Services and Facilities at Aarogyam Hospitals

A to the full advanced centre for Infertility, all laproscopic and hystroscopic surgeries, painless bringing, Foetal Monitoring, Menopause clinic, Teenage Guidance Clinic, Govt. approved MTP and Family Planning centre & A ; ultrasonography centre. Dr. is High hazard Pregnancy Consultant at Sterling Hospital & A ; covering with gestation with HIV, gestation with medical upsets & A ; all obstretic exigencies Women at all phases of life, from early teens to menopause and beyond will see a assortment of hormonal, medical, physical and emotional conditions that require attending and attention. From everyday gynecological cheques to intervention for period abnormalcies, pelvic infection, ovarian cysts, fibroids, prolapsus, sterilization or hysterectomy, we ever understand the patient’s point of position and dainty consequently Contraception is another of import topic for many adult females and twosomes, as are the complex issues environing unplanned gestations. Abnormal, guerrilla or painful periods can be really distressful and these excessively can frequently be resolved.

Preventive HealthcareWe believe that preventative Healthcare begins with Understanding of jobs and apprehension of the symptoms. We have programme for bar and early sensing of upsets. Our adult females wellness check-up is designed to observe the earliest marks of upsets of the chest and the variety meats of reproduction, and attention to your prophylactic needs..

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Ante-Natal attentionWe offer Ante-natal medical examination with Ante-natal and station gestation categories, specially designed for female parents to be and male parents to be in fixing for the undertaking in front, both physically and psychologically.

Painless LabourWe offer pain alleviation in labor by psychoprophylaxis ( prenatal categories ) , Entonox, Epidural, T.E.N.S. and H2O births are besides offered consequently to single demands. Continuous electronics bosom rate monitoring ( CTG ) is available to watch your babe ‘s status during childbearing as per international criterions. We have postgraduate trained resident accoucheurs supervising the status of female parent and kid round the clock, under counsel of senior advisers.

High Risk PregnancyWe have extremely trained accoucheurs to look after patients with bad gestations such as those with diabetes, high blood force per unit area, bosom disease, old gestation losingss, growing retarted babes etc. through the gestation and labor backed up by the NICU.

Conventional GynaecologyOur adviser Gynaecologist provide specialist medical every bit good as surgical direction of all types of gynecological job i.e. Menstrual abnormalcies, prolapsus, fibroids and other tumors of the womb and ovaries, tubal recanalistion by microsurgery and intervention of the sterile twosome. Bad surgical patients ( such as those with high BP, bosom disease etc ) are cared for with particular monitoring in the OT and so in the surgical and medical ICU as backup if required particular accent is on gynecological endocrinology job. Menopausal adult females are card for in our climacteric clinics with everyday medical examination and HRT.

Gynecological OncosurgeryTreatment of venereal malignant neoplastic diseases like those of uterus, neck, vagina vulva and ovaries, is done in co-ordination between the trained Gynecological Oncosurgeons, medical oncologist and radiologists for optimum attention during surgery and subsequent attention and follow up.

Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgeries

State-of-the-art Gynaecological surgery is now available to you at Aarogyam Hospitals for complete and safe intervention with first equipment and expertness in minimally invasive techniques. Well trained sawboness with old ages of experience in India and abroad can individually orient about all gynecological operations to your demand utilizing this modern mode of surgery. Ectopic gestations, ovarian cysts and hysterectomies can be performed laparoscopically, both with and without the usage of gas, and with least hurting to your organic structure and early return to your day-to-day activities utilizing this “ Key hole method ” of advanced modern surgery.

Patient ‘s Care

Our Nursing staff is frequently extremely praised on their professional yet friendly attack. We will make everything we can to do your visit every bit comfy as possible. We guarantee a high ratio of nursing staff per patient with an norm of three to four patients to one nurse/midwife. This ratio is increased to one to one attention in critical countries such as the Intensive Care Unit ( ICU ) and Labour Ward. Patient safety is our chief concern. Aarogyam has specializers and installations on manus should an exigency arise. In these fortunes you will be cared for by senior physicians Aarogyam provides a full continuum of attention to run into the demands of each patient at each phase of intervention. Servicess at Aarogyam are designed to promote the degree of attention that is clinically appropriate.

