Short Story Cinderella Reworking English Literature Essay

I foremost noticed something uneven about Mildred about a month after remaining with my cousins and my Aunt Beatrice. I loved my cousins and my Aunt but there was no secret that we disagreed on our thoughts of how retainers should be treated. They believed that retainers were inferior and should be treated as therefore, whereas I believed that retainers should be treated with regard. After witnessing Mildred suffer maltreatment from my cousins, I noticed that she frequently smiled in the procedure. At first I thought it was to rag my cousins but after hebdomads of this, the smilings turned into laughter. I began to believe that possibly Mildred was a masochist. Shocking I know to believe that the great Cinderella could be so…masochistic, but my thought that she was a masochist was concluded when she frequently came out of her room with contusions, cuts and abrasions with a expression that showed she was evidently pleased with herself. How really unusual? I besides noticed how her visual aspect was altering. First she started off with dark xanthous hair, but as the hebdomads progressed, her hair became lighter and shinier with her eyes losing their bloodshot expressions and taking on a clear crystal blue. If I did n’t cognize better I would hold thought that Mildred was cleaning herself up after a long period of drug maltreatment for it was non uncommon for retainers to acquire a clasp of drugs, particularly in the ‘servant underworld ‘ , but the unusual portion of her visual aspect was non her looking better but how she was get downing to look like me, so once more, imitation is the highest flattery is it non?

Not long after, we received intelligence that Prince Eric was keeping a ball that included all the ladies of the house. Mildred was in the room with us, and though she was laughed at by my cousins for even thought of traveling, there was a unusual expression in her eyes that I ca n’t precisely depict. It was about as if she were be aftering something that gave her more pleasure than any masochistic phantasy she could raise up. Possibly I should hold been scared, or better still prepared. I was neither.

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The dark of the ball arrived and my cousins were dressed so attractively in their matching frocks though Anne ‘s was pink and Zelda ‘s was bluish. I had originally decided to have on my gold play frock, merely I must hold forgotten to pack it because I could non happen it amongst my properties and neither could Mildred who had assisted me in the hunt. Alternatively I wore a vivacious purple frock that had the usual girdle bodice with threads and bows decorated on the long flowing skirt. So off we went inside the passenger car as we made our manner towards the Prince ‘s palace meeting up with many of the town ‘s Lords and adult females. After about an hr into the ball, Prince Eric came over to where my cousins and I were standing. My cousins were happy of my attending for if I were to get married the Prince, this would most decidedly guarantee they married to high baronial blood every bit good. I ne’er believed in love at first sight, but I figured that for that one dark, it might be possible as the scene were charming.

‘Good Evening, I ‘m so glad you were able to do it, ‘ says the Prince who was have oning his darting uniform like suit with the Royal crest of weaponries decorated on each button.

‘It ‘s an honor to be here your stateliness ; I would n’t lose it for the universe. ‘

After dancing with the Prince countless times and interchanging conversation that frequently left him express joying about uncontrollably, many of the ball ‘s attenders were whispering of a possible battle. Such rumors they were, though I admit I wished they to one twenty-four hours be true, nevertheless this was before ‘she ‘ entered the room. Her glistening hair that seemed made of pure gold that splendidly matched her frock which shimmered of about liquid gold. The frock I could non happen waltzed across the room unashamedly, as the brightest bluish treasure eyes locked with the Prince ‘s. Suddenly, I was 2nd topographic point, no longer the affair of involvement and watched in disdain as the Prince walked off to the glistening lady in gold.


Were it non for profoundly imbedded decorousness, I would hold screamed and raged at Mildred regardless of who was watching, but that was non who I was. So I ran. The humiliation of holding lost the Prince to a retainer, particularly a retainer that I had obviously taken commiseration on merely to hold her bend about and throw it back at me, was excessively much to bear publically. Somewhere between running from the castle and faltering about in the dark, my cryings welled up so severely that I shortly realised my face was inches off from the land. I closed my eyes and ballad on the garden floor, the aroma of roses make fulling in through my anterior nariss. I rolled over to confront the dark sky as a countless stars winked down upon me. Finally I got up, clumsily dusted myself off and continued on my manner back to my cousin ‘s topographic point, losing one of my favorite aureate places along the manner. I would hold gone back to pick it up but I was devastated.

