Should Sex Offenders Be Castrated?

August 27, 2017 Religion

Sage Klutts Ainsworth Comp II July 13, 2011 Should Sex Offenders Be Castrated? Each year in the United States, the crime rate for sex offending rises. There have been several discussions about the way the law should punish the offender, such as jail time, having to register themselves as sex offenders to even have castration. Jail time might temporarily work, but its not completely effective. Registering themselves is still harmful to society. It’s not taking them out of their own game in any way. Castration would solve almost every problem sex offenders have.

Choosing castration as the main punishment would consist of making it a state law everywhere, it would supply the offender and victims with freedom knowing they cannot harm or be harmed, and would be the suitable punishment for such a crime. Castration should be made a law in every state to prevent re-offending. “Eight states allow castration of sex offenders, they are: California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin. ”(Norman-Eady n. p). If it was made a law in every state to two-time offenders there would be less crime rate because they would have no alternate punishment. Castration laws in five states only apply to offenders convicted of sex offences against minors and women. ”(n. p). The punishment of castration is not crazy to consider, think about what the victims had to experience and get over. Pro-choice people think it is wrong to give such a harsh punishment to people who don’t believe in castration. Some say it’s against their religion and do not agree with the thought of castration laws in every state. They say jail time works just as good as castration because if they are in jail they cannot harm people. Opponents argue that the side effects of chemical castration consist of life threatening blood clots and serious allergic reactions are reason for not passing that law. ”(n. p). “Others have argued unsuccessfully that forced castration violates the protection against cruel and unusual punishment guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. ”(n. p) Saying castration is a cruel and unusual punishment is an understatement to being sexually offended. You do the crime to you take the punishment no matter the cost. In California, the crime that subjects paroles to chemical castration are: sodomy, oral copulation, rape by force, violence, and duress or fear. ” (n. p) “The new law which takes place in Sacramento goes into effect January 1, it requires two-time sex offenders convicted of molesting a child thirteen years and younger to undergo chemical castration which entails weekly administration of a chemical that shrinks the testicles. ”(Capps A7). It is a law in many states and from records it shows it has decreased the rates of offenses, why not make it a law to each state to help the victims have safety.

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Castration to offenders would give freedom to everyone knowing they aren’t in danger. It would also lesson the rate of sex offences each year. “Having my testicles removed is like draining the gasoline from a car hotwired to crash, you have no drive to do it. ” (Bilefsky n. p. ). After being castrated as a sex offender, you don’t have that urge to offend so you are no longer such a threat. “At least fifteen repeated offenders across the state have requested the operation, convinced that it is the only path out of detention facilities in an are of toughened punishments for sex criminals. (Marosi A1). People against castration disagree with giving the offenders the punishment they deserve. Many think letting them resister them selves is enough not to mention jail time. Pro-choice people believe everyone in life is equal and because of ones desires they should not be looked at any differently. They cannot help the way they feel the act upon their emotions. Desire for sex is a common thing. Looking at the pro-choice statement, no one who has committed a crime shouldn’t get a punishment, or little punishment such as registering themselves.

Being an open sex offender doesn’t stop the offending it just means everyone knows about it. “A sex offender states in a conference- I can’t say I won’t rape again! (Gelman 49). Castration wouldn’t give him the change to do so. It would save so many people from the trouble they would have to go through. People look at sex offenders as sick minded people. They can live with themselves knowing the harmed an innocent person, that takes a heartless person to have that ability. “The rape is not sex theorists would have us tell these individuals that rape occurs strictly as a result of male desire to dominate and humiliate women. (Alcock 93). To offenders its all about over powering the victim and feeling in control. “Sex offenders will never be able to pay back the debt to society for what they do/did to the person. ” (Marosi 49). Castration would be the harshest punishment, while also helping out the offender in giving him a free life without harm. People try to argue that sex offending is caused by sick thoughts or what they seen as a child growing up. “Pro-choice people feel rapist suffer from biological defect and can’t be cured only controlled. ”(Gelman 49).

They say the offenders are usually severely messed up in the head and look at ever females or children as their next victim. They argue that it is not the offenders fault and he shouldn’t have such harsh punishment for a crime he innocently committed for his desires. They use the excuse “he can’t help it. ” Sex offending is something you make yourself like doing. You can be the person you want to be, seeing it as a child should make the offender not want to be any part of that. “Rape is a crime of violence in which the victims suffer serious physical injury and long term psychological pain. (Ferro 24) The offender should have to go through more pain then the victim and that’s not how it always turns out. Castration would give a small sigh of relief to the victim knowing he is never going to have the chance to do so again. Castration is a small thing that will help a lot of people. It cannot do near as much harm as offenders are doing to innocent people. It would decrease sex cases all around the world. It should be made a law no questions asked. Most people are completely for chemical or surgical castration.

No parent wants the worry of their kids being sexually abducted; the environment would be a way safer place after castration. Sex offenders would feel less harmful if they were castrated. They could live normal lives without the worries of being in trouble. Works Cited Alcock, John. “Men Are Biologically Inclined To Rape. ” Eds. Kate Burns. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. 2008. Print. Current Controversies: Violence Against Women. Bilefsky, Dan. “European Debate Castration Of Sex Offenders. ” New York Times. 2009: n. p. NYTimes. com. Web. 13 July 2011. Capps, A. Steven. “Chemical Castration Law Signed Be Wilson. San Francisco Examiner. 18 Sept. 1996: A7. SIRS Researcher. Web. 13 July 2011. Ferro, Jeffrey. “Types Of Crimes. ” Ed. Ellice Engclahl. Detroit: Information Plus. 2003. Print. Crime: A Serious American Problem. Gelman, David. “What Causes Rape? ” Eds. Bruno Leone. San Diego: Greenhaven Press. 1994. Print. Current Controversies: Violence Against Women. Marosi, Richard. “Some Sex Offenders Seeking Castration In Bid For Freedom. ” Los Angeles Times. 2 March 2001: n. p. SIRS Researcher. Web. 13 July 2011. Norman-Eady, Sandra. “OLr Research Report: Castration Of Sex Offenders. ” 2006: n. p. Web. 13 July 2011.


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