Sexual Pressures

By November 17, 2018 Sports

The media is just one of the factors responsible for the increase in teen sexuality. Throughout a humans adolescents years they are subject to a number of sexual pressures. Through research I have found that peers areamong the most influential. An adolescent is not limited to peer pressure though. They face pressures from the media as well. I believe that media pressure is just a influential as peer pressure. There is also other pressure,from people such as older friends, parents, and just adults in general.

Peers is a term that can be defined as friends. I have found that many teens have friends that are athletes. In high schools, boy athletesoutscore all of the other boys with the girls(Elias 1). On the other hand ,girls on sports teams are much less sexually active than other females who do not play sports(Elias 1). This shows that male athletes are far morepressuring each other on the issue of sexuality. So for males who are into sports they are subjected to a host of pressures and can as a result do things they would not normally do. On the contrary, I found that females who do sports are far less pressured and influenced about sex. In fact theyare far less likely to be sexually active than teen females who do not participate in sports.

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I believe that all teens in general should know the results of being a sexually active teen. There are many consequences of being sexuallyactive, one of the major one being sexually transmitted diseases. A sexuallytransmitted disease might not sound so bad but, some can cause sterilityand even worse , death. Even when condoms are used, a STD can still be transmitted.

Depending on the type of std they can or can not be cured. A few diseases that can not be cured include herpes, HPV, And HIV, which later turns into the virus AIDS. The disease HPV can cause cervical cancer andHIV results in a long, painful death. Almost a third of sexually active teenscontracted a new STD within a mere six months, reported one study, evenamong condom users(Terilliger 2).

Once a teen has become sexually active he or she must assume newroles. Males must think about the issue of perhaps becoming a father byaccident of intentionally. Moreover, females must think about all the consequences of having sex. No sex happens to be the safest form of sexualactivity. It is not hard for a condom to break of for birth control pills to be forgotten once or twice during a cycle to cause a pregnancy. In addition,once a female becomes pregnant there are few options she can explore.

In a like manner, adults are an impact on a teens sexuality. Most teens look up to an adult and admire them. Likewise, they want to try to belike there idol. This is why an adult can have a profound impact on a teentrying to cope with the pressures of sexuality. That is why all adults in allclasses of society should watch what they do or say in relation to teens. Forexample, The President of the United States was adulterous and lied about it. We as society say so what? when the accusations surfaced at first(Kavanagh 13).

In the same fashion, the media plays a huge part of sexual pressuresexerted on a teen. One way being television. Television at the present time is full of vulgarness and sex. As far as prime time television is concerned is safer to watch old re runs of the Lucy Show and the Cosby Show. they ere from an era where sex was not such a prime time staple(Riley 186). This show how much society has changed concerning sex. In the old times sex was not a way to get better ratings like it is today. Similarly, music hasan impact on an adolescents sexuality. Rap lyrics at the current time are full of obscenities and words concerning sex. In the rapper Eminem’s songRole Model , he says, Im going to rape her and leave her, once I get near her(mathers 1). When the media says these kind of things teens are leadto believe that this type of behavior is normal and should not be digressed.

Every teen listens to some kind of


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