Sf Giants

Emmanuel Amigleo English 100 Essay # 1 (Final) It has been known around the world that the San Francisco Giants is a great team. It was not till 2010 they proved to be a phenomenal baseball team in Major League Baseball, when they became the first of its kind as the San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series Champions creating an epidemic in giants fever. With this historical event it increased the fan base exponentially. Not only did the fan base grow, there was a higher demand for Giants paraphernalia. With this phenomenon it captured the attention of the media, which may also have resulted in the increase of fans around the world.

The increase in fan base caught the attention of current fans to include new fans from men, women, boys, girls and even babies with the Giants fever. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the San Francisco Giants World Series victory, has lead the Giants franchise to sell out in season tickets for 2011, this resulted in the most season tickets sold since 2000. Since the Giants played as World Series Champions, they have also sold-out games both at home and away, spreading the fever throughout America. Today, anywhere you go within a one mile radius you will see a person wearing orange and/or black with a SF Giants insignia on.

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Fans would express their loyalty with paraphernalia from wigs, beards, caps, costumes, and even turning ball games into a Halloween event with the stadium filling with black and orange throughout the parks in the United States. In agreement with Forbes. com, the Giants’ first World Series title in San Francisco has led to a record revenue of over $230 million, to include selling more than $600,000 worth of merchandise throughout stores in just the first 36 hours after winning the National League pennant in 2010.

San Francisco Giants clothing and merchandise became a symbol for all Giants fans to show there appreciation and support for this iconic team. With the increase in fans and paraphernalia, the media felt that they too have caught the fever. Fear the Beard, Ross is Boss, Pat the Bat are all expression that we see or hear throughout the media. Media attention sky rocketed after the San Francisco Giants won their first World Series title.

From commercials, to talk shows, to developing music associated with SF Giants and now soon to be a reality show called “The Franchise” which airs July 13, 2011 on Showtime. The media knew that they wanted in on this epidemic. With the media catching the fever, it has assisted in enabling the Giants fever to spread throughout the nation and even the world. The San Francisco Giants has certainly taken a positive roll in sharing their success with fans around the world and continue to work hard in maintaining their current status as World Series Champions.

With the increase in fans, to crazy gimmicks on merchandise, and now appearances on television. These World Series Champions sure know how to create an epidemic with a contagious fever called “Giants Fever”. Work cited page: Eric Young. “Giants scoring with ticket sales, sponsors. ” San Francisco Business Times. 24 March 2011. Web. 02 July 2011. “The Business Of Baseball #7 San Francisco Giants. ” Forbes. com 30 June 2011. Web. 02 July 2011. Philiana Ng. “Showtime Announces Premiere Date for S. F. Giants Series. ” The Hollywood Reporter. 24 March 2011. Web. 02 July 2011



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