We accept largely all wellness insurance to guarantee that fiscal affairs do non come in between intervention


Aarogyam is to the full equipped with two extremist modern operation theater with perfect blending of modern engineering & A ; optimal safety. Besides holding Air-conditioned labour room with Foetal monitoring. It is designed to supply warm & A ; homely atmosphere to patients. 10 beds with semi particular, particular & A ; Deluxe room. Each Room is made alive with different coloring materials strategies with fiting linen, drapes, nice inside, furniture, wall with painting & A ; sofa sets. The bed can be adjusted by the patient him self with the aid of distant control. Apart from the above installations the infirmary is holding all life salvaging proctors, ultramodern instruments, latest equipment in field of urogenital medicine & A ; gynecology, all endoscopic & amp ; laproscopic instruments, to the full distant control operation tabular array, I.I.T.V. ( Image Intensifier T.V. ) all exigency installations, in house pharmaceutics & A ; pathology. Aarogyam Hospital is holding 100 W ‘s Holmium YAG optical maser machine & A ; All flexible endocopes for rock & A ; prostate jobs. Care is taken to guarantee that the patient & A ; his household feel at place & A ; the staff ( medical & A ; paramedical ) is really enthusiastic, good trained, ever working with a smiling face & A ; handling patients on the route of recovery.

The substructure allows us to supply our patients with comprehensive attention with the latest engineering. Diagnostic resources include in-house research lab, CT scanner, ultrasound, plain x-ray and urodynamics, all in one convenient location that keeps patients from holding to run all over town. We hope this circuit provides a good overview of our clinic and the resources available to the patients seen here.

There are ‘recovery’ and ‘post-operative’ suites to the full equipped with monitoring devices for critical attention. There is a medical intensive attention particularly for cardio-respiratory supportive equipment, installation for peritoneal dialysis, and cardinal monitoring supported by a dedicated and trained staff.

Operation Theaters

We have a High Definition screen, on table connexions which can be connected to anywhere in the universe through ISDN lines. There are installations for unrecorded recording during the surgery.

All surgeries refering to lapidate and endourology are done. C arm, three bit camera and recording and transmittal installations are besides available.

All processs in Urology viz. Stone Surgery, Laparoscopy and all surgeries refering to Urology can be performed.

Nephritic Transplant Theatre particularly for the Donor Nephrectomy which now a yearss are performed largely Laparoscopically.

Nephritic Transplant Theatre wherein Renal receiver is operated.

Rooms Facilities

  • Suites with modern trappingss and insides
  • Air conditioners
  • Attached bathrooms with latest healthful adjustments
  • A icebox
  • Television with all channels
  • Telephone
  • A particular cardiac tabular array for patient
  • Internet, Email, Fax and other secretarial services can be availed by our frequenters


Comprehensive attention for the urinary & A ;rock diseasesA Complete Urology centre offering intervention for all sort of rocks, prostate jobs, sterility, Andrology, Uro-gynacology, Paediatric Urology. Hi-tech centre for most advanced Laproscopic urogenital medicine surgeries like Nephrectomy Pyeloplasty, Adrenalectoy, Radial Nephrectoy, Radial cystoprostatectomy, Radical Prostatectomy, Anterior exeriteration with ureterosigmoidostomy, Ureteric re-implantation with tailoring. Stone disease is a really common job all over the universe. Approximately 60 % of rocks can be managed by lithotripsy and remainder of rocks demands assorted endourological processs to take the rocks without unfastened surgery.


Congenital Defects: – Any Urinary or venereal malformation if present since birth in kids can be treated with latest techniques. Stress Urinary Incontinence: – when patient coughs or laughs, there is escape of urine, can be treated with latest tape available in the market.

Sterility: – of both spouses husband or married woman, can be treated with assorted options like IUI, microsurgery, vasoplasty etc.

Ailments, Treatment & A ; Surgeries

LithotripsyA method of handling kidney and ureteric rocks without surgery, utilizing the latest Direx lithotripsy – Delta theoretical account. One of the best machines available for the intent. Both x-ray & A ; Ultrasound controls are available on this machine. The placement, concentrating and bringing of daze moving ridges are all controlled by advanced computerized system with safety cut-offs to forestall harm by human mistake. Patients does non necessitate any hospital stay and can travel place same twenty-four hours.

Transdermal renal surgeryHere 1 cm hole is made in kidney to take rocks after interrupting it into smaller pieces. There is a minimum hurting and uncomfortableness and patients can travel place in 48 hours. Even bigger rocks and stag horn rocks can be safely managed with this mode. Some of the patients may besides necessitate aid of lithotripsy to acquire complete rock remotion.

Intra-renal rock surgery by flexible Scopess and optical maser lithotripsy

Here flexible Scopess are passed through the urethra ( from where one passes piss ) and rocks are removed after interrupting into smaller pieces by optical maser. Here once more patients can be discharged within 24 to 48 hours.


All facets of Endourology ( surgery through a telescope, which does non necessitate unfastened processs ) including intervention of prostate ( TURP ) , vesica malignant neoplastic diseases ( TURBT ) , urethral stenosiss, kidney and ureteric rocks ( PCNL & A ; URS ) are available. Intracorporeal Lithotripsy ( interrupting of rocks utilizing endoscopes ) utilizing the pneumatic lithotripsy is besides available.

Minimally Invasive surgery ( Keyhole or laparoscopic surgery )

Most of the urological surgery can be performed by keyhole surgery. Most of kidney surgery whether it is for benign disease or for malignant neoplastic disease can be safely performed laparoscopically. In the same manner many other urological malignant neoplastic disease surgery like prostate malignant neoplastic disease or ureteric malignant neoplastic disease can besides be done without cutting the venters. Aarogyam infirmary offers all sorts of laparoscopic surgery for urological disease. Major advantage is less hurting, little cicatrix or no cicatrix, early discharge and early return to work

Laparoscopic Donor nephrectomy

Now donor can donate one of the kidney to their loved on without much hurting and uncomfortableness. Even kidney retrieval scratch is non seen and donor can travel place in two to three yearss

Laser for prostate surgery

Work force after the age of 50 old ages suffer from urinary jobs like traveling to toilet often, hapless control of piss or trouble of go throughing urine etc. It is because of expansion of the prostate, which can be removed safely by endoscopic method. Aarogyam infirmary now has installation to take these secretory organs by optical maser surgery by 100 watt Ho YAG optical maser machine.

Video Urodynamics

The most advanced to the full computerised picture urodynamic machines at Aarogyam, which will name all sorts of incontinency and trouble in go throughing piss so as to enable the right intervention. These machines besides include ‘EMG ‘ installations that are a must for naming urinary and intestine jobs secondary to spinal hurts stroke, paralysis agitans and other neurological upsets. This research lab has good designed installations for the full scope of surveies including uroflownmetry, make fulling and invalidating cystometry, urethral force per unit area profile surveies ( UPP ) and VCUG ( in add-on to EMG and cavernosometry ) .


A job of over 10 % of big population can be to the full investigated and treated. Aarogyam provides specialised installations for pharmacotherapy, cavernosometry and cavernosography, in add-on to Doppler surveies for appraisal of blood flow. Penile implant are besides implanted for the terrible grade of powerlessness


Aarogyam offers a complete scope of installations for probe of male sterility. Female sterility probe by gynecologists with particular preparation in sterility is besides provided. Treatment is coordinated with the aided construct unit and an ‘IVF ‘ research lab.

Urological Cancers

Aarogyam Hospital is holding province of the art installations to handle. Kidney, urinary vesica & A ; prostate malignant neoplastic diseases

Female Urology

Urinary incontinency ( urinary leak ) and other urinary jobs like urgency ( traveling to the lavatory often ) and stress incontinency ( leaking of piss with cough and laughing or striving ) can be investigated and treated with minimally invasive methods.

Paediatric urogenital medicine

Children suffer from assorted urological jobs like pelvi-ureteric junction obstructor, vesico-ureteric reflux, posterior urethral value and undescended testicle, which needs probes. Most of the job once more can be managed by endoscopic and laparoscopic methods

Reconstructive urogenital medicine

Many rehabilitative urological surgeries like pyeloplasty, urethral stenosis surgery, hypospedias surgery and other inborn upset are reconstructed routinely. Some of these rehabilitative surgeries are done by keyhole surgery



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