Service Dominant Logic Impacts Both Strategic Marketing

By August 8, 2017 Marketing

The Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch paper “ Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing ” ( 2004, Journal of Marketing ) redefines and redirects the antique economic position of goods and services. Their paper provinces, “ Over the past several decennaries, selling has been germinating toward a new dominant logic… The germinating logic represents a displacement off from the exchange of touchable end product ( goods ) toward the exchange of services, which are defined as the application of specialised competencies ( cognition and accomplishments ) , through workss, procedures, and public presentations for the benefit of another entity or the entity itself. ”

This doctrine of marketing argues that houses are non truly supplying goods, but are really rendering a service to consumers through their goods. This new service dominant logic position of selling has already made a immense impact on both the strategic selling and relationship selling of houses and will go on to farther impact future selling scheme.

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For about a century, houses have placed the selling accent on their merchandises. Companies focused on the benefits and competitory advantages that their specific merchandise provided. Whether it was a auto, a wassailer or a can of sodium carbonate, the selling stemmed from what was great about that merchandise. This goods dominant logic was based on economic sciences and the motion of goods from manufacturer to consumer. This doctrine was unchallenged until the early 90s. Then it was questioned as the disagreements between goods marketing and service selling came into position.

This doctrine of Vargo and Lusch redefines marketing so that it is chiefly, a service supplying activity. “ Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing ” states that all houses sell services to consumers and their goods are merely the medium for their service to the client. One illustration they provided is a razor explicating that companies do non sell the razor, but sell the service of a Barber through the usage of the razor.

The service dominant logic position of selling displacements the accent from merchandise to consumer service. Alternatively of offering the consumer a dependable auto, the house is supplying the service of consistent mobility to the consumer. Alternatively of a multi-level wassailer, the house is offering the service of a warm breakfast ; and alternatively of a tasty can of sodium carbonate, the house is giving the consumer a thirst-quenching service.

This displacement from merchandise to consumer agencies that houses will necessitate to hold more of a relationship than of all time with their possible consumers. Alternatively of supplying consumers with a physical good, they are run intoing their demands through a specific service, so they will necessitate to understand their wants, desires and life styles.

Firms will hold to acquire intimate with their mark market and allow their feedback guide the house ‘s determinations on future offerings. This service dominant logic relationship will hold monolithic impact on both their strategic selling and relationship selling.


Firms that presently have a strong pattern of strategic selling are already concentrating the overall way of their company with consumer aiming. They are utilizing demographic, geographic and psychographic segmenting to nail their mark market. This means they are endeavoring to cognize the values, attitudes and life styles of their mark and what motivates them to buy. It is of import for these houses to look at the company from the consumer ‘s point of position.

A strong belief in the service dominant logic will take these houses to the following degree of consumer consideration. As they make their strategic program, they will necessitate to inquire inquiries like: What needs or desires are we run intoing with our service? What can our service do to better our clients ‘ lives? What trends or alterations in the hereafter will take possible new clients to necessitate our service?

Once they have a realistic appreciation on these replies, so they can develop their strategic selling program once more with the service-dominant province of logic.

As they look at their situational analysis and where the company presently is, they should look at it from the service dominant logic and find how their service presently fits in the economic environment. Alternatively of analyzing a merchandise profile – they will be looking at the service received through their merchandise and how their consumers perceive the value of it.

As they project where they want their company to travel and the houses ‘ aims, this service dominant logic will open up their positions and way to perchance better their offerings. Over clip, it may even take them to look for new chances to supply their clients with the service they desire versus merely a physical good. One illustration of this is an automotive company. When they adopt the service dominant logic, they may see that it is non the physical good ( the auto ) that is what their clients value, but the service of being transported faithfully. This in bend may take them to a new offering of a auto rental service or a transit service supplying clients the service of dependable transit and non the existent auto.

Another good illustration of this is what Apple has done with the iphone. While it is a physical good, they are truly supplying the service of communications to their clients. When looked at from the service angle, one can see where a client may desire the service of the applications and non needfully the radio. From this thought, the iPod touch developed to offer some of the services without the radio phone facet. Again from the service dominant point of view, the freshly introduced ipad developed. It is geared toward what services the consumer values and non needfully the manufactured merchandise.


Firms that rely on relationship selling are besides intently focused on the consumer and strive for client keeping and satisfaction. If service dominant logic is factored in, it once more takes this signifier of selling to a new degree. Firms will be making out to these consumers to organize a long-run relationship based on the service provided versus a physical good. Relationship selling recognizes the value of maintaining clients coming back. The service dominant logic farther emphasizes this relationship because it redirects a house ‘s aim from “ doing the sale ” to keeping a strong and consistent relationship with the client.

This new logic redefines this relationship between the consumer and the house. In traditional goods dominant position, the merchandises and the consumers are separate. However in service dominant logic, the consumer becomes a “ co-producer ” of the service offered by continuously supplying feedback. When a consumer purchases a good, he can merely profit from the service by utilizing that merchandise and accommodating it to his demands. It becomes a uninterrupted procedure of where the consumer is involved in developing the value of the service versus a separation of production and ingestion. If the serviced dominant logic is adopted, houses will hold the consumer as an active participant in the procedure.

As houses begin to alter selling positions, they are traveling off from pitching messages toward consumers and alternatively prosecuting in duologue with their consumers. They are delving deep into the relationship of house and consumer and truly acquiring to cognize the later. With recent promotions in engineering, they are able to garner information about their consumers easier than of all time.

Internet selling is the fastest turning medium to garner information on consumers both through feedback from the house ‘s ain web site every bit good as hunt engine research selling. Companies are happening out what consumers are seeking on a day-to-day footing, what motivates them to click-through and what motivates them to purchase. In add-on, companies have greater entree to consumer feedback through their web responses every bit good as societal media webs. Facebook and Twitter give consumers a worldwide forum to speak about value of services and their likes and disfavors.

Promotions in marketing research besides provide much needed information about consumers and their demands. Everything from new trial market engineering to concentrate groups contributes to knowledge of consumers. This cognition makes it easier for a company to follow the service dominant logic because they begin to understand what value the consumer topographic points on their service offering and take their feedback into consideration.

Service dominant logic affects every facet of their selling programs from research to execution. After houses gather information on their clients and their feedback, they will hold to utilize this information to make out to their clients in a manner they ne’er have earlier.

For illustration, this new doctrine is late seen through more and more originative messages. One does n’t purchase a mattress ; one buys “ a good dark ‘s slumber. ” One does n’t purchase a frozen dinner ; one buys “ more clip with her household. ” It ‘s non the tennis places for sale ; it ‘s the service of a better game or a better exercise that consequences when the consumer extracts the value from the new places. Selling directors are offering services, non merely merchandises, through their originative message.


In the decision of their article “ Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, ” Vargo and Lusch province that “ consumers will develop relationships with organisations that can supply them with an full host of related services over an drawn-out period. ” ( 2004, Journal of Marketing, p.13 ) .

To some extent, that is already go oning in today ‘s market place. What they have presented in their paper is possibly non such a new manner of thought, but more of a description of what ‘s already fetching topographic point in today ‘s market place.

The service dominant position has truly been the development of selling over the past 100 old ages. Marketing doctrines have evolved from the thought of taking things to market to a pattern of marketing to clients and presently to a pattern of marketing with clients.

Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch have pinpointed this development procedure in this paper and have defined it as “ service dominant logic of selling. ” They believe the pattern of selling will switch from conveying goods to the market to selling services to consumer. This displacement will set more accent on the relationship of the house and the consumer. They even called the consumer a “ co-creator ” of the undertaking.

As houses and their selling directors begin to see this development of selling and switch their doctrines to the service dominant logic, it will hold a enormous impact on both strategic selling and relationship selling.

Firms that are strong practicians of strategic selling will hold to look in front to their aims based on the service they provide. They will besides hold to be flexible to set those aims as they receive feedback from their clients. As they proceed with their strategic selling, they will hold to further develop the relationship with their consumers and be prepared to better upon their offerings or alter them to run into the value demands of their client.

Companies that pattern relationship selling will hold to redefine the relationship between the house and the client. As the client becomes a “ co-producer ” in the procedure, these houses will hold to concentrate more than of all time on retaining that client and keeping that relationship that keeps them coming back for their service.

As the service dominant logic of marketing creeps its manner into both strategic and relationship selling, houses realize they would profit from puting a strong accent on edifice trade name relationships with all of their consumers and making a service-dominant house doctrine centered around this trade name value co-creation.

The disclosures in “ Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, ” has made and continues to do an impact on the manner houses view their selling doctrine. By following this new position, houses will hold a better two-way relationship with their clients. It could besides better service offerings and possible open up new service thoughts.

This deeper client cognition and understanding becomes a immense competitory advantage for these companies. The more duologue they have with clients, the more they can better their service offerings. The more they improve their services, the better value for the consumer. It becomes a much more efficient manner to market.


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