Shackled Women – Short Essay Essay

July 4, 2017 July 11th, 2017 General Studies

In western civilizations. adult females consider themselves equal to work forces while in some other parts of the universe such as Africa and Asia. adult females are subjected to force. sexual maltreatments. and development by work forces that considered them as their legal or sexual belongings. Because tradition and faith play a important function in the life of the people of these parts. adult females are forced to populate harmonizing to their civilization in order for them to suit in the society. From murdered hubbies in India. cold Islamic Torahs in Pakistan. to venereal mutilation pattern in Africa. these indefensible Acts of the Apostless are virtually impossible to explicate because they all go against the moral rules and values of a civilised society.

When a parent intentionally killed his girl without holding compunction because of fiscal grounds. the first thing that comes into ordinary people’s head is sorrow and heartache. Because dowery is paid by the bride’s household in India. cruel and selfish hubbies killed their 2nd girl in order to avoid paying a 2nd expensive dowery. Dowry in India can account for more than 50 % of a household income. ( Journeyman Pictures LTD. January 2001 ) . For that ground. male parents murdered their female kid. Even if a 2nd female kid makes it trough childhood. she may still hold a matrimony on the stones if her dowery is non plenty to fulfill her in-laws. It is really lurid and upseting to cognize that these male parents are still making it without impunity. The most hideous of all is that the authorities of India is cognizant of these violent deaths and does non take drastic steps to halt it. Because it is culturally right in India to make so. adult females can non oppose it to the hazard of being physically abuse by their hubbies.

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