Shang China VS. Ancient Egypt Essay

By September 2, 2018 Religion

The Shang Period of China ( 1750-1045 B. C. E. ) and the Egyptian Culture ( 3100-1070 B. C. E. ) were separated by 1000s of old ages and developed in wholly different parts. yet portion some interesting similarities in civilization. faith. authorities. political relations. societal construction and migration. They were both tomb builders with a extremely organized societal construction governed by a cardinal swayer with a big ground forces. but the Egyptian civilisation is considered to hold been far more advanced in the development of their civilization. The natural boundary lines of both societies allowed for them to develop independently which makes their similarities more interesting.

The Shang Period of China and the Egyptian civilization shared many promotions in common. They both domesticated animate beings and harvests that supported big populations. developed bronzy arms. chariots. bows. and big well-organized ground forcess. every bit good as the usage of a written linguistic communication. They besides shared a common belief in grave edifice for their swayers and located objects in Tombs for usage in the hereafter. While both civilizations had similarities. the Egyptians were far advanced in their technology and edifice of grave. and memorials. graphics. and apprehension of mathematics. and uranology. They were besides more advanced in their authorship called hieroglyphs and a cursive book. Besides. the Egyptians are the builders of the great pyramids.

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Religion was really of import in both civilizations. Both groups had different beliefs and Gods but were similar in how they managed faith. The Egyptians and Chinese of the Shang period believed in ascendant worship. an after-life. and had many Gods. However they both had cardinal Gods that were the most of import. In the Shang period. the supreme God was Shang Ti. the “lord on high” . The God could non be approached straight but reached through the ruler’s ascendants. The Ruler was the nexus between Eden and Earth. The Egyptians had more than one of import God. but they lived under the regulation of their life God. Pharaoh. Pharaoh was the godly swayer semen to earth to guarantee the public assistance and prosperity of the people.

One common facet of both civilizations was a cardinal authorities with one autocratic swayer. Early Egypt had little provinces ruled by local male monarchs. but finally ruled under one Pharaoh around 3100 B. C. The Egyptian swayer governed as a Godhead male monarch. Both Shang and Egyptian swayers headed a big. well-organized ground forces.

The Shang society was composed largely of many peasant communities that were dominated by a strong baronial category and headed by a organized monarchy. The Shang King had an elect warrior nobility. so priest. merchandisers and husbandmans followed by the provincials. Similarly. the Egyptian Pharaoh had high ranking functionaries. so lower degree functionaries. local leaders and priest. well-off husbandmans. with provincials at the underside of the societal ranking. In both societies. funeral rites helped specify the societal category. Royalty were buried in luxuriant graves. while provincials were buried without much ceremonial. The Egyptians were far advanced in burial rites and developed mummification to continue the organic structures of the societal elite. Within their societal constructions. the two societies had similar ground forcess and methods of war. Both ground forcess were big and really organized. They both used Equus caballus drawn chariots. bronze arms. and bows.

The geographics of China provided isolation and small migration in and out of the part by foreigners for much of China’s early history. Chinas’ natural boundary lines of steep mountains. seas/oceans protected the antediluvian Chinese civilizations. The Egyptian geographics besides helped maintain it slightly isolated because it is largely bare desert with narrow green fertile land on both sides of the Nile river and delta. It excessively has a sea on one side. However. the Nile did let the Egyptians to merchandise with other civilizations and finally encroachers came into Egypt from the sea.

You would be right to state that the civilisations of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians could non be farther apart in geographics and visual aspect. However. they developed two societies that shared many similar thoughts. Their common belief in ascendant worship and a similar societal construction are merely a twosome of the shared thoughts of the two groups. The differences become more evident in the promotion of the Egyptian civilization. Even though their population was smaller. the Egyptians were better builders. had a more advanced linguistic communication construction. and their memorials. graves and graphics left a permanent feeling on the universe.


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