For seven yearss and seven darks I wept to my Black Marias disdain. Aunt Beatrice, Anne and Zelda did good to go forth me entirely. Mildred was nowhere to be seen but I knew she was still working for them. She was besides acquiring the cheapest mental aid for her hallucinations, likely a side consequence of her drug maltreatment. Harmonizing to her, she arrived at the ball in a manager as if by magic transformed from a Cucurbita pepo by a ‘fairy godmother ‘ that was pulled by mice ‘magically transformed ‘ into Equus caballuss. These hallucinations became progressively worrying as she besides believed that she had the power to discourse with animate beings such as mice and birds. I wanted her out of the house instantly but as she was non my retainer to disregard, she unluckily stayed. Mildred was my Aunt ‘s and cousins ‘ least favorite but best retainer as she took their maltreatment good. I hated her so much that I contemplated throwing maltreatment at her both physically and verbally but that would merely delight the masochistic stealer. I kept converting myself that one twenty-four hours the Prince would come for me and Mildred can forever remain a retainer.

My one twenty-four hours eventually came.

It was approximately one month after the ball and people were still talking of the ‘golden miss with the blue treasure eyes. ‘ Then intelligence came that Prince Eric was seeking for the ‘one with the aureate shoe who had made him laugh harder than any jokester the land could offer. ‘ I was enraptured and relieved that the Prince had n’t chosen Mildred but confused as for some ground, Prince Eric had a pathetic thought that whoever fit the aureate shoe absolutely would be the one he was seeking for. Despite this unusual and somewhat mental thought, I was overjoyed and made certain Mildred heard every word of Prince Eric ‘s program to seek the shoe on every lady in the land who had attended the ball.

Big, large, large error.

A hebdomad before the Prince was due at my cousin ‘s house, I fell badly. So sick that I could n’t impeach Mildred of poisoning me, which she likely did. My cousins could non make anything but made certain that I was good cared for and stayed good off from me for fright that they might acquire ill excessively. I did n’t experience contagious, merely homicidal towards Mildred as she would halt at nil to destruct me. What had I done beside show her commiseration? Finally when the Prince arrived, I heard his Equus caballuss pull up at the forepart of the house. Somehow I managed the strength to fall the steps watching my cousins seek on the shoe. To my horror, Mildred stepped into the scene but it was n’t Mildred… or was it? No it had to be Mildred, merely she was dressed in my apparels and had an even more eldritch resemblance to me that it sent a cold tremble down my spinal column. So eldritch was her expression that my Aunt and cousins were fooled.

‘Oh Cousin beloved, what a rapid recovery! ‘ exclaimed Anne.

‘Cousin semen here and seek it on, it is your shoe I presume? ‘ said Zelda as she gestured to Mildred to come forwards.

Mildred walked over to the Prince and in her manus was the other aureate shoe that I had thrown at her the twenty-four hours after the ball and narrowly missed her caput. She walked over to the Prince and offered her pes which would destine hold it, fitted absolutely in the places. Damn her, we were both the same shoe size!

Equally rapidly as I could I ran down the stepss merely to steal and fall level on my face at the Prince ‘s pess. Aunt Beatrice, Anne and Zelda stared at me horrified as I slowly got up. The Prince looked at me and though I tried to talk, I could non. Whatever toxicant Mildred slipped into my nutrient was truly, truly strong, murderously strong. My Aunt and cousins at the same began censuring me as they at the same time apologised to the Prince, stating that I was merely a servant and did n’t cognize better. That ‘s when it hit me. They thought I was Mildred and that Mildred was me. But why was this go oning? Mildred must hold tampered with their heads excessively with whatever toxicant she gave me. In my confusion I flailed my custodies and gestured obscenely indicating towards Mildred so to me but I was failing…and running out of clip. The Prince looked at me like I was wholly mental, which I likely was by this clip and the lone sounds that escaped my pharynx were rasps and oinks, the sort that animate beings made. I blushed both in embarrassment and choler as I ran from the room towards the nearest mirror. What I saw was lay waste toing. My unwellness had led to my distastefully unkempt visual aspect, my eyes were bloodshot, and my hair had lost its sheen and ballad in boisterous tangles. I looked like Mildred, the manner she looked when I foremost met her.

That ‘s when I heard laughter outside the window. I looked out and rested my organic structure upon the window frame to see Mildred beckoning adieu to my cousins as she entered the Prince ‘s passenger car. My voice was wholly gone and as I tried in vain to shout out all the foul words that my head could raise up, non a sound came out go forthing me thumping my fists against the window uncontrollably, about shattering it. Mildred must hold heard me slaming against the window as she looked up at me gazing back at her and smiled maliciously as she waved, quickly traveling off from my sight towards the castle to populate merrily of all time after.




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