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December 22, 2016 Psychology

The "violence" theme in most computer games is a hot topic for  discussion and debate for parents all over the world. I'm strongy opposed  to chidren playing violent computer games. There are a lot of games  which show killings in graphic details. In violent computer games, the child  player needs to perform acts of violence to achieve the end goal of the game  ( for example to use a electronic gun or kill opponents). The child is actively  encouraged to identify with the aggresive hero and to rehearse aggresive  acts, and is rewarded for doing so. The person who is the best at the  violence wins.

Games are violent because that's what the kids prefer. Kids are no longer  interested in simple animation of eduactional games. Children love violent  computer games involving human or fantasy violence. Steve M. Dorman in  Journal of School Health asserts that:

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Two-thirds of girls played video games at least one-two hours per week at  home, but only 20% played in arcades., while 90% of boys played at home and about  50% in arcades.Almost half of prefered games were violent in nature, while only 2%  of prefered games were educational.An independent analysis of the 47 most popular  video games found violence as the theme in 40 of the games. (133)

For many people computer games are usually fun and relaxing. On the  other hand, games can "have even more powerful influence on violent attitudes  and behaviors than traditional media" (Tarja Sakolowski, Department of  Psychology). Prof Kawashima said that " there is a problem we will have with a  new generation of children who play computer games that we have never seen  before".

Those games can make kids uncompassionate and insensitive towards  death. Playing violent games increases the child's willingness to use violence to  solve a conflict and insensitive towards death. Recent reviews of the research  literature reveal that violent computer games increases aggressive behaviour  in children and young adults (Anderson, C A & Bushman, Brad; Australian  Psychological Society).

Also teachers and child developmentalists tell us that  children learn better by doing than watching; it could be argued that a child  playing a violent games will learn the success of being violent. The games  can help in overcoming the natural relustance that most people feel in pointing  at and shooting another human being."Children who play violent computer  games such as Quake or Doom display more aggressive behavior and  actually teach children to kill" (Dr. Kimberley).

Janelle Brown claims that : "Graphically depicting violent crimes such a rape in video games is a practice  I won't defend, and parents should be careful about younger children playing  games like Doom and Quake, as younger children are more impressionable  and hane a harder time distinguishing fact from the fiction than post- adolescents".

There is evidence that most youngers prefer to play in pairs or small  groups, but opponent of violent computer games argue that gaming makes  young people antisocial and limits their learning. Games can become  consuming and addicting, taking away from day to day activities and social  behavior. I takes only just few clicks for child to get hooked on to them. It is  known and accepted fact that computer games are addicting, especially  the ones which have "violence theme". Mother of two kids was asking for help  in her letter to Dr. Kimberly Young.

One of her sons "become withdrawn into  the computer and seems to have abondoned those friend he made at school (…)He spends all his free time playing computer games and I fear that it is  starting to effect him". American Psychological Association evidence, "Children  who play violent computer games have few friends, and is often rejected  by other children brcause of his or her behavior". Brain activity was  measured by Prof Kawashima while hundrends of teenagers were playing  violent computer games,which do not stimulate "the brain's frontal lobe,  an area which plays an important role in the repression of anti-social  impulses" 


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