Seven events that shaped the New Testament world Essay

October 3, 2017 General Studies

The strong belief of the group that Jesus comes in contact with when at Matthew’s is that “one who claims to be sanctums should non hold dinner with revenue enhancement aggregators and evildoers. ” In those ancient times. revenue enhancement aggregators were perceived a bad batch that was made up of evildoers. To the Pharisees who thought of themselves as the sanctum batch. tie ining or even speaking to revenue enhancement aggregators was an abomination. They identified themselves as the lone sanctum people and the most clean spiritually and therefore could non tie in with evildoers. Their group was made of the Pharisees and anybody who did contrary to their beliefs was considered unhallowed ( Carter. 2013 ) .

Some of the people whom they did non tie in with were the ill. cocottes and the revenue enhancement aggregators. The sick were considered unhallowed because the Pharisees believed that illness was caused by wickednesss. harlotry was a disapprobation because it was a wickedness and the revenue enhancement aggregators were considered evildoers because of their couth ways of roll uping revenue enhancements. Jesus came to do the wrongs right. He therefore does complete antonym of what the Pharisees believed in. This brings a batch of misinterpretations between Jesus and the Pharisees because they care most about keeping their spiritual sanctity than making out to those in demand of being whole once more. that is. without wickednesss or diseases as a consequence of their sermon and plants of clemency to those in demand ( Holy Bible. 2007 ) .

In the text. at its most basic. the struggle between Jesus and the leaders is about making against the set spiritual regulations. The regulation that Jesus breaks in this context is that a holy individual should non eat from the same tabular array with evildoers. In this instance. Jesus was eating together with Matthew in his topographic point and Matthew is a revenue enhancement aggregator. This is so because revenue enhancement aggregators were non merely disreputable evildoers but besides were considered as undercover agents of the Romans against their associated Jews. Cipher loved any adult male who worked at the levy office. Therefore. they lived a privy life like castawaies in their ain community.

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Matthew sought to convey his old familiarities to hear the Christ. After his naming. he now understands how powerful the grace of Christ was and would wish his fellow revenue enhancement aggregators to see the same. This portrays that the 1s who have an experience with the Christ develops a desire that others be brought to him to hold the same experience. As Jesus points out. those who think that their psyches are non ailing make non long for a religious doctor ( Holy Bible. 2007 ) .

This was a direct hit to the Jews since they could non understand that Jesus. as John the Baptist said. was coming to mend the sick. to cleanse the evildoers and to give hope to those who were in desperation. Jesus demonstrated that he came for all by integrating all in His instructions and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours brushs but the Jewish despised Him because they held a position that they are whole. The that the hapless tavern keepers and evildoers felt that they were in demand of amendment and direction but could non acquire it from the Pharisees and that is why Jesus kept them shut to do them whole against. This was a regular cause of misconstruing between him and the Jews ( Holy Bible. 2007 ) .

There are several things we need to cognize about the historical universe to understand the struggle between Jesus and the leaders at the Matthew’s. First. the Judaic people out justly regarded revenue enhancement aggregators as plotters because they worked for the Roman government. and had the power of Roman armed forcess behind them so as to viciously oblige people to pay levies. They were most high treasonists with Roman government ( Carter. 2013 ) .

Second. Jewish regarded revenue enhancement aggregators to be blackmailers because they kept everything they collected. Since revenue enhancement aggregators command for a contractor to roll up revenue enhancements in peculiar countries. the Romans gave the contracts to the individual with the highest command. The bidder would roll up levies. give the Roman Empire what he had promised and would maintain the remainder. Therefore. there were many cases where the revenue enhancement aggregators levied high revenue enhancements and rip offing with any chance they found so as to accumulate as much money as they could. For them. this was a concern with wholesome net income devising as they deemed necessary ( Holy Bible. 2007 ) .

Third. when a Jew got into the duties’ service. he was considered a dramatis personae off from the society. He was banned as a justice or an oculus informant in a jurisprudence tribunal hearing. was barred from the temple and in the face of the populace. his disrepute prolonged to his families. This shows how bad the Jews hated the tax-leviers to an extent of sing them evildoers. an abomination in the society and this hatred protracted to their household. Their evidences on which this sort of hatred was based were echt no admiration they were so acrimonious on The nazarene when he associated with evildoers and even went to an extent of booming with them ( Kraybill. 2003 ) . The bone of contention here is the cause of misconstruing between Jesus and the Jewish. What the Judaic do non look to understand is that Jesus had come to do right that which is incorrect.

The knowing of the above yesteryear patterns informs me in several ways in the procedure of reading the Matthew Gospel. First. I now understand that the Jews were existent fiends of their spiritual tenets. They extremely valued conformation to their spiritual patterns with an purpose of remaining clean and consecutive. Second. I now understand that every misinterpretation between Jesus and the Jews had a cause and it had something to make with a contradiction of the Judaic bing spiritual philosophies. Last. the misinterpretations were ever high between Jesus and the Judaic spiritual leaders because the Jews were non ready to accept the intent for the coming of Christ. If merely they understood. they would hold compromised to suit His instructions ( Carter. 2013 ) .


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