Short Message Service Sms Marketing Essay

Short Message Service ( SMS ) is going the most important direct selling tool for many types of concerns around the universe ( Drossos et al, 2007 ) . The rapid spread of nomadic phones helped more to be an effectual direct tool that can make a immense figure of people since about everyone from different ages and gender holds a personal Mobile phone. Ad methods are followed by three phases, the first phase when hoardings, magazines and newspapers were emerged. Then Radio and Television were the best advertisement tools before the booming of Mobile and cyberspace advertisement occurred ( Park et Al, 2008 ) .

SMS is one of the direct selling methods which promote clients by analyzing their personal features, demands, and attacks in order to downsize the mass consumers into specific possible consumers ( Ling & A ; Li, 1998 ) . The chief end of direct selling is directing a direct message straight without making any 3rd party. There are many types of direct selling instead than Short Message Service as: Direct mail, Telemarketing, Email selling, Flyers, Social media selling, and Direct merchandising.

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Direct mail: it is a posted mail used to publicize and market any type of merchandise or service for any concern.

Telemarketing: naming possible clients by phone, turn toing them one by one.

Email selling: an cheap manner for turn toing clients by e-mailing one by one into their personal electronic mail reference.

Circulars: Distributing circulars as an advertisement tool depicting the merchandise or service in a press release signifier.

Social media selling: meant by cyberspace selling which is so popular ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etcaˆ¦ )

Direct merchandising: include personal human one on one merchandising, frequently at the client ‘s topographic point. ( Queensland Government, 2012 ) .

Many research workers had studied the effectivity of nomadic advertisement. ( Drossos, Giaglis, Lekakos, Kokkinaki, & A ; Stavraki, 2007 ) discovered many variables that shake the effectivity of nomadic advertisement. ( Ling & A ; Li, 1998 ) studied how to do a information excavation for better effectivity. ( Tsang, Ho, & A ; Liang, 2004 ) found that consumers have negative attitude towards mobile advertisement unless they have a direct important demand for the merchandise or service.

There is a contradiction between all researches done by research workers, some say that nomadic advertisement is negative unless holding the permission of the consumer, some say that there is a important effectivity utilizing nomadic advertisement, and other said that there is a important effectivity utilizing nomadic advertisement but there are variable that change the degree of effectivity or demo how to do nomadic advertisement more effectual utilizing these variables.

1.1 Purpose of the survey

The intent of the survey is to demo the effectivity of Short Message Service in presence of many variables and how much this service is dependable for concerns to utilize in order to market its merchandises.

Chapter II: Literature Reappraisal

2.1 Variables showed by old surveies

Harmonizing to ( Drossos, Giaglis, Lekakos, Kokkinaki, & A ; Stavraki, 2007 ) there are many factors consequence mobile advertisement which are six independent variables:

2.1.1 Location and clip

Indicating clients harmonizing to their location and clip ; In order to make consciousness, the targeted consumer should be near the concern or the concern should be between the lists of topographic points that the client is willing to see. Harmonizing to clip, clip besides should be convenient to the client because clients have definite clip borders that they might purchase or see harmonizing to it ( Drossos, Giaglis, Lekakos, Kokkinaki, & A ; Stavraki, 2007 ) . The meeting of the perfect clip and topographic point in the SMS run would be really effectual in order to convince clients in the merchandise ( Brady, Cronin, & A ; Hult, 2000 )

2.1.2 Interactivity

Increasing interactivity may increase engagement of the client into the merchandise, therefore making a nexus for the trade name web-site within the SMS information constituents would let the client to interact with the trade name and may experience funny to travel search toward this site. This bipartisan interaction is better than merely giving info to the client without giving any impulse to cognize about the trade name. And if the client is familiar with the trade name ‘interactivity ‘ is so found which is needed to for the attending to the SMS.

2.1.3 Incentive

Each and every client ‘s aim from puting in any merchandise may be even pecuniary, or characteristics profiting intent ( Milne & A ; Gordon, 1993 ) . A Short Message Service should incorporate either a publicity for the merchandise or a sale price reduction that may pull the client and increase the engagement to the merchandise. Therefore we should strike hard on the good side that the client seeks and give it to him/her in order to do the Short Message Service more effectual.

2.1.4 Source Credibility

Due to the immense figure of merchandises hedging the market, clients ca n’t swear any unknown trade name so they go for known, trusty, and which have good reputes. Therefore, in order to do a Short Message service effectual, the trade name should be believable and the merchandise should be trusty or the chance would ne’er be involved ( Mackenzie & A ; Lutz, 1989 ) .

