Service Quality (3 Stars Hotel Industry) Essay

July 12, 2018 Communication

Service quality is a step of how good the service degree delivered lucifers client outlooks. and presenting quality service means conforming to client outlooks on a consistent footing ( Lewis and Booms. 1983 ) . By utilizing the 18 quality factors provided by Johnston ( 1995 ) . service quality can be viewed in these factors and divided into four types. these types are define as delighting and dissatisfying whether the incidents came from clients ( Lockwood. 1994 ) . This is an of import index of client satisfaction.

( I ) Hygiene Factors

The hygiene factors are indispensable to services to clients ; absence may take to customers’ dissatisfaction whilst presence does non increase their satisfaction. In the hotel industry. the undermentioned factors are in this class: Access. Cleanliness. Comfort. Security. Aesthetics. Reliability. Integrity and Availability.

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Most clients in hotel are concern and leisure travellers. If hotel has a extremely accessible location. such as close to MTR station or coach halt. clients may be delighted. Furthermore the hotel entryway must be clearly equipped with directional marks because clients may hold heavy properties with them and clearly directional marks can minimum the customers’ attempts to happen the hotel after a travel.

Cleanliness and comfort are highlighted as an of import component act uponing hotels. Harmonizing to the research ‘An importance-performance analysis of hotel choice factors in the Hong Kong hotel industry’ ( Chu. 2000 ) . cleanliness of the invitee suites is the first precedence by both concern and leisure travellers when choosing a hotel. particularly at bathroom and lavatory ( Lockyer. 2003 ) . Besides cleanliness of public countries like forepart entryway. anteroom or lifts will go forth the client a good first feeling of the hotel.

Customers are concerned with security. It is of import to maintain invitees and their personal belongings safe as hotel is their 2nd place during their stay. Hotel must keep safety and security from menaces on privateness. menaces on guests’ belongings. and immoral activities. For illustration: each invitee room have secure door locks. and the room key is assigned to open their ain invitee room merely. so clients can experience free and safe while kiping and bathing and prevent offense.

( two ) Critical factors

Critical factors are those that can be both hearty and dissatisfying and hence any alterations in degrees of public presentation can hold both a negative and a positive consequence ( Johnston and Heineke. 1998 ) . Responsiveness. Communication. Friendliness. Competence and Courtesy are grouped in this factor.

Hotel staff should ever be antiphonal and ready to assist their invitees and respond to fulfill their demand instantly. for illustration. customer’s petition for towels or hair blower when they call to room service or customer’s checking in when they arrive at the hotel. Staff‘s efficiency and reactivity will accomplish greater client satisfaction.

Good communicating and friendliness are success factors in hotel industry. As clients in a hotel may come signifier different states. staffs with good communicating accomplishments can function the clients expeditiously without misinterpretations and errors. Friendliness can go forth a good first feeling to new clients. If staff greets their clients in a friendly mode. so clients will experience so satisfied and bask their stay. and this will do client come back once more.

( three ) Neutral Factors

Impersonal factors have small consequence on satisfaction. and in hotel industry. there is no factor in this group.

( four ) Enhancing factors

Enhancing factors are those which will take to client satisfaction if they are delivered decently. but will non needfully do dissatisfaction if absent ( Yang and Fang. 2004 ) . For a hotel. flexibleness. Care and Attentiveness are classified this factor.

Flexibility can increase overall client satisfaction. for illustration. if clients arrive at a hotel before the stated check-in clip. they will merely necessitate to allow the hotel know in progress. so front desk staff will set up a room for them instantly. In check-out clip. hotel accepts customer’s petition for room extension or provides free baggage storage after check-out. so client can bask their circuit or concern activities before traveling to airport.


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