………………………………………………………………………………… 11 LINKS …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 12 Disclaimer: While every care has been taken to accurately assimilate all the Bank’s prevalent instructions related to the topics covered here and wherever possible specific references to the circulars have also been made.

However, for any differences/ references, the respective Circulars/ instructions of the bank should be treated as final. Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Service Conditions of Award Staff SERVICE CONDITIONS FOR AWARD STAFF We iterate some finer points of service conditions in brief for award staff: SALARY, ALLOWANCES & OTHER PROVISIONS (Ref: Corporate Centre eCircular No. P/178/2010-11 dt. 23-6-2010) *

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Effective date : 01-11-2007 # Effective date : 01-05-2010 HEAD DETAILS / DESCRIPTION Salary & Allowances Basic Pay # 7200—400 X 3—8400—500 X 3—9900—600 X 4—12300— (20 Years) 700 X 7—17200—1300 X 1—18500—800 X 1—19300 Stagnation increments 7 increments of Rs. 800 each @ 3 years frequency; 7th (on reaching of stagnation increment after 2 years of receiving the 6th one maximum in the scale) Dearness Allowance ? 0. 15 % of Pay for every rise or fall of 4 points over 2836 (DA) * points in the quarterly average of the All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index (General) Base 1960=100 ?

No ceiling on Dearness Allowance ? DA is calculated on Basic Pay, Special Pay, Graduation Pay, Professional qualification Pay & Officiating Pay, if any City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) * House Rent Allowance (HRA) * No CCA shall be payable Places with population of -? 45 lacs : 10. 00% ? 12 lacs incl. state of Goa : 9. 00% ? 5 lacs, State capitals & capitals of UTs and other than places mentioned above:7. 50% ? 5 lacs not covered in above : 7. 00 % Note: Where quarters are provided, HRA not payable & rent @ 0. 5% of the first stage of the scale of pay to be recovered. Up to 15th stage of scale of pay : Rs. 225/- per month th stage of scale of pay & above : Rs. 275/- per month ? 16 At places situated at a height of – ? 3000 metres & above: 8% of pay (Max. Rs. 1295/- p. m. ? Over 1500 metres but below 3000 metres: 4% of pay (Max. Rs. 510/-p. m. ) ? Over 1000 metres but less than 1500 metres & Mercara Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Page | 3 Transport allowance* Hill& Fuel Allowance* Service Conditions of Award Staff Fixed Personal Pay (FPP) Provident Fund Medical Aid * Hospitalisation #

Leave Fare concession (for visit to any place within India) (w. e. f. 27-04-2010) Town(in Karnataka): 3% of pay (Max. Rs. 410/-p. m. ) Payable as per provisions contained in the memorandum of settlement dated 19th June, 2010 entered into between the Bank and AISBISF. 10% of Basic Pay + Special Pay + PQP will be deducted from Page | 4 the member and equal amount is contributed by the Bank. Member can opt for additional PF contribution of up to 15% (total PF contribution should not be more than 25%) in multiples of 5% i. e. member can make additional contribution of 5% / 10% / 15% (in addition to the mandatory 10%) Restricted to Rs. 2,000/- per annum Reimbursed to the extent of 100% in case of self and 75% in case of dependent members as per the other provisions detailed in the circular ? 2 year block: Max. permissible distance: 2500 km ? 4 year block: Max. permissible distance: 5000 km ? Eligible class: AC II Tier for journey by mail/express train ? Can travel by air but claim restricted to actual air fare or max. permissible AC-II tier fare whichever is less ? Block option to be exercised any time during the block period. Encashment of LFC facility: Lump sum of amount equivalent to 75% of notional train fare for the admissible distance and entitled class depending on 2 yrs. /4 yrs. Block. ? LFC to place of domicile is not encashable ? Employee has to proceed on leave for a minimum period of one day in case of encashment of LFC facility ? Encashment of Privilege leave is also available while encashing LFC facility ? The cost actually incurred for transporting the personal effects as under : ? By train : For married persons : 3000 kg. For unmarried persons : 2000 kg. By Road : If the places are not connected by rail, actual expenses for transporting personal effects by road up to the stipulated weights by an IBA approved transport operator. Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Compensation on transfer # Service Conditions of Award Staff ooperator ? Compensation for losses due to breakage or damage to goods on transfer: (a) Where receipts / statement of loss produced: Max. Rs. 1,120/-. ? (b) Where NO receipts/statement of loss produced : Lump sum payment of Rs. 745/-. Halting Allowance # Places with population of – (Amount of allowance per diem) ? 12 lacs & above & state of Goa : Rs. 500/-. 5 lacs & above, state capitals, capitals of UTs : Rs. 375/-. ? Other places : Rs. 300/-. At all centres @ Rs. 125/- p. m. Project Area Group ‘A’ : Rs. 205/- p. m. Group ‘B’ : Rs. 180/- p. m. As per Schedule – VI annexed to the circular. If Hill & Fuel allowance is payable at such places, only higher of the two allowances shall be payable. ? Granted on substantive pay for female employee for a period not exceeding 6 months on any one occasion and 12 months during the entire period of her service. ? Within the overall period of 12 months, leave may be granted in case of miscarriage/abortion/ MTP. For hysterectomy, up to a max. f 45 days. ? For travel on duty/LFC between two places, actual road mileage cost or @ Rs. 3/- per km. whichever is less, is payable. Page | 5 Split duty allowance* Project Area Compensatory All. * Special Area allowance * Maternity Leave Reimbursement of expenses on Road travel (wef 27-04-10) Reimbursements Reimbursement of petrol (eCir. No. P : 507/2009-10 dt. 20/10/2009) ? Maintaining 2wheeler/4 wheelers: 15 litres (Qty. ) ? Not maintaining vehicles: Rs. 450/-. (Reimbursement of petrol expenses : to those who are maintaining vehicle at the work place. Lump sum payment: In absence of vehicle, on certificate basis.

Option for claiming reimbursement will be available after purchase of vehicle. ). ? Lump sum amount of Rs. 200 per month. Reimbursement of cost of newspaper (eCir. No. P : 403/2008 – 09 dt. 14/10/2008 Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Service Conditions of Award Staff Note: ? Pay (for the purpose of DA, HRA and superannuation benefits) shall mean Basic Pay, Stagnation increments, Special Pay, Graduation Pay, Professional Qualification Pay and Officiating Pay, if any. Page | 6 ? Family (For the purpose of medical facilities and LFC) : includes Employee’s spouse, wholly dependent unmarried children (incl. tep/legally adopted children), wholly dependent physically challenged brother/ sister with 40% or more disability, wholly dependent parents ordinarily residing with the employee. Wholly dependent means such member having a monthly income NOT exceeding Rs. 3500/p. m. ; if income of one of the parents exceeds Rs. 3500/- p. m. or the aggregate income of both the parents exceeds Rs. 3500/- p. m. both the parents shall not be considered as wholly dependent. LEAVE RULES There are various types of leave that may be availed by Award staff. HEAD CASUAL LEAVE DETAILS / DESCRIPTION Entitled upto a maximum of 12 days in each financial year i. . from 1st April to 31st March every year, Not more than 4 days may be taken continuously Holidays and weekly off falling within the period of casual leave will not be treated as a part of casual leave. Can be combined with Holidays & Sundays, ensuring the absence at any one time is not beyond six days. Calculated on a pro-rata basis at the rate of one day for each completed month or part thereof from the date of his joining the service upto the end of the year Casual leave may be taken on grounds of sickness without production of medical certificate, provided the total period of sickness does not exceed 4 days.

Casual leave not availed of by an employee in a financial year shall be convertible into sick leave on full pay and such sick leave in lieu of unavailed casual leave shall be over and above the maximum period provided under sick leave. There is no ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Service Conditions of Award Staff upper limit in regard to the accumulation of unavailed casual leave as sick leave. PRIVILEGE LEAVE ? Can be accumulated upto a maximum of 240 days ?

Credited to the leave account at the beginning of the following year ? One day’s privilege leave is earned for every completed 11 day’s of actual work done from April to March ? Privilege leave should not be granted on pro-rata basis, before it is credited to the leave account ? Granted sick leave on half pay at the rate of 30 days for each completed year of service subject to a maximum of 18 months during his entire service ? In the first year of service, an employee will be granted sick leave on pro-rata basis ?

Sick leave shall be on half substantive pay, provided that a confirmed employee if he so requests, shall be permitted to avail sick leave on full substantive pay upto a maximum of 9 months during the entire period of service. Such leave on full substantive pay being entered twice the amount of leave taken, in his sick leave account ? There is no upper limit in regard to the accumulation of unavailed casual leave as sick leave. ? Shall be granted to a female employee for a period not exceeding 6 months on any one occasion and 12 months during the entire period of her service. Within the overall period of 12 months, leave may also be granted in caseof miscarriage/abortion/MTP. Leave applications should be supported by a certificate from a registered medical practitioner, indicating, inter alia, the number of days for which rest is required, as a consequence of miscarriage/MTP/abortion. ? The Bank may grant leave of any other kind admissible to an employee in combination with or in continuation of maternity leave if the request for its grant is supported by sufficient medical certificate. LEAVE FOR ? Leave may also be granted once during the service to a Communicate….. Collaborate…..

Change….. Page | 7 SICK LEAVE MATERNITY LEAVE Service Conditions of Award Staff ADOPTING A CHILD ? ? PROVISION OF SPECIAL LEAVE FOR EXSERVICEMEN /DISABLED EXSERVICEMEN ? ? ? childless female employee for legally adopting a child who is below one year of age for a maximum period of two months or till the child reaches the age of one year, whichever is earlier subject to the following terms and conditions Leave will be granted for adoption of only one child The adoption of a child should be through a proper legal process and the employee should produce the adoption deed to the Bank for sanctioning such leave.

Absence for attending Republic Day Parade etc. by ex-servicemen An ex-serviceman employee who is requested by his parent Defence organisation to take part in marching contingents and training/practice camps for Republic Day march past, Independence Day celebrations, etc. may utilise the leave available to his credit. It would not be in order to grant Special Leave to exserviceman employees on such occasions. Disabled ex-servicemen Page | 8 EMPLOYEES ON PROBATION Special casual leave upto a maximum of 15 days in a financial year including transit time both ways, may be granted to the disabled ex-servicemen employees of the Bank to enable them to appear before the Medical Resurvey Board for assessing their disability pension or to go to the Artificial Limbs Centres for replacement of the artificial limb(s). Such leave may be granted only on production of Medical discharge certificate from the authorities concerned. ? Award staff employees on probation shall be granted leave on the following basis: ?

Casual Leave: One day per month. ? Sick leave: On half pay on a pro rata basis according to the length of service, as applicable to permanent employees ? Extraordinary Leave: When an employee on probation is granted extraordinary leave on loss of pay, his or her period of probation may be extended for the period of extraordinary leave. Where the period of extraordinary leave is short, say not more than 15 days and the controlling authority is satisfied that the leave was taken for genuine reasons, such as sickness etc. he Branch Manager/Head of Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. the Service Conditions of Award Staff Department may, with the approval of the General Manager waive the postponement of the date of confirmation on merits of the case. Some Important Rules regarding Leave/s: ? An employee on authorized/sanctioned leave shall be entitled to pay and allowances as if he was on duty. ? An employee who desires to obtain leave of absence, other than casual leave, shall apply in writing to the Branch Manager or any other officer authorised for the purpose.

Such application for leave shall be made not less than one month before the date from which the leave is to commence, except in urgent cases for unforeseen circumstances including illness when it is not possible to do so. ? If an employee, after proceeding on leave, desires extension thereof, he shall make an application in writing to the Branch Manager or Officer authorised for the purpose ? Leave of all kinds cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Public Holidays (that is Bank Holidays under the Negotiable Instruments Act) other than Sundays shall not be prefixed or suffixed to any leave without obtaining prior sanction of the competent authority. ? Any leave in excess of what an employee would be eligible for on the above basis will be treated as extraordinary leave on loss of pay and the period of probation of the employee exceeded correspondingly; such period will not count for increments. ? Applications for grant of leave of any other kind should invariably be referred to the Controlling Authority with the recommendations of the Branch Manager. Unauthorised absence without intimation continuously for a period exceeding 30 days would be deemed as? Gross Misconduct? in terms of Clause 5(p) of Bipartite Settlement dt. 10. 04. 2002. Page | 9 EMPLOYEE LOAN SCHEMES i) PERSONAL LOAN SCHEME (REF CIRCULAR CIRDO/HR/70 DATED 30/06/2008) Personal Loan Scheme for Clerical Staff is as under: Length of Service (In Years) = > 3 But < (only confirmed permanent 5 employees who are members of = >5 BUT < 10 = > 10 Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change…..

Service Conditions of Award Staff Bank’s PF) Quantum of Loan (Rs. In lacs): 0. 70 Lacs 2. 00 Lacs 4. 00 Lacs Rate of 8% p. a. (monthly compounded) for overdraft component and/or 8% p. a. (simple) for the Demand Loan component under fixed repayment scheme. PageI 11 ii) CAR LOAN REF: CIRCULAR CIRDO/HR/88 DATED 14/02/2008 ? Maximum quantum of Loan Rs. 4. 50 lacs ? Rate of Interest 7% p. a. (simple) ? Margin 10% ? Repayment 120 M (P:I=3:1) (Principal to be recovered in 90 monthly instalments and interest in 30 subsequent monthly instalments.

The repayment shall commence from the month following the month in which disbursement of loan is made iii) VEHICLE LOAN FOR 2-WHEELERS REF CIRCULAR CIRDO/HR/ 101 DATED 31/03/2008 ? Loan for purchase of 2-wheelers is available to all categories of our employees and a tiered rate of interest is charged on such loans. ? Maximum Quantum Rs 60,000 for all categories of staff ? Margin 10% ? Rate of Interest 7% p. a. (simple) iv) COMPUTER LOAN SCHEME REF: CIRDO/HR 43 DATED 13/10/2007 Details of the Computer Loan Scheme are as follows: ? Eligibility All permanent employees with 2 years of service including probation period ?

Amount :Upto a maximum of Rs. 40. 000/? Repayment : In 36 to 60 Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) ? Rate of Interest : 5% p. a. (Simple) ? Deduction Total deductions, including the EMI of this loan, should not exceed 60% of gross salary. ? Margin: NIL Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Service Conditions of Award Staff v) FESTIVAL ADVANCE REF: CIRCULAR CIRDO/HR/155 DATED 25/11/2008 ? ? ? ? Amount :One Month Gross Salary ( Rounded off to completed thousands ) Repayment : In 10 Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) Rate of Interest : NIL Once in a calendar Year. Page | 11

EMPLOYEE WELFARE SCHEMES i) BONUS ? Employees whose salary/ wage does not exceed Rs 10,000/- per mensem are eligible for bonus. ? Minimum Bonus is payable to eligible employees at 8. 33% of the salary/wages, subject to maximum of Rs. 3,500/-. Where the salary/wage of an employee exceeds Rs. 3,500/- per mensem, the bonus payable to such employees is to be calculated as if his salary/ wage were Rs. 3,500/- per mensem. As such, employees whose salary/wage exceeds Rs 3,500/- per mensem but does not exceed Rs 10,000/- per mensem shall get bonus on a salary/ wage of Rs. 3,500/-. The salary for the purpose of bonus calculation shall mean Basic Pay including Special Pay, all special allowances, Dearness Allowance and Special Compensatory Allowance. ? Circular Reference( PER/153 dated the 12th September 1987, PER/CSL/146 dated the 21st July 1989, Per/56 dated 21st May, 1992, Cir. No. : DO/Per&HRD/72 dated the 24th January 1997, CirDO/HR/71/2007-08 dated the 4th January 2008) ii) AWARD OF SCHOLARSHIP FOR STUDYING CHILDREN OF EMPLOYEES REF: CIRCULAR CIRDO/HR/ 164 DT 18/12/2008 ? Quantum of Scholarship Standard Rate Per Annum in 4th to 5th 600 Rs. 6th, 7th & 8th 1000 9th & 10th 11th & 12th ? 200 1500 Abolition of separate rates for Boarders: There will be no separate rates of scholarship for new boarders admitted from the next academic session 2009-10 onwards. In other words, all the new boarder student shall be paid scholarship at the same rate fixed for day scholars from the academic year 2009-10. However, the existing boarders who are in receipt of scholarship at existing rates upto current Communicate….. Collaborate….. Change….. Service Conditions of Award Staff ? academic year at higher rates shall be paid at the same rate till they complete the current course.

Additional sum to disabled children: The amount of additional sum payable to the disabled children has been increased from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- per month from the academic year i. e. 2008-09. Page | 12 ° Important Note: ? Please refer to para 1 (j) of the Rules of Conduct (to be signed by every employee at the time of joining the Bank), which reproduced below for ready reference:-? No employee shall bring or attempt to bring any political or other outside influence including that of individual directors of the Bank or the members of Local Board to bear upon any superior authority to further his own interest in the Bank.? ALSO REFER TO CIRCULAR CIRDO/108 DATED 24/10/2008) LINKS ? The above list is just indicative and not exhaustive as per the bank’s guidelines. Please refer the relevant master circulars for any details/ guidelines. ? We are giving the links of complete details of service conditions in two volumes for ready reference ? Reference book on Award staff matters (up to 31. 03. 2007) Available on website of SBLC, Karnal at



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