2.1.5 Entreaty

( Johar & A ; Sirgy, 1991 ) Divided entreaty into two classs: Rational entreaty

Is by giving the characteristics and the properties of the merchandise which mark clients by their demands, or pulling clients by the benefits that the client may hold if he/she adopted the merchandise. Rational entreaty is effectual if the merchandise truly have pulling properties that gives benefits to the chance. The chance so is more likely to follow. Emotional Entreaty

Is by depicting the outer visual aspect or depicting the merchandise ‘s nature or character which forms a positive emotional entreaty that consequence the client emotions towards the trade name. It may be effectual if the client holds emotional feelings toward the trade name or is likely to be emotional instead than typical.

2.1.6 Product engagement

Every client have demands, internal attractive force towards a merchandise or more, or an elicited set of merchandises which ever holding the encephalon involved with. Product engagement is an of import factor for the client to follow the merchandise. The merchandise may hold no entreaties that attract ; the client may hold this merchandise stored already in the encephalon which involves him/her and to be motivated towards the merchandise ( Ratchford, 1987 ) .

2.2 Sample SMS advertizement

Figure 1 shows a sample of a SMS text that can be used in nomadic advertisement. As we see, the text is really short, meaningful, and contains a publicity for something that may pull the chance and may alter this chance into a client. Short messages may keep publicity gross revenues, price reductions, cross-selling, new aggregations publicities, informational messages, qui vives and much more.

Figure 1: Degree centigrade: UsersNizarDesktopMy336Deals_Sample_Texts.jpg Beginning: (, 2011 )

2.3 Statisticss about nomadic users and the rapid growing

Figure 2 shows a statistics made by ( International Telecomunication Union ( ITU ) , 2012 ) , demoing the rapid growing of nomadic endorsers in twelvemonth 2001 ( Around 1 billion endorser ) making about 6 billion endorser in the terminal of 2011 which means that it have increased more for the twelvemonth 2013. Besides ( International Telecomunication Union ( ITU ) , 2012 ) showed that the endorsers per 100 dweller was 15.5 in 2001 making 85.7 dweller in the terminal of 2011 which means 85.7 % . Typically Lebanese people are people who may keep this per centum every bit good because Lebanon is one of the up-to-dated states proportionately in nomadic commercialism. So we can state that the immense figure of nomadic endorsers, who may keep their cellular telephones all the clip, shows that nomadic advertizement is important due to its effectivity of making immense figure of people with specific aiming in inexpensive monetary values.

Figure 2:

2.4 Response/ Read rate

95 % of Short Messages are read with during 4-5 min from when having it. And the response rate is up to 30 % doing nomadic publicizing the best read and response rate among all direct advertisement methods ( SomoTechologies, 2011 ) .

In comparing with E-mail selling, SMS have 8 times more response rate, no Spam leting, high unfastened rates, and nomadic phones about held al-time by clients in contrary to E-mails which is checked from clip to another. On the other manus, SMS have low characters allowing/ message while in E-mails characters are limitless with the ability for directing images or any ocular object. In comparing, SMS showed better manner for selling over E-mail selling with much more installations and penchants ( SomoTechologies, 2011 ) .

2.5 Why SMS works? By ( Weinberg, 2011 )

2.5.1 Speed

SMS messages are received about in the same clip from directing it ; it takes few seconds to be delivered. It is really fast service and it can be sent about for all the universe and besides with really few sum of clip.

2.5.2 Flexibility

As mentioning before ; SMS can offer plentifulness of offers, publicity gross revenues, cross-selling, price reductions, new aggregations publicities, informational messages, qui vives and much more.

2.5.3 Read/ Response

As statistics showed that SMS have really great read and response rates which make SMS figure 1 read/response rate over all direct selling tools.

2.5.4 Personal

Targeting is so easy to make the right clients. We can aim clients by gender, topographic point, age, loyal or unusual clients, and many other demographic factors.

2.5.6 Cheap service

The cost of Short Message Service is really inexpensive among the universe which can convey a good return on investing. The cost of SMS in Lebanon costs 9 cents for public, while it is less for concerns.

2.5.7 Return on Investment

Since SMS have a high response rate, cheap, and effectual, it can give a high return on investing for concern in order to increase its net income and bring forth its wealth